Cy and I are headed on a 5 day Road Trip with GMC and OnStar!



I am beyond thrilled to tell you about one of the most amazing opportunities that I have been given since starting my blog 3 1/2 years ago!

Next week, August 1st-5th, Cy and I will be traveling the country side along the World’s Longest Yard Sale route in a brand new GMC with OnStar.




We will be joining 4 other bloggers as we travel from Michigan to Alabama along the World’s Largest Yard Sale in our beautiful GMC Yukons with OnStar.


Brooke, from All Things Thrifty

Lindsey, from Better After

Donna, from Funky Junk Interiors

Brittany, from Pretty Handy Girlgmc bloggers


Our journey will begin on August 1st in Detroit, Michigan.  For the next 3 days, we will travel down the World’s Longest Yard Sale in our GMC Yukon’s shopping for goodies.  (See!  I told you this was the coolest blog opportunity EVER!)

Cy and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this week!  So what a great trip for us to share together.  We are so, so excited!

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On August 5th our journey will end in Birmingham, Alabama where all the treasures we bought on our trip will be donated to Habitat for Humanity to help decorate a home for a family in need.

We will be there to see a special family receive their new home!

How awesome is that?!!!




I hope you will join us each day for lots of road trippin’ fun!


Will any of you be going to the

World’s Longest Yard Sale?


    1. Richella!
      We are so excited about this trip!
      Basically, we get to shop for goodies down the World’s Largest Yard Sale in a brand new GMC Yukon!
      Everything is paid for, so we just get to enjoy the experience together.
      Plus, help a family in need. Which is the best part!

      And YES! I am so grateful that God gave me Cy! He’s a gem. :)

      Love you!

  1. We wouldn’t miss this road trip with you two for the world!!! Can’t wait for the photos and videos of your adventure … and yes, what an opportunity, so happy for you both!!

    The time away from the remodel will be so nice for you guys and it may not be Hawaii for your 15th Anniversary but something tells me you two crazy people will have the time of your life!!

    Congrats on the trip and congrats on your 15th Wedding Anniversary!!!

  2. But the question is: Do you get to keep the car?! lol. That sounds like a blast and I love a good road trip. :)

    This is kinda off-topic, but the video tip of the day scares me every single time I come to your blog. I’m not prepared to hear someone talking to me. lol.

  3. I think that sounds like a wonderful celebration, although I’m up for almost any freebie! You’ll have to let me know when you’re coming through Cincinnati so I can say “hey”. You should also stop off and try a Cincinnati special, some Goetta! It also looks like you’ll be heading straight through Harrodsburg and really near Midway. I’m thinking Shaker lemon Pie and a quick side trip to Weisenberger Mill, the oldest in KY (almost 200 yrs) for some outstand baking flour and/or mixes. the best hush-puppies ever! I know this is all about the thrifting, but you have to eat, right?

  4. What a wonderful trip and Happy Anniversary! Thank you for supporting HFH. I think this is a great thing to do for the families that will receive your “goods”! I’m a HFH house recipient and it is overwhelming in the best of ways when you receive your home. I don’t know if you’ve been given a list of things to look for, but move in time for me brought more concerns about having window blinds and a shower curtain than home decor – though I desperately wanted to spend money on decor :) Hope you find many necessities and home decor for this precious family!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time. Congrats on 15 years, we will be married in October our 29 years. Do you get to keep the car? That would be great. I wish it was Route that went through the center of Ohio and we would set there till you come through (ha-ha). Please have a fun and safe trip, can’t wait to hear about it.

  6. My friend meets up with all her cousins and hits this yard sale every year. I’ve always wanted to go because this is definitely more my kind of thing than hers. She never buys anything! I would search for magnifying glass and copper dipped baby shoes, as I have a great way to display them! Have a great time and travel safely!

  7. What a cool trip!!! Garage sale-in’ in style for sure!! And I love that the things you’re getting are for this sweet family. You really are such a wonderful person, Traci! Congratulations to you both on 15 years!! :)

  8. What will you be doing in Detroit? That’s where I live. I’d love to know if there are any good yard sales happening! Have a great trip and Happy Anniversary :)

  9. sounds interesting.
    just the two of you??
    anymore singing engagements for your son in the near future??

  10. Happy, Happy Anniversary! The 15th is a huge milestone–like Shirley, Hubs & I will celebrate our 29th in October. I love the Longest Yardsale, but I’ve only been able to do the Kentucky part–which is pretty good ;-D Not this year tho, can’t scramble in & out wearing this cast. But, if you come across any (fill in the blank here) be sure and pick some up for me!! hee hee Have Fun!

  11. Hope you have a great time! Up until 2 years ago, we lived in the little town called Dunlap, TN that is on the route. If you make it through there, enjoy the beauty of those mountains and the Sequatchie Valley! We miss it!

    1. Aw, you are so sweet! I am so excited to meet you too! I feel like I’ve known you forever in blog land! We are going to have fun. :)

  12. Happy, happy anniversary to you and Cy! What a FUN way to celebrate your anniversary!
    Do you think there is a tiny bit of space in your Yukon for me to straggle along? I can only imagine all the great places to see and the treasures that await you. I wish you and your traveling pals a safe and blessed journey.

    Just as your love knows no bounds, so does your generosity. Donating your finds to Habitat for Humanity is the epitome of love and selflessness for those in need. You are indeed angels traveling on a special mission!

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