Day 3 of our Hidden Treasures Adventure!


Hey friends!

This was my favorite day of the trip so far.  Smile

Not only did I find some great treasure for the little girl’s room, but I got to see my boys!!!


gmc 036


Watch the video to see the treasures I found and our reunion with our boys!


  1. Cy so cracked me up when he was driving and all of sudden pointed at something saying “Look at that” My husband does the exact same thing!!!!! Too funny.

    Thanks for sharing your journey. Loved seeing the family reunion at church! You are blessed Traci! Love that you and your husband show your love for each other in front of your children. That is so monumentally important!!!!

    Have fun decorating the little girl’s room. Praying for you for a safe journey.

    Marilyn C.

  2. wow, what an awesome trip! You had me tear up to see the boys, but then I lost it with the quilt. I’ve been following your blog since I found the butcherblock counter tops, why yes, we did buy 7 of them from Ikea, lol. The hubs did the diningroom/kitchen and it now equals a Ditchen. We still have the flooring to do amongst other things. I also introduced him to the Restore, against his better judgement, now I can’t get him to stop talking about it. He loves the store and how it is helping others. His first time there was a great day…he donated a bunch of steel purlings he had no use for. Thank you for sharing, have fun and be safe…Elaine

  3. I am sure the hardest part of your trip was having to say goodbye to those precious boys. But it will only be a few days and you will home. Looks like you found some great finds. I really love the quilt. Did they set an limited amount you could spend? Can’t wait to see the finished project. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I bet it was hard to let go of the hugs with the boys, but you will see them in just a few days.

    I love, love the quilt and I am sure the little girl will too. Can’t wait to see the finished project.
    Did they give you an limited amount you could spend?

    I am sure this is a moment in your life you will not soon forget. You are such special people. Your house is wondering where you are, no pounding or sawing going on. (ha-ha)

  5. Thanks for taking us all on your and Cy’s trip. So fun!
    Love the music playing with the video.
    Does my heart good to know there is still folks in this world
    that are willing to help out and gave y’all a good price on the
    My favorite thing though was your and Cy’s reunion with your
    boys. : )
    Safe travels to you both.

  6. My favorite video so far!! Your boys are so precious and I was cracking up at the ever-present cans of Mountain Dew (what is it about boys and Mountain Dew??). Have fun — can’t wait to see more. :)
    xo Heidi

  7. Traci,
    This is the sweetest thing that I have ever seen! The boys are precious and so is all of the family! You are so beautiful and I am so proud of you!
    Love Always,
    Aunt Pat

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