I Stand Amazed {A Sunday Song from Jonathan}

Hey Friends!

I hope you have had a great weekend.

We have had some GREAT family time this weekend, and it has been wonderful!  We are also enjoying the gorgeous Fall weather we are having.  :)

Jonathan was the guest singer at a church today, and I wanted to share the song with you.

It’s a remake of an old classic song, I Stand Amazed.  I hope you enjoy it.

I’ll see ya tomorrow!


  1. I grew up singing “I Stand Amazed”; it was one of my favorites. It’s a real pleasure to hear Jonathan singing it!

    How marvelous! how wonderful! And my song shall ever be:
    How marvelous! How wonderful is my Savior’s love for me.


  2. My husband just said, “He is growing up before our eyes”. It is so beautiful that his singing and being popular has not gone to his head. We so enjoy his singing and is a very handsome young man. We could listen to him forever. We will wait to hear the next installment. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Traci-
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful song of your son singing in church. What a blessing and a gift God has given him. May He always use it to bring glory to our savior!

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  4. What a talented and handsome young man of God!!! I enjoyed that so much this Sunday afternoon, and know all who see will feel the same. May God continue to bless you so you may keep sharing that talent with those around you. Susan Sikes Davis, Grayson, GA

  5. Wow! What a blessing to hear your son sing. I love to hear young people sing praises to our Lord. Tell Jonathan to keep singing to Him and to keep his eyes fixed on Him.

  6. Jonathan’s permance was beyond gracious, his sensarity and tune have moved the emotions of everyone listening to him I’m sure , he surely moved me! As an educator and writer for children I can appreciate his talent. God bless this young man and keep that heavenly music flowing!

  7. I always enjoy seeing and hearing Jonathan sing. Thank you for sharing his talent with us. He’s so cute, you just want to hug him. God has his hands over him.

  8. I taught junior high and high school choir before I decided to stay home with our first baby. I love hearing kids sing who aren’t screaming or straining! What a blessing to hear your guy sing an old favorite hymn. Loved it!

  9. I am always excited to see your videos of Jonathan- what a voice!! Thank you for sharing!! One of my favorite songs!!

  10. Jonathan is just such a beautiful, talented child. I feel blessed to be able to listen to his singing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. We so enjoy seeing and hearing Johnathan sing such beautiful songs. Such a talented young man. Keep posting his singing–it is a joy to hear and see someone so young with such feelings of faith. Thank you…

  12. Jonathan has such a beautiful voice. Loved listening to him sing on your post.
    Best Wishes to him in all his future endevors. I think we might be Amazed at
    where he heads. :)

  13. I have goose bumps! How marvelous and wonderful to have a boy who wants to sing in church! He is so good. Praising God along with you for this amazing young man!

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  14. WooHoo!!!! Yes, I am amazed! You know how much I love you, Jonathan! OK, Michael can play this…..this is for us very soon, ok? =D

  15. Love this old church hymn! I know you are so thankful and feel so blessed that Jonathan loves to use his beautiful voice to sing praises to the Lord! Thanks for sharing. What a blessing!

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