Searching for a Door {and other stuff}


Well, I am so thrilled to finally have air conditioning.  Our air has been out since Memorial Day weekend, and with temps getting up to 100 degrees this weekend, it couldn’t have been fixed at a better time.

Not only did I sleep soundly in the cool air last night, but I also got to sleep in our master bedroom.  Granted, we only have the box springs and mattress in our room, but there is something very fun and exciting about it.  {The air compressor adds a special touch, don’t ya think?}

boys 011

We are slowly making progress toward having our addition complete, but at least we are making progress!  Amen?!

Well, the boys and I headed out to the Habitat ReStore in Lexington to try and find an old door for our master bathroom.

boys 004


See that second doorway back there?  It needs a small door.

boys 012

That’s our private toilet room.  Woohoo!!  I love me a private toilet. Smile  I need a door for that area, and I would love for it to be old with a lot of character.


If we don’t find one, we might make one. I kind of like this type of door.



Except my doors wouldn’t be chalkboard doors.  They would probably look more like barn doors.

I’m not sure if we have enough room to make them sliding doors, but we’ll see. 

The boys and I didn’t find anything at the Habitat Store, but we had a great time.  We ate lunch at McDonald’s, and I got to work on my computer while the boys played in the indoor playground.

Check out this pic!

boys 008

Yep!  All my boys were in there.  They were squeezed in there like sardines.  Cracked me up.  Smile



On a different note…

Do you remember that great little store I share with you last summer?  It’s called House by JSD, and they are located in Lexington.


This store is filled with so much beautiful goodness that it makes my heart stop!


It’s filled with things that are definitely my decorating style.

Well, they have applied for a grant to help their business, and they need our votes to win.  Do you mind jumping over there and voting for them?  I know they would appreciate it and so would I.  Smile



Here’s what you need to do to vote:

Visit, and on the lower right, click login and support.  You vote through Facebook (it’s so they know real people are voting and not spambots). 

After validating on Facebook, search for HOUSE BY JSD, Lexington, Ky on the bottom of the following page, and click vote!  You can vote for multiple businesses!  As many as you want actually!

Thank you!!!


  1. What size door are you looking for? My grandmother’s old house has several doors that very old and the house is going to be torn down eventually. They are the traditional 5-panel (rectangles) doors and I think most of them are painted black.

    I love House but had no idea about the grant. I was just in there yesterday. I’m on my way to vote!

  2. There you go taunting me with House and ReStore again! : ) I have been trying to plan a day trip and visit these stores and am going to have to do it now. Love the barn door idea and I am loving the process.

  3. Just today I repainted the inside of our front door. It was a very old solid wood door that had a hdark high gloss varnish on it. I mixed up some chalk paint in a lovely tourquoise, distressed all of the curves and moulding on it then lightly wiped on some dark walnut poly stain. No more boring dark door for this house! Plus It added lots of interest to our front hall. Perhaps you could find any old – or new – door and jaz it up like this.

  4. Thanks Traci! We appreciate it so much! We can’t wait to see what your bedroom and bathroom turn out to be! We’re loving your vanity! :) SO SO GOOD!

  5. You are doing a great job on the make over. I love your blog. I have been unscribing many blogs that do not have a place to comment. So thank you for allowing comments for e-mail. Thanks for sharing.

  6. our Habitat store is teeny tiny with an old sign. Never seen that logo/sign before. Wish we had a big nice one like that – maybe I need to drive into Atlanta and find one there. :)

    Still looking for my door for my headboard project! :) need to check craigslist again – any other suggestions?? Looking for a 5-6 paneled solid wood door…

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