Race Day


Did you have a good weekend?

We sure did, although this extreme heat is a little hard to handle.  We are having temps over 100 here in Ky, and we are not used to this type of heat!

Despite the temperatures, some of my boys participated in a Fourth of July 5k run on Saturday morning in our hometown.

My biggest “boy” Cy and his running buddy, Chip, were the first to sign up to run in the 5k.

race 008


Chip has two boys, Ben and Jacob, who decided they wanted to run in the race too.  So, of course, my boys wanted to get in on the action. Smile

Look at this goodlookin’ crew on race day!

race 007

Cy and Chip

boys in front:  Jacob, Ben, Jonathan, Adam, Luke

race 001

Here they are hanging out at Chip’s house right before the race.  Eli was there to cheer them on and do a little posing.

Chip’s wife, Melanie, Eli, and I were the cheerleaders.  Melanie is a dear friend of mine, and I love spending time with her.

race 031

I tried to get a few pics during the race.  Here is Cy coming down the homestretch…

race 015


Luke and Adam came in at the exact time and were neck and neck in the homestretch…  (See Adam right behind Luke?)

race 017


The judge said Adam crossed the line just a step before Luke.  So CLOSE!!

race 019

They ran the 5k under 29 minutes which I think is amazing!  So proud of them.

Jonathan came in next, but the pictures didn’t turn out.  Sad smile

Even though it was in the morning, the temps were already scorchin’ and these boys were sweating like crazy!

race 028

They had to make sure to drink plenty of water.

race 029

Cy and Adam got medals.  Cy placed 2nd in his age division, and Adam placed 3rd in his age division.

race 033

So, so proud of ALL my boys for racing their little hearts out!

After the race, we went home and got ready for a family reunion.  It was my Dad’s side of the family.

Here is my sweet dad with his three sisters, Donna, Lois, and Carol.

race 034

We got a family shot of all of my family.  My brother, Blake, and his family were not able to make it, but the rest of us were there.

race 038

Dad and Janet are in the middle, my family on the left, and Cyndi’s family on the right.

My cousin, Missy, and I have always been accused of looking alike.  Luke came up to me during the reunion and said, “Mom, that girl in the purple shirt looks identical to you!”  He was referring to Missy, of course.

So I had to take a picture of Missy and I and share it with you.

race 049

I think I would have to agree!

I’ve not only been blessed with a great family, but with a great extended family as well.

Don’t you love how the holidays give us a chance to get together with family members that we don’t get to see very often?

How are you spending your fourth of July holiday?


Also, congratulations to this week’s One Project Closer “Before and After” series weekly winner,

The Logan’s Landing Outdoor Patio Kitchen.

You can read about this great project HERE.

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  1. Hi Traci! How fun all your boys , well minus your little guy, running together. That is actually very cool :) I loved seeing all the pictures! What a great family reunion shot also, those are hard to come by these days with families being so big and spread all over the place. I know when we have the opportunity to get family shots like that, it’s a keeper for the memory box for sure. Have a great week!

  2. Congratulations to all your boys! Love Eli’s poses! I’m trying to organize my immediate family, family reunion/Parents 45th Anniversary. Hard to do when I have 3 brothers, 4 sisters, and live cross country. Going to do my best. You’re pictures get me excited about it!

    Glad you had a great weekend and hope you stay cool in this heat.

  3. Love those pics — bet you were overrun with smelly boy socks and happy for the A/C afterwards!! Headed to Destin to spend the 4th with friends — can’t wait! Happy 4th!
    xo Heidi

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