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I wanted to show you a couple of purchases we’ve made for our master bathroom.

About a month ago, I went to The Tile Shop to pick out some tile for the floor in our walk in shower.

I feel in love with White Carrera Marble Hexagon tile!  It’s exactly what I wanted but it was out of our budget.  I called Cy and told him in a super sweet voice that I had found exactly what I wanted for our shower.


When I told him the price, he said “Um, no.”  But after I sadly and pathetically told him that there was nothing else in the whole store that I liked at all, he told me to go ahead and get it.

I love how my man tries to make me happy.  Smile

However, when I got home with my beautiful new tile…reality set in.  Cy regretted “giving in” to my desperate plead, and he told me we were going to have to return the tile.


Sooo, I returned the tile a few days later and started looking at Lowe’s and Home Depot for something similar.

I tried, y’all. 

I really did.

But I found nothin’.

Nothing that was really going to give me that look I was after.

So I started searching online to find some carrera marble that was less expensive.  The best price I could find was on Amazon.

2″x2″ White Carrara (Carrera) Hexagon Marble Honed Mosaic Tiles

by Marbleville


In Stock.
Ships from and sold by Marble ‘n things.

2"x2" White Carrara (Carrera) Hexagon Marble Honed Mosaic Tiles

{Now, if you know of a place that I could have gotten it even cheaper, please do not tell me.  It would be like adding salt to my wounds.}

It was about $5.00 less a square foot, but still a little more than we wanted to pay.  But when you do all the work yourself on a home, it sometimes leaves a little room to spend money on a “splurge.” At least that is what I am telling myself.

carrera marble

The tile came in this week, and we hope to start installing it soon.  The carrera marble will be on the floor and white subway tiles will be on the walls of our shower.

carrera marble

And hopefully, it will look as beautiful as this…

Carrera marble in bathroom


Or this…

carrera marble in bathroom


Or this…

hexagonal tile


The next thing that we ordered for our bathroom is the sink faucet.  We found this faucet at Signature Hardware online.  Isn’t it cute?

Victorian Gooseneck Lavatory Faucet with Metal Cross Handles

Victorian Gooseneck Lavatory Faucet with Metal Cross Handles

This is the same company where we bought the farmhouse sink for our kitchen.

This faucet is a very close match to the faucet we purchased for our claw foot tub a while back ago.

And I think it will look great on our new/old dresser/vanity!

So we are getting there!

Now I need you to make me feel better and tell me your most recent “splurge.”

Spill it, ladies!


  1. It’s beautiful, Traci! I totally get it and would love to do this in my bathrooms. Might be awhile! I have to live with my 1979 countertops and vanity for awhile and save my $$. Love, love the marble & subway tile. I am doing subway tile in my kitchen though, at least it’s cheap, right?

  2. Im sure It will be beautiful!! I hope you do a post on your shower …I would love to know the steps you take for a shower like that!! That is what I want for my new house…:-))

  3. Wow is that tile gorgeous! There is an old building in town that still has the original marble hex tiles in the bathrooms. They still look fabulous and timeless. I can’t wait to see how your tile turns out.

  4. I think you made a great decision to splurge on the tile – it’s something you’ll stare at and walk on every day and the fact that you tried to walk away and came back again means that you’ll appreciate your splurge for years to come. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together – I think it’s going to be gorgeous!

  5. i am all about the occasional splurge! don’t feel bad, especially since that tile is absolutely drool worthy. amazon usually never lets me down. i love it. thinking now where i could put that tile in my house…

  6. Hey, it was only for the shower floor . Right! Not a big space so you can spend a little more. WOW, I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  7. After spending money to make my kitchen look just as I want it to look, I just couldn’t justify settling for appliances that didn’t fit just right…so just yesterday, I splurged and hit the “buy” button from an online company that I’ve never purchased anything from before, but had the best price. I’m hoping it wasn’t the biggest mistake ever–either it was brilliant or stupid…only time will tell. :)

  8. LOVE this!! What a classic look – so gorgeous. I am splurging on having curtain panels made for my dining room. I was going to try and make them myself, but realized that I wasn’t going to get what I wanted, and would have driven myself crazy in the process of making them. Sometimes you need to splurge to get what you want! :-)

  9. I’m sorry, I’m racking my brain trying to figure out a good splurge… but I’m pretty stingy with my money. I have been spending weeks trying to decide whether or not to buy a 50 dollar stencil. I can think of a million things I WANT to splurge on if that makes you feel better. :)

  10. Love that hexagon tile!! I feel in love with it after I saw Miss Mustard Seed’s half bath reveal on her blog! She used it on her floor as well! It’s absolutely GORGEOUS!! Things are definitely coming along!! So looking forward to the big reveal!!

  11. Traci! They are absolutely gorgeous! I think you definitely made the right decision. Something like bathroom tile is something you’ll see EVERY.SINGLE.DAY of your life…for many years to come. If you don’t love it, that makes for some very grumpy days ;-) Love all your Pinterest inspirations…it’s coming along great!

  12. Very beautiful! I have the same in one of my showers. The other has a “penny” shape. I do consider them a classic as mine are 100 years old and counting! Of course, most people would have torn them out for the new best thing, but I now have the satisfaction of knowing I’m “in fashion” at least once! I’d be interested in seeing what the tub faucet looks like as I need one. Signature is just a few miles from me and I used to shop there when their space was the size of a closet. I’m really glad you’re gving them a shout out, as they deserve it. Great people who’ve worked hard and smart…as well as being super nice to deal with.
    BTW, we often get marble slabs at a Restore type place here for fairly cheap (there are a lot of old tile and marble stores around here}, so let me know if you ever want to replace the vanity top down the road. I had one cut very reasonably. However, I do like the wood top,.. just thinking out loud.

  13. Oh Sister I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I did exactly the same thing just last week. We’re re-doing one of our guest bathrooms upstairs and I really really wanted it. But after so much on-line searcing and discussing we decided to go with a penny tile hexagon version in white for the floor. Only because I made my husband promise that we could use the carrera tile in the master bathroom when we re-do it :)! Cant wait to see yours done!

  14. Luv the tile!!!! Agreed. It is something you will see daily. Should luv it :D
    My latest splurge … aaaahhhh. Told you a bit ago, that we also turned an old dresser into a vanity with double vessel sinks . That was on Mother’s day weekend.
    That has sparked a whole house mini redo :-0
    New paint in foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, master bath. (done)
    New paint in the boys rooms and bathroom (to finish)
    Questioning what to do re cabinets in kitchen ( eeekkkk)
    Refurbished patio area, made 2 more sitting areas in back garden….
    Also new curtains for dining and living rooms :-)
    Looking for 2 new recliners, got new leather couch.

  15. Traci I love the tile you picked out!!! Good for your husband for “caving in”. I can’t wait to see the bathroom completed!

  16. I think you were totally right to splurge on the tile. It is something that you will likely have forever. Why cheap out only to have to replace it later because you aren’t satisfied or the material wears out. You’ll come out better in the long run, and be happier. Love the look, by the way!

  17. You made a beautiful tile choice and you wont regret it. My splurge usually involves fabric of some kind..
    From a vintage striped grainsack to soft fluffy bed linens, to a happy decor fabric for new pillows or curtains that I suddenly needed badly!!

  18. Your bathroom is going to be beautiful. It is great to have my computer back in service. Our electric had been off since last friday. Isn’t it strange that people in the early days didn’t have electric and we find it difficult to live without it for a few days. I love my electric.. Thanks for sharing the bathroom details.

  19. Nothing tops Carrera marble! Elegant, luxurious. I want to use it as a backsplash in my kitchen (okay…truth…and in both bathrooms), but still saving! Great financial planning to have the “wiggle” room! Recent splurge? Packed a cooler of food and drinks and drove 3.5 hours up to Cape Cod yesterday! Projects/work have to take a backseat on occasion for what we used to call a “mental health day”!

  20. It’s going to be lovely. The best part is that you all have done the work yourself and that it is such a lobor of love.

  21. Is it sad that my most recent splurge was on kid’s clothes?? I guess that’s just the point of life i’m in right now. I went to the Bella Bliss sale (had you heard about it?) last week and found clothes that my kids “needed’. Of course they didn’t need them. But this was their first (and second) matching outfits and I couldn’t resist. How often can you find girl/boy clothes that coordinate? (Well, I’ve never really looked since my boy isn’t yet born…but I assume it’s hard to find.) Anyway, everything at the sale was only $10 which is insane when you think about how much that stuff sells for at the boutiques. So I loaded down my arms and let’s just say that $10 per item racks up…quickly. I felt guilty so I put 3 items back while I was checking out. THEN I went back to the sale the next day on my lunch hour to get one of the items I had put back and to buy 2 baby gifts because seriously, that’s quite possibly the best price for a baby gift! Anyway, I spent too much but my hubby was very nice about it:) Is it bad that I’ve learned to use cash for part of a large purchase so the debit card doesn’t shock my hubby too much? I call that creative math:)

  22. We splurged and did our whole bathroom in carrera marble-wall behind the sink, shower and floor. Timeless and it looks amazing! However, I have never had such a difficult time maintaining a surface. Regular cleaners are too abrasive and scratches the marble. We also had a problem with etching… :( … but now we are better educated and I just ordered some products online and hope they will help me keep my bathroom looking timeless and beautiful! . Despite the cleaning product issues I LOVE the look and probably would have proceeded even knowing the difficulties! Enjoy!

  23. Do you have a finished picture? I’m looking at marble hex floor tile and subway on the walls of the shower. I would love to see how it ended up looking.

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