Day 4 and 5 of Our GMC/Onstar Road Trip


Hey friends!

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post the last two days of my trip, but it got crazy on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, we were in a frenzy trying to get all the stuff we needed for the house, so there was not time to blog.

Sunday, was insanity!!! We had 5 hours to get the house ready for the Moore family, and then we were flying home.  We didn’t get home until midnight Sunday night, and today I just had to re-coop and spend time with the fam.

So, here is a video of the 4th day and the morning of our 5th day.

It was a ton of fun working with GMC and these amazing bloggers.  We really did become like a family with one goal in mind…helping to create a wonderful place for the Moore family to call home.



Tomorrow, I will share the reveal with you.  I think you will enjoy it. Smile




The winners of the Goose Creek Candle giveaways are ….

Diana and Amy

Your Winner


Author: diana (dlee@highline.***)
vanilla bean is my favorite

Your Winner


Author: Amy (amyfrazier)

My pick would be the lustrous Blueberry Passion Scented Jar Candle… This sounds absolutely summery! Thank you for the chance. Amy


Congrats!  I will be contacting you soon!


  1. I have loved looking at all of your trip video’s! What a wonderful project and such a great thing to do for this family! I know you all are so tired but it must be such a fun thing to do! Can’t wait to see what everyone has come up with! How could that family not thrive in such a place, built with love!

  2. I love your website Tracy and have enjoyed following you and Cy on this little “journey”. So fun!! :) Can’t wait for tomorrow’s reveal and lots of pictures!

  3. What a sweet house, I can’t wait to see the reveal. This family must be just over the moon to have so many talented people designing their new home.

  4. You have to be on a high with the week you two have had. Can’t wait for the reveal. Thanks for sharing. See you tomorrow.

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