Help me pick out a chandelier for my bathroom


Hey Friends!

Before I share my post today, I wanted to apologize to you for the crazy Nintendo ad that was popping up (loudly) on my blog.  I know it was extremely annoying, and I am sorry.

It was supposed to be a “twig” ad at the bottom of my page that was only supposed to pop up if you rolled your cursor over it.  But the new Nintendo ad seemed to pop up even if it wasn’t rolled over, and it covered most of my screen.  Ugh!

I am sorry for the inconvenience.  I got rid of it.

I also took down the DIY video that was in my side bar.  It was on auto play at 5% volume, but I know it was annoying some of you as well.  You guys are way more important to me than those annoying ads.

But I do hope you understand why I do have ads on my blog.  It helps to provide extra income for our family, and it feels nice to finally help out a little financially.  My husband has provided financially for our family for the past 13 years so I could stay home with our children, and I am so grateful.

Whenever I chose to put up ads or do a sponsored post, it is for a reason.  For example, Jonathan and Luke both need braces on their teeth.  Smile

That is something we do not have extra money for, but I am hoping that I can save some of the money from my blog to pay for those.

Anything that you see us buy for our home is bought through a construction line of credit that we got when we bought our home, knowing we had a lot of work we needed to do on it.

Is that TMI?  SmileI just want to be real with y’all.  And I didn’t want anyone to think that I was choosing to spend money on decorating my home above getting my boys braces.  That’s definitely not the case.  (I sure do wish I could pay for the boys’ braces with our construction line of credit!)

It’s sometimes tough to make the right decisions in blogging.  But one thing is for sure, I want you to enjoy whenever you visit my blog.  I try to make it a pleasant  place to be.  I keep you in mind whenever making decisions about my blog.  So if you see me do a sponsored post or see a new ad on my blog, please just think, “Yay!  Traci’s going to be able to get her boys some braces!”  Or “Yay!  Traci is going to be able to get Eli some new socks and underwear!”

That pretty much sums it up! Smile


Okay, enough of the serious talk!

I’ve been trying to think about what type of chandelier to put in my bathroom, and I would LOVE your input.

I want some bling.  And I am mainly trying to decided if I want to have a black or oil rubbed bronze chandy, chrome chandy, or antique brass chandy.

Here are some of my ideas. (I’m not showing you the actual chandelier I would buy, but the “look” I’m after.)
































I know the chrome or lighter chandeliers don’t show up in the pictures as well, but I think they will in real life.  Especially with drapes on each side of the window (that I think I might do.)


So what do you think?


Which is your favorite?


Or do you have another chandy you think I should consider?  Please share!


  1. Thanks for taking the ads off… they were very annoying. But just now the Nintendo ad reappeared (half page) right while I was reading your post. As for the chandeliers, I really am into the oiled bronze look right now so I vote #2 or #6.

  2. Number 2 all the way!!! I think the color of the chandelier is just right with the beams….not too much but just enough :) And I appreciate that you removed the Warcraft ad – there seem to be quite a few blogs with the gross ad lately.

  3. I really like 3 or 4. What type of faucets and handles are you going to have? With the right plumbing fixtures I think #5 would be great also – a bit more rustic, but a nice, stand out look! :)

  4. I think either #1 or #2 as I think the darker color is a little more in keeping with the rustic aspects of your decor. I also like the impact of the dark against the white ceilings and walls and the way it compliments the beams. I love your blog and have loved following your home improvements but, wait, maybe you could sell the ideal of your boys being ‘young men’ under construction. ;-)

  5. I don’t mind ads at all so long as it pertains to your blog like decor/diy even faith/religious ads. It’s just weird to visit you and hear Nintendo ads! Although… I’m pretty sure if we went to your house we’d hear it with your 4 boys. ;)

    And as someone who had 7 years of various mouth metal (so much that my orthodontist used my teeth molds as visual aides for new clients!), I know how expensive that stuff is! Me with 7 years and my sister with 2 drained our parents dry. :P

    I like 2, 5, and 6. I think you need a hefty, darker chandelier in your space, especially by the window. :) I think the point of a chandy is to be notice and the smaller or white/silver types blend in too much.

  6. I like #5…and my daughter who is sitting beside me likes #1. :-)

    I, too, appreciate your removing the Nintendo ad! It is not so bad if it sits there at the bottom and behaves itself, but when it leaps halfway up the page and I have to stop reading your post so that I can X it out…that is annoying. (Is there a delay after you remove it? Because it popped up as I was reading this post.)

    Thank you, Tracy, for making your blog a delightful place to visit, and for caring about your readers. Hope those boys get their braces!

  7. I love number 6, but I think you need to go with something ORB to add some contrast to such a white room. You have an amazing bathroom to start with so anything you add is such icing on the cake!

  8. I think a lantern would look great in that setting, but… I am also wondering if there is enough space to hang a chandelier or a lantern over the bathtub. There are code requirements on how close a light can be over the bathtub, so you may want to check that out first. If it’s ok, I think something like this might look nice:

  9. Thanks for taking the time to explain the ads – something to think about. Truly I find them soooo very annoying but you’re not the only one – seems like they’re on everyone’s blogs anymore..

  10. I love #6, and if you treat the tub like a table, it seems to handle the width well and is in proportion. I think the juxtaposition of the blingy chandelier and the rustic beams and brick wall is SO perfect. I think doing something heavier takes away from the presence of the beams and wall.

    Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  11. I love number 1 – A little bling and a little rustic! But…here I am quoting Mike Holmes who says it’s unsafe to hang a chandelier over a bath tub. I think it’s gorgeous, but is it safe? OK…that’s enough of me making sure you’re careful! You and your hubby are doing a fantastic job on your home remodel. We had to do the same thing with our construction credit for our house paint, new windows, new roof, and patio cover just this last year. So, it totally get it – and I’m trying to use all my $$ blogging to get that completely paid off! You are the sweetest thing …. we’re getting braces for kid #2 next week! Yikes they are expensive! Yay, Traci for being able to help pay for them!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  12. I like Chancy #2 and #1–I think they all are very pretty. I think the darker is a nice compliment to the lighter room and the beams…..

  13. Well, I’m going to go out on a limb by myself here. I like #3! I think it ties in beautifully with the white washed brick. It makes a statement without trying to steal the show.

  14. #2 It’s the correct size ,color and looks just simply wonderful in the room. The others are either too light , too small or not the correct proportion for the room. Good luck on picking the one you want.

  15. I didn’t mind the ad, except that it made your page drag when loading for me. As for braces….I feel your pain. Both of our girls were in them at the same time. I used to joke that I could buy a small economy car for the money I paid each month for mouth metal! LOL!! They would roll their eyes and just walk away, but they both have the most amazing smiles. I personally would not put a chandy over the tub, so I have no opinion on the choice. The safety of it hanging over water scares me. The rest of your bathroom is looking fabulous and I can’t wait for it to get done!! :)

  16. First, I like the scale and color of the second choice. I put a smaller chandelier above my tub and I wished I would have gone larger.

    Unfortunatly the Ninteno pop-up is still there, but I doubt anyone will stop visiting your blog because of it. I enjoyed your honest and open remarks about the business side of blogging. As a reader, I am pleased to watch you and a handful of other bloggers turn your blogs into successful small businesses and I am routing for you.


  17. My pick is #2. Do not like 4-6 at all! And I hate to tell you, but the Nintendo ad still popped up on my screen, and I didn’t scroll over the bottom where it was located. Had to close it out. Seems like we’re seeing more pop-ups, lately, that aren’t working right.

  18. I like the black. You need the contrast so that the light will catch your eye. There is no use in putting one up if you are not going to notice it I would love one in mine. Definitely #5. Also I think that rubbed bronze is beginning to be a thing of the past.

  19. I love #2 the most! Your bathroom remodel is looking super gorgeous!! Love how hard working you are your husband are!! Good luck finding just the right one. :)

  20. Love your sweet explanation about your ads :) You are so true to life and honest. (And yes, it was nice to open your post in a new tab and not have it instantly start blaring something like so many blogs are doing right now ;)

    I love #5 or something like it. The rustic look of it mixed with the glam of the crystals are the perfect mix. What other color fixtures are you using?…..ok, looked back looks like you are mostly using chrome or silver so not sure if you want to mix them or now.

    I did like #3 with the silver too but the darker ones were my favorite. :) Have fun picking it out :)

  21. The Ads are still there.
    Be sure to check to see if there and building codes about the light over the tub. That could be unsafe. Maybe a split light that would go on either side to clear the tub? I am sure what ever you pick will be beautiful.
    Traci, please pray for me and my daughter. She is moving to SC and my heart is broken and I miss her and she hasn’t left yet. She and her husband will be moving next Tuesday. I know this sounds quite small with all the illness happening but my heart is breaking.
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. difficult choice for such a beautiful room. i prefer #4 . i would not choose any of the black or brown ones. i think you should keep the room calm, as it is!

  23. I agree with Susan, #3. Subtle, beautiful, seems to go with the look you’ve already begun with the tub and whitewashed brick. I think the darker ones would stand out too much, kind of like your first vanity. Such a beautiful room you’ve created!

  24. I like #4 the best – just enough to give something special, but not too heavy that it takes away from the rest of the room.

  25. i am still getting the site popping up when i visit……….i thought #1 and #2 stood out the others seem to get lost in the window……

  26. #3 and #6 are my picks. I think they’d look gorgeous at night and pretty with just the right amount of bling during the day. With the dark ceiling beams, I think the lighter chandy would look awesome.

    I just know you’ll find the perfect one that you will love! Good luck!

    Susan A.

  27. Your explanation of the new ads was so well written Traci. I really enjoy visiting your blog. I love seeing what you are doing in your home and hearing Jonathan’s beautiful voice is the icing on the cake. I am a big fan. I will say “yay” when I see the ads and know they are going toward something for your family. As for the chandelier, you are doing such an amazing job on the bathroom, that I think you should go with your gut instincts. You have great taste! Have a wonderful week.


  28. Thank you Traci for removing the Nintendo pop-up ad and the DIY audio/video. As much as I applaud your contribution to your family’s income the ads had become a real nuisance and took away from the pleasure of visiting your lovely site. I had actually asked myself the last few visits if it was worth having to “x” out of the pop-up to be able to read your posts. So glad I came back today and read you were removing them. It sure seems there are so many ads now on many of my favorite blogs so I can see it is a booming business but hopefully they willl be able to keep them tasteful enough so they don’t take away from the site and undermine the very reason we visit the blog in the first place. Thank you again for reconsidering.

    Love all of the chandeliers but have a certain bias to #5. Believe it or not I have two of them hanging in my kitchen. One over my island and the other over the breakfast table. Though my fixtures and hardware are not black I guess it works because I have enough other black accents in the room. So if you choose #5 but have different finishes for your other hardware it will probably work well with other black accents thoughtout. I LOVE the way this room is coming along and continue to be inspired by you every day.

  29. I really like #2 because it is a tad less formal and it works with your dark floors and ceiling beams. If you hadn’t painted your vanity it would never work, though! I also like the proportions as comparing it to your tub and window. That’s hard to envision without seeing the whole room, though. #6 would be my second choice but I definitely would go with 2. Will you be doing white curtains? I do love that tub!

    p.s. The pop-up is still appearing for me.

  30. Numbers 4 or 6. These to me seem to keep the area more light-hearted and airy. Of course, the decision of which one to choose much depends upon the “look” you wish to achieve. Bottom line as always: your choice, but it is fun to weigh in.

  31. Advertising is a part of our life and I would never doubt why you used it. Your blog is delightful, it takes your hard effort to put it all together on a regular basis and I quite enjoy seeing who sponsors you. I always look at the shop’s websites. I would think you could even find more lovely stores for whom you could advertise! You are too kind to feel like we expect an explanation! I’m sure your money tree is no more prolific than ours!!

    NUMBER TWO!!!! Love it!

  32. I like them all! But 3 and 4 are my fave’s. How awesome is this bathroom going to look? I really think the only one I wouldn’t go with is the black. It might be too heavy looking. The oil rubbed bronze would be softer.

  33. love what you are doing, but want to just mention that you might want to check a potential building code issue. Check with your electrician, as some codes prevent chandeliers directly over a bathtub. Unfortunately where I live here in VA that was the case unless they changed since we built the home. I like all you potential choices though, depending on cabinets color and how formal or informal your fabrics etc are. Love the whitewashed brick………lovely. Good luck. charisse

  34. I lean toward either 3 or 4, both of which say “chandelier” without screaming it… know what I mean? I find their color/style more classic/vintage and would fit in with any other hardware in your bathroom.

  35. I like #2 because it makes the space feel a touch warmer against all the white and it fills the space above the big tub well, and if you must have crystal I would choose #6 as it also fills the space well and has a very nice design, but #2 would be my top choice…it will be interesting to see what you find and use in the end.

  36. I would have to say #2. It seems to be a good size for the room and the table below. I like the very “chandelier look” tempered by the bronze or nickel finish. It really looks great with the beams and the charm of the room.

  37. Love them all:) If I had to choose I would pick #2 or #5. I just love your bathroom ~ the beams and brick are beautiful. Can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s finished!! Good luck!

  38. I prefer #2 its looks perfect for the bathroom and I like the #4 but # 2 is the very best looks…. Good Luck Hoping #2 you pick and i see most pick #2 and #4. Enjoy it

  39. I’m torn between #2 and #4 but am leaning towards #2. I think it best fits the room. Can’t wait for the big reveal.

    Please don’t feel you need to explain. Advertising is part of your job and I think it is wonderful you are able to do something you love and have an income. It’s funny when you said about the boys needing braces It never even crossed my mind about the renovations you are all doing and how you could afford doing them and not braces. It is obvious through reading your post that you are a very caring, loving mother and would do anything for your boys. You just keep on doing what you do. I kind of like the advertisements. I like seeing who sponsors you and I like exploring their sites.

  40. They would all be beautiful, but I’m really drawn to #2; I don’t know if it’s the colour or the shape, but it’s both rustic AND elegant. The black one seems a little harsh with TOO high a contrast. The room is so lovely anything would look good. I have a chrome Chandy in my MB, but I’m thinking that might be a little uber-glam. They crystal one is also glam, but in a less modern way so it would provide a better contrast stylistically (as compared to the chrome). Hurry up and choose; I can’t wait to see it installed.CTD
    While that Nintendo ad was annoying, it certainly wouldn’t keep me from anxiously checking to see if you have a new post!

  41. Thanks for getting rid of those two annoying ads. I will vote for #2 for lighting, but am not sure I would want to lay in that fabulous tub looking up at those glaring light bulbs. Please do check the building codes in your area…they are in place for a reason. Good luck, the room is looking fabulous.

  42. What is wrong with me? I cannot get into the crystal chandy thing. I know people love them and they are popular. What ever you pick will be lovely for you! Love the brick and the beams. Would love a bathroom with that much room and character.

  43. Traci,

    Thanks so much for deleting the diy video ad that played autimatically. You are in my top 3 favorite blogs but I had stopped reading you because of that ad. It wasn’t because it annoyed me that much, but it was because it ate up huge amounts of my alloted monthly internet usage. I live in a rural area and don’t have dsl. We only have a certain amount of usage available each month on our plan without having to pay lots of extra fees—the video ads eat up LOTS of megabytes. I started to email you about it one day but I understood why you were doing the ads and I didn’t want to be a whiner. I stopped by today to look at your blog because I missed it so much and the ads were gone! Just thought I’d give you a different perspective on the video ads. I’m glad to be back!

  44. I like #2 & #4.
    I understand why you have ads on your blog and I say good for you for being a good wife and mother.

  45. Hi Traci. It’s me again. Had another thought. Have you ever considered a ‘candelier’? There would be no issue with the electric over the tub and they may be more affordable. Don’t know how hard they are to find but Jennifer Holmes at ‘Dear Lillie’ has a beautiful one over her dining table. A little rustic and a LOT romantic looking with the real candles even though I don’t imagine you actually light them. Just a thought…

  46. Is it too late to vote?! I first thought 4 or 6, but 2 kind of right up with them. So 2, 4 or 6. That doesn’t help much! Ha!

  47. Definitely #4 :) and soo funny, I clicked on your link to come to your site from my email, and the Target ad showing is my son’s girlfriend, too cute! Loving how the bathroom is coming out!

  48. I like No. 2 also, but I think the placement is off (my opinion). I put my chandelier more over the “foot section” of the tub so I didn’t hit my head on the chandelier. I still hit my head on occasion, but not like I would if it were centered and I have the fixture high too! Before I took my first bath with it, I wanted it lower and I am glad I didn’t. I am also one of those people who like odd numbers and things divided in thirds. I love “off-centered” things! I laughed at the post about the advertisers, I just learned to turn off the volume before I came to your sight in the last few months and didn’t even realize that it wasn’t there anymore! I can leave the volume on now! Yay! I totally understand about the braces. My eleven year old got her palate spreader off last year ($2,000) and my 14 year old had a bigger palate spreader ($3,000) and now has her $6,000 braces on. My eleven year old will get her braces on in two years when all of the baby teeth fall out and the big teeth are mostly in. She will be the last of five children in braces!!!!! Yay!!!! Sometimes, I don’t understand (and neither does my orthodontist or my dentist) how people put braces on fourth or fifth graders, straightening baby teeth, only to put them back on again in high school to straighten the permanent teeth! Beautiful bathroom coming along!

  49. My first choice is #2. I think the light really stands out and makes a statement, it also ties in very well with the beams…… the combination. If I’m spending lots of cash on a chandy, I want it to be noticed! My second choice would be #4, I love the detail in it and the I think the “candle” parts themselves are shaped nicely, not too chunky. I think all the llights are lovely, but I love #2!! Good luck choosing.

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