Quick Living Room (and flooring) Update!



Happy Hump Day!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Just wanted to pop in quickly and share the progress we’ve made in our living room.


First of all, all of the flooring has been laid!  Woo to the hoo!

july 050

We decided not to finish sanding and staining the floor until we finish the drywall and putting the treads on the steps.

Here is a progression of pictures to show you how this space has transformed.


Our living room a few months ago…

addition 009



We tore the wall down so we could see our new staircase.

wall 014



We still had doors to the bathroom and our bedroom that needed to be gone.

wall 015

strawberry 003

strawberry 026


Then we removed the pine flooring and replaced it with utility grade oak.

race 015

Last week, we closed up the other doorway.

pie 048

We still needed to drywall around the stairs.

race 015

Looking better!

july 053


Both doorways are gone!

july 052


We will be adding columns to both sides of this entry way and molding above on the ceiling.

july 054

Something sort of like this…



This is what the space looks like as of this morning!

july 050

Now Cy needs to finish the drywall and the trim work.  And then he will finish the stairs.  And then he will sand and stain the floor! Smile


Yep!  We still have a lot of work to do, but we are getting there!


We will be doing something very exciting to our bathroom this weekend!

Can you guess what it is by looking at this picture?




Have a blessed day!


  1. That’s some intense renovating! I’m so impressed when you put it all together like that. And I’m impressed that you and your family can live so comfortably like that for so long!

    1. Oh Courtenay,
      We are soooo not comfortable. :)
      I’ve been about to pull my hair out. This reno has been going on for almost a year and it is taking it’s toll. I just want it to feel like “home”, ya know?
      But we are getting there…
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I really think you just like to work! Seriously though, everything is coming along. Wish you’d share your issues with the pine flooring for others. I’m guessing you’re putting up a light fixture. I’m also glad you explained pictorially that column thing ’cause i just think of that as thick molding. It add so much.
    Also wondering, Is there a powder room on the first floor as well? CTD

    1. Hey Teresa,
      We had pine flooring at our other house and we liked it a lot. It does show more wear, but I like that look. However, we didn’t have a dog at our other house. Champ has torn the floor up in our kitchen by the back door. He gets so excited when he sees us coming in the drive that he scratches the floor up. We instantly knew that that flooring was not going to hold up as long as we had hoped, so we decided to use it on our walls instead. We went with the utility grade oak and love it so far. :)

      And you are right about the column thing. It’s not a column. I don’t know why I am calling it that. :)

      There is a full bath on the other side of the house between the two boys’ rooms. It will be turned into a powder room when the boys move upstairs.


    1. Thank you, Marty!
      We are finally making some big progress. We are looking forward to our trip next week. It should be fun even though it will be a lot of work.
      Have a great weekend!

  3. What huge changes you’ve made to the whole look of your living room! I love it! When you first said columns, I hadvisions of the round floaters in the middle of an opening or doorframe. :) But I love the look you are going for – it’s going to be gorgeous!

  4. WOW, Traci, what an undertaking!!! I can’t wait to see the end results – you are doing so much! I noticed you’re going on that Road Trip – traveling the Longest Yard Sale – have fun and stay safe!!

    Jan c3

  5. Howdy from Kansas!
    Hey Little Lady, you guys are going to add wooden beams in your bathroom!!!
    Will be an excellent addition to your home to get that old house feel you’re craving.
    i knoz i’m right….saw a previous post where you mention this addition!!!! hehe and grins.
    You’re doing an awesome job to your home.
    You’re a blessing and thanx for sharing with us here in blogland.
    d from the prairie

  6. Traci —

    I know you are thrilled with the progress on you guys have done so far!! It looks GREAT!! Am so happy for you!!! :)
    It will not be long before it will all be done and you two and sit back, and look around you and say ‘wow…we did all this!’
    Looking forward to seeing all the new progress — and I am cheering you on!!

  7. Great progress! Since you closed off those doorways, are there openings on the other side of the house or did you rearrange those rooms? Are you beadboarding your bathroom ceiling! I would love to do that =)

  8. I don’t know what you are doing but I know it will be great. I hope you have a great time on your trip and have a safe one.

  9. Wow, what a difference!! Love your vision, Traci. Could you just bottle up all of Cy’s skill and talent and send it to me? My hubs could use a good dose of carpentry. :-)
    Have a blessed day!
    xo Heidi

  10. Looks wonderful. I understand the reader confusion about the “columns.” I think of them as floating by themselves with nothing on either side also. The entryway will be chunky and charming! I am waiting to see what you do with those beams! And Happy Anniversary!!!!

  11. Looks great. I love renovation and the construction doesn’t bother me at all. Have to ask how you are getting to the rooms where you closed the doorways? Have a fun trip!

  12. You all have come a long way. I can see the light at the end of
    The tunnel.
    As for this weekend… Based on the picture you showed you
    either are hanging curtains or installing beams on the ceiling.
    I am going with the beams.
    Belated happy anniversary wishes to you and Cy.

  13. Hi Traci!

    I’m loving how everything is turning out. You and your hubby are doing an amazing job! I can just imagine how badly u want it to be all done, because as a fellow reader, I’m excited to see it all done. it’s gonna b so gorgeous!! I’m guessing you’re doing the big wood beams ?

    Take care and God bless!

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