Fertilizing my Garden with Pennington! {And a $50 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway!}


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I wanted to show you want I’ve been up to in our garden space.  Last month, I showed you how we worked hard together as a family to clear out the garden area that the previous home owners had created.

outdoor 036

Since then, we have gotten the ground ready to plant.  My Dad came over with his “big daddy” tiller and worked up the soil real good.

bedroom 003

The ground was extra hard and tough, so we had to use this heavy duty tiller.  And boy did it get the job done!

We’ve also added some Pennington fertilizer to our soil.  Can you believe this is the first time I have ever used fertilizer.  I’m still learning, y’all!

b room 007

Here are some important facts about fertilizer, that to be honest, I did not know.  Smile

Maybe you’ll learn something new along with me!


1. Why is fertilizing an important step of landscape management?

Fertilization is an essential step in landscape maintenance and plant development, helping establish and sustain strong growth patterns. A fertilizer helps to supply the essential nutrients that plants need for healthy growth. Proper nutrition assures optimum plant growth and resistance to diseases, insects and environmental problems. Fertilizers, however, differ in nutrient content and release duration. Fertilizer selection should be based on the types of plants being fertilized, the nutrient content of the soil and the type of growth response desired.


garden 013



2. Are there particular times to fertilize based on region?

Traditionally, where non-slow release fertilizers are being used, plants in the Southern regions tend to require fertilizing four times a year – in the spring, early summer, late summer and fall. This is due to the long growing season. In the Northern regions, there tend to be two growing periods. The first is after the garden’s return from winter dormancy. The second is during the early fall when temperatures moderate and extreme heat spikes are over.


garden 015



3. What fertilizer should be used for each type of plant?

Pennington® Smart 1 Feed™ consists of a complete line of long-lasting, specialty premium fertilizers designed for efficient feeding, proper nutrition and healthy plant growth. The line features mix variations that have been customized for various growing environments, plant types and application needs, taking the guesswork out of mix selection. There are five mix variations, including: All-Purpose; Azalea, Camellia, Rhododendron (ACR); Bulb & Bloom; Citrus & Avocado; and Rose & Flower.

Smart 1 feed group shot


4. What is a slow-release fertilizer? What are its benefits?

Slow-release fertilizers, such as Pennington® Smart 1 Feed™, provide a more even uptake of nutrients by the plant over an extended period of time, depending on the soil temperature. As the name denotes, slow-release fertilizers release nutrients slowly over time, effectively spoon-feeding plants the nutrients they need, when they need them.


garden 012


5. What are the negative effects of over-fertilization?

Although fertilization is important to landscape development, it can also cause plant stress and be harmful when done incorrectly. Over-fertilization can cause excessive plant growth and additional water requirements. The impact can be more severe during periods of drought and high temperatures. Fertilizers are salts, and excessive amounts can damage plants by drawing water from the root zone. Plant cells in these roots begin to dehydrate and collapse, and the roots can be become “burned” – or dried out to a point where they are unable to recover.



6. How can over-fertilization be prevented?

First, it’s essential to understand the amount of fertilization needed for the particular type of plant being fed. Second, homeowners should avoid fertilizing during a drought or high heat. During periods of drought, a best practice is to reduce the amount of fertilizer being applied and the frequency of application in non-irrigated areas. A fertilizer that has a slow-release mechanism, such as Pennington® Smart 1 Feed™, maintains the proper release of the right nutrients at the appropriate time and in the correct amounts.


Great info, huh?!  I didn’t realize you could “over-fertilize!”  I better be careful.  Smile


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  1. This was an eye opener as I didn’t know you could over treat the soil. Thanks for the information.

  2. Love the new entry form! It was so easy! Your tomatoes are looking great!! Mine…not so much.

  3. This would be great for our new garden. I didn’t know there was so much to know about fertilizing!

  4. To say nothing of the damage over-fertilization does to the environment via runoff. Think algae bloom and polluted lakes, etc. Did you amend your soil in any other way@ Do you have a compost heap? Your plants are so cute. I loved helping out in the garden growing up and it really taught lessons I still use today. Can’t wait to see how it all comes up! Do we see a green house in your future? I helped a friend (in KY) make one out of recycled windows and it turned out great!

  5. Thanks for your informative post. A garden is a great way to get the whole family involved! I bet you’ ll have some yummy recipes to go along with your plants too!

  6. hubby & I have our first veggie garden together this year and we are so excited. we got an old stall door from a knocked down horse barn and made a garden gait out of it, hanging it from two 4×4 posts. we spent our share of $ at HD…….no $ left for fertilizer which out plants could use!

  7. This kind of giveaway is actually what most people would want to win.. Thanks for the chance given for us.. I hope I can win this..

  8. Thanks for the info! I’ll be needing fertilizer for my veggie bed soon! Otherwise, my most pressing need is some poison ivy/virginia creeper killer. Took down some trees last year and apparently the poison ivy loves the new environment! Really don’t want to hang a hammock in a garden of poison ivy! :)

  9. Hi! Thanks for all the info on Pennington fertilizers! I also didn’t realize I could over-fertilize my flowers and plants! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

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