My Sister’s Laundry Room Makeover REVEAL!



I am so thrilled to be sharing with you my sister’s laundry room makeover!

She is super happy with how it turned out, and I love how clean and crisp it looks.

Let’s take a look back at this space, shall we?

Four months ago, her laundry room looked like this…

blissdom 034

Here were some of the plans we had for this room…

blissdom 018

blissdom 019

blissdom 020

blissdom 021

blissdom 029

blissdom 026


1.  We took down the shelves.

2.  Painted the walls.

3.  Installed white cabinets I found at the Habitat store.

4.  And Decorated!

And here is Cyndi’s laundry room now!

laundry&dad's 049

What once looked like this…

blissdom 031

Now looks like this…

laundry&dad's 040



blissdom 029




laundry&dad's 023




blissdom 027


laundry&dad's 029



blissdom 030


laundry&dad's 047

For the cabinets, I found two white cabinets at the Habitat store for $30 a piece.

My Dad and Wayne hung them up against each side of the walls.

window 016

Cyndi took off the brass knobs and added some nickel ones.

Then I stayed all night at Cyndi’s house one Friday and built two shelves between the cabinets for baskets.

laundry&dad's 019

Cyndi’s major request for this makeover was to have a place to hang her clothes to dry.

So I attached a silver towel bar to the bottom of the cabinets for her to hang her clothes on.

laundry&dad's 020

We moved the washer and dryer apart to leave space to hang clothes in the middle.  The washer and dryer also looked better lined up underneath each cabinet.

laundry&dad's 040

I hate that the hot and cold water lines are so visible, but I just couldn’t quite come up with a plan to cover them.  I’ll keep thinking about that. Smile


The accessories above the cabinets are from Home Goods {minus the basket and greenery on the right.}

Cyndi and I just fell in love with that bird print when we saw it, and it was reasonably priced.  It adds a touch of whimsy to the room and really fills that empty space in the room well.

laundry&dad's 060


We went ahead and updated the bathroom that is connected to the laundry room.  Unfortunately, I do not have any “before” pictures of that space, but here are a few “after’s”…

As you can see, you enter the bathroom before you get to the laundry room.

laundry&dad's 048

The bathroom was painted yellow, but we painted it the same color of the laundry room.  (Well, our dad did.)  SmileIt’s called “Urban Putty” by Sherwin Williams.

laundry&dad's 051

We bought some cute prints at Home Goods for above the toilet.

laundry&dad's 071

We pulled in the greens and blues from the laundry room rug.

Cyndi also bought this cabinet at Home Goods for her bathroom.  She stores cleaners and toilet paper in this cabinet.  Plus, the lamp on top of the cabinet makes the bathroom feel extra comfy and home-y.

laundry&dad's 031


Now, instead of leaving the doors closed on the bathroom and the laundry room, Cyndi leaves them wide open!

She loves looking into the laundry room now from her kitchen.

laundry&dad's 076

The chandelier we bought at Home Depot definitely dresses up the space!  And it gives the room a beautiful glow.

And that rug!  Oh, I am so in love with that rug!  It provides the perfect punch of color on the floor.  It truly “makes” the space.

laundry&dad's 015

We got the rug at Home Goods as well.  {Yes, we love us some Home Goods!}

I know I am forgetting some of the details, so if you have a question, just ask!  Smile

What is your favorite part of this makeover? 

I would love to hear it!


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  1. Beautiful job. Very clean and such a happy room now.

    I had the same problem with the hot/cold water hose showing. My husband put down a nice piece of wood, same width and length of my washer and dryer (almost butcher block look). I then bought a wood serving tray and put a large glass jar filled with Oxyclean and a scooper. Another smaller jar is filled with old wood clothespins. Then filled a vase with fake summer wild flowers.
    All this went onto the wood tray. You can still see a little of the hose but not in your face as much.

    Plus you get double duty with the board. Hiding the hose and a great folding space. :)

    My laundry room is linen white and my accessories are fern green.

    Just an idea.

  2. What a happy room! It would certainly motivate one to do more laundry. My favorite part of the room is the light fixture. My laundry room has the same before light, and this has motivated me to change it out.

    Great work!

  3. Love, love, love it! I think the rug is one of my favorite parts of the makeover!! Inspired to tackle mine, now. It’s a laundry-filled, small-kid knick-knack-filled annoying space:)

    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Beautiful job! I recently re-did my laundry room…wish I would have taken before pictures. Wonder if you could make some of those “sleeves” that they put on cords of chandeliers so the wire isn’t visible, to cover up those water lines. There would have to be some sort of material that wouldn’t heat up with the hot water line.

  5. Love everything! But the best part is that beautiful lighting! What a difference it makes. The light before was so drab looking. You all did an excellent job! I always admire your work, although I don’t always take the time to comment.. I’m one of “those” readers ;-)


  6. Ive been anxious to see this reveal and I LOVE how it turned out! I pinned an image the has that similar cabinet with the shelves in between look, so I love seeing how great hers turned out (and how CHEAP!!) LOVE the chandy…and Ive been looking for a great neutral color like that…may have to give it a try :)

  7. Good grief that turned out great! It would be hard to say what is my favorite part, but the cabinets replacing the shelves certainly made a big difference. The picture of the birds is precious!!! Y’all did good!

  8. Very pretty, Traci! Y’all did a great job! I love the colors of the rug. I’ve seen that bird print before and love it, as well. Funny you mentioned the hot/cold water wires. Hmmm…I’ll be thinking too and let you know if I think of a cool way to cover them. Good idea with the towel bar hanging under the cabinet.

  9. I can’t pick a favorite part because I like the whole thing.. Just losing those shelves made all the difference in the world. Now it no longer looks like a closet and actually looks like a room! LOVE IT@!

  10. Wow! What a transformation :). Well done. My favorite change is the chandelier. What were the steps involved to switch it out? I would love to do that in my laundry room.

  11. my first thought was I want that rug! It’s awesome! The whole room is beautiful. I am sooo sooo looking forward to buying a house the coming year so I can decorate to my hearts content. And you better believe I will be decorating the laundry room! If you have to spend time in there then you might as well make it a pleasing space! Good Job!

  12. That space looks awesome! You did a great job! I need to hire you to come update some spaces in my house. Too bad I’d have to pay you with smiles and cookies since I can’t afford to actually hire a decorator:) Your sister’s lucky to have you:) – oh and I went to Home Goods last week with a very open mind and a very empty nursery to decorate and could not find a thing! I guess it’s hit or miss:( bummer.

  13. Awesome makeover. My favorite things is the chandelier. Totally unexpected in a laundry room. Other favorites are the shelving, the rug and your subway art picture. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Again, a beautiful job. I love the finished room, but I knew it would be great. Thanks for all the hard work that you do.

  15. I’ve been dyin’ to see the big reveal….AND I’M LOVING IT! I might just have to get a chandelier for my laundry room, too……..I mean, why not? Right?

    I’m not sure why some builders install the water hook up so high, and others install them so they can be hidden from view. When I painted my laundry room, I painted right over the plastic surround. You’ve be surprised how it “vanishes “into the wall…sorta…if you squint your eyes. lol


  16. I love the chandelier. And the cabinets instead of the wire shelving. Why do builders always use them anyway? I guess because they are cheap. I have them in my pantry, and i hate them. thanks for where the chandelier is from. I want to go get it. i have an ugly florescent light on my ceiling too. Its got to go. Love the room. The only thing I would do in my own space, would be a coastal look. More blues and grays.

  17. Oh, I love it all! All of the details add up to make a great room. I have to say, the rug seems to really make the room POP so that might be my favorite. The shelving and baskets between the cabinets are beautiful as well! Awesome transformation! I wish you were my sister !:)

  18. Very nice! You know what really bugs me about home design? Where the laundry area is placed. In your sister’s house if someone was using the bathroom, you might have to hang out in the laundry room for awhile. A friend’s home has the washer and dryer IN a bathroom. It’s the main bathroom on the ground floor, the one most used. With five boys she has lots of laundry and no where to put it but the aisle between the machines and the toilet. Ugh! My machines are next to the back door on the way to the kitchen. “Excuse me, could you finish loading the washing machine and close the door so I can take the trash out?” If I was designing a house, I would have a laundry room – like a small kitchen – with a utility sink, long counters, place for ironing, place for a sewing machine to do repairs, generous cabinets as well as the machines. Yes, laundry rooms are my pet peeves. You can tell homes are designed mostly by males who think about laundry as an after thought. But you did a beautiful job with your sister’s room.

  19. It looks great! I love what you’ve done!

    I had a similar delimma with a built in dog door opener that I wanted to hide. I built a box like structure that was open at the bottom and attached it with heavy duty Velcro…painted it the same color as the wall and it blends so well now and is no longer the eyesore that I put up with for years. It was an easy fix…just had to come with the idea first, lol!

  20. HI Traci! We had this same problem with the hot/cold water lines showing. I hung a tension rod at the back of each cabinet (the little lip under the cabinet provided a place for the tension rod to hold onto). I then purchased fabric and made two curtains. It added a bit of color and hid the uglies. The only difference is my washer and dryer are right next to eachother (I wish I had as much room in my laundry as your sister). I love your blog!

  21. Very nice job ladies! I’m motivated to chunk the ugly flourescent light in my laundry room and find a cutie like yours!

  22. So, so pretty!! You did a great job Traci and I LOVE the chandy as do a lot of people. Was it hard to chang? I have the same light in my kitchen but thought it would be really hard to switch out.

    How about building some sturdy “boxes” and lifting the appliances up? I know that they sell them but I bet you could make them! If they were open faced, maybe you could find some baskets to add in there? Just a thought! Again, awesome job!!

  23. Love your sister’s laundry room. It is very neat and crisp and would make laundry almost an enjoyable task. I have recently been sprucing up my laundry room too. I ned a new light fixture and this one is very cute.
    What about hanging a super short little “curtain” over the water lines at the back of the cabinets??

  24. The colorful rug accents the cabinets and fresh wall color. And chandelier, of course. Very pretty. Have you ever seen those racks that hang on the wall? They lay flat or can be adjusted when in use, it would work real well in here.

  25. We went to our ReStore to look for cabinets today – so disappointed that we didn’t find any that we could use. Guess we’ll just have to go back.

  26. What a fantastic transformation! Usually I don’t even look at laundry room makeovers, but this one is amazing. It looks wonderful!

  27. I really like the laundry rm My daughter bought a 3,800 sq ft home with the smallest laundry rm have seen. You turn around and you bump the wall. She as teens and 5 loads of laundry almost daily! The bonus door is the size of my rec rm, kitchen and dn rm. M y home s 50 yrs. old. So she folds laundry on the pooltable. No rm to remode laundry rm. Like the chandilier.

  28. I am in the process of making my laundry room bigger (using closet of carport) and making it a mud room as well. I love that cabinet and shelve idea and totally going to do it! great find at the habitat store, just went there today and no luck. I hope to peek around more and find more ideas!

  29. Awesome! I have two cabinets spaced apart like that in my laundry room… I have been playing with the idea of putting shelves there but didn’t know if I would like it. Def think I will be doing that now! Also, the lighting was a great transformation. My kitchen and closet has those lights… did u have a time going from that light to a chandelier? did it leave any marks on the ceilings or did u run into any other problems?

  30. I love the makeover! I am just starting mine. Found the cabinetmaker that made all the cabinets in my house (25 years ago!) and he had just enough for my room. The color is a tad shade lighter, but no one will ever know! My son is doing all the work and he will be opening the wall to drop the water lines down behind the washer. Since I have a 1/2 bath that shares that wall, he is also putting in an access panel in the bathroom vanity should I need to turn the water off! I have to say he is brilliant! I can’t wait to post my before and after pics, somewhere!!!

  31. Love the makeover! With front loading appliances it would be great to maybe use that space for a folding area…maybe some cool “reused” material, or butcher block. Love how fresh it looks:) I’d leave the doors open too!!!

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