How I Painted my Vanity with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


Hey, friends!

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Today, I wanted to show you how I painted the vanity in yesterday’s post.

birthday 042

Warning:  I am not a professional painter and never will be.  Smile

There is no special or secret method that I use.

Basically, I paint, I sand, I seal.

For this project, I decided to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I have attended one of Annie Sloan’s workshops on her American tour, but I have never painted a piece of furniture with her paint.



Although I have wanted to for a long time.

I have heard GREAT things about ASCP.  The qualities I am most attracted to is that you don’t have to prime or sand a piece of furniture before painting with ASCP, and it distresses beautifully.


If you want to know more about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I highly suggest you reading about it HERE, from Shaunna at Imperfectly Perfect.  She also sells ASCP, so if you want to purchase some, go HERE.


The color of ASCP I chose is called French Linen.

Product Image 3



Since I didn’t have to prime or sand, I just began painting with my regular paint brush.

bathroom 050

When the paint is wet, it is several shades lighter than the finished color.  It will dry into a deep, warm, beautiful gray.

bathroom 052

It dries fairly quick.  I painted two coats.

bathroom 055

Then I sanded the dresser with a sanding sponge on all the raised areas.

It was late at night when I took the next two pictures, so I used a flash. That is why the paint looks like a different color.

bathroom 064

After I sanded the raised areas, it was ready to wax.

Before you wax it, the paint looks dry and chalky.


bathroom 067

But when you apply the Annie Sloan Clear Wax, that is when the REAL beauty of the paint comes out!



(For a great video on how to apply ASCP wax, watch Shaunna’s video HERE.)


Annie Sloan has awesome brushes to apply the wax, but I don’t own one. Sad smile  So I just used a cheese cloth.  I am hoping to buy one of her brushes soon, but they are a little bit pricey.


birthday 020

I was smiling from ear to ear and filling pretty giddy when I was waxing this piece.

Girls, I was falling in love.  Ooh-la-la!


birthday 023

I cannot tell you how much I love this color of paint!

birthday 024

The original hardware looks amazing on this piece.  It’s old tarnished brass, I believe.

Painting this vanity was exactly what this bathroom needed.

birthday 040

I’m gonna see how the wax holds up to water drops around the sink.  I talked to Shaunna, and she said it should be fine.   But if I need to, I will apply Minwax Wipe-on Poly.


That’s it!

SUPER easy.

I love ASCP!  It’s pretty pricey, though.  Over $30 for a quart.  But you don’t have to buy primer, which is nice.  It was definitely worth the extra splurge on this piece.

birthday 033

If you have any questions, just let me know.  I’ll try my best to answer them.

Have you ever used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? 

What did you think of it?


  1. I have some Annie Sloan paint and I’m ready to paint my kitchen table, but I’m skeeeered. I am frozen and not sure how to start!

  2. Your dresser turned bathroom vanity turned out just as I expected it too … perfect!!

    Wonderful contrast now with your beautiful new wood bathroom floor.

    Can’t wait to see what kind of mirror you will use behind it.

    Oh, and LOVE the fern!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, Traci, this vanity is so beautiful! You did a great job listening to your heart and making the piece perfect! I recently updated some thrift store dining room chairs with ASCP I won at Haven. I LOVE them now!! And I love how fast it dries!!

    Great job Traci!! :)

  4. I use Annie Sloan chalk paint almost exclusively and LOVE it! But my dirty little secret is that I have never painted anything for myself. I paint furniture and sell it in my booth, but I’ve never kept a piece or painted a piece of my own furniture. That’s just sad :( I need to get a handle on this workload. This paint is so fabulous, and you can get so many different looks out of the same color paint, depending on the waxing and distressing you do. Your vanity looks fantastic! Kudos!

  5. Gorgeous! I love ASCP too but I agree it is pricey. I guess though if you do save from having to buy primer it is worth it not to mention all the extra steps you cut out. I’m so jealous over your vanity I want to do something similar in my bath but mine is itty bitty so will have to be a small dresser! Traci

  6. Yes, I have used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint on a few small items. I haven’t done anything as big as your vanity. It came out beautiful!

  7. I just painted a side table in Chateau Gray this morning. I water the paint down just a tad and it goes on easier. The ASCP goes a long way to don’t feel discouraged about the price because it is so much easier to use. Your vanity is lovely!

  8. Once I tried ASCP, I knew I would never go back to any other paint on furniture, Traci! Yep, it’s a little pricey, but soooo worth it. I water it down a wee bit and it goes on smoother. Then I sand the entire piece with a very fine sandpaper to smooth it out. Once I apply the clear wax over the whole thing, let it dry overnight, then buff buff buff — every piece turns out just perfect and it feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom. :) I just purchased some Gilding Wax from Amy at Maison Decor (blog), and I’m anxious to use that to bling up some of the furniture!

    Beautiful job on your new vanity!

    xoxo laurie

  9. Dear Traci,
    I am so mad at you!

    First of all, I/we painted my entire brick-covered kitchen… it looks fabulous!

    Then, I ordered some ASCP and wax and painted my old, farmhouse kitchen table… It looks fabulous!

    Next week I plan to spend the weekend driving around in search of an old dresser to convert to a bathroom vanity.

    Stop please! I am not a young woman anymore! I am supposed to be enjoying my retirement!

    (Got any more ideas?)

      1. I will – as soon as the house is back to normal. Right now it’s all upside down.
        We’ve lived in the house for 36 years. The kitchen is pretty big and all the walls were covered in brick. Through the years I’ve hung tons of antique copper pots and pans, a collection of vintage glass reamers and other funky stuff from flea markets in France. Now, with the painted brick making it all look much lighter, I want to change all of that. I’m thinking of a couple of still life paintings and maybe less “stuff”. I’m not sure. I’ll send you pictures when it’s all finished. Thank you for the inspiration – It’s all due to you!

        Ana Maria

  10. The vanity is beautiful!!! I am dying to try it! I have a maple hutch that I picked up at a second hand store that I want to paint black. I have been told it needs to be sanded because it does have a slightly shiny surface. With this paint, can I really skip the sanding step?


  11. I love it, Traci….just stunning!

    Giving me lots of great ideas for when I’m ready to get started on my new abode. Thanks for sharing how easy this is. I would have never thought to do this for fear of it being over my head. You’re a brave girl and it paid off big time!!

  12. I just retired from 30 years of teaching, so I’ve just begun having time to read blogs. I look forward to reading your posts everyday. I can’t tell you how many projects I have done because of your inspiration. This dresser is just beautiful! I guess this will be my next project. My husband thinks I have gone nuts! When he gets home each day, his first question is, “What did you paint today!” Thanks for your hard work!

  13. I was just wondering why you dont have to sand or prime when using ASCP? I have a pine curio cabinet sitting in my garage for years. Would the ASCP hide the knots in the pine? I dont have to prime it ? Also, what does the wax do? Protect it?

    1. I have no idea why you do not have to prime, you just don’t. :) You shouldn’t have to prime the pine curio, but need to do at least two coats of ASCP.
      The wax is a sealer and protects the paint.

  14. This is beautiful!!!
    I am sure you have answered this question many times but, I have searched your site and I can’t find the type of wood you used for your plank wall in your bathroom. Would you mind sharing??? Thanks!

    1. Hi April,
      Those are pine wood planks that we had originally bought for our floors, but ended up on our wall. We got them from Lumber Liquidators. I think they are 6 inch yellow pine tongue and grove planks.

  15. Your vanity turned out beautifully just as we all expected!
    I paint furniture for my job and, almost exclusively, use ASCP. It is the best paint in the world! Just be sure to keep it as dry as possible, don’t freak out about little water drop marks, they go away. And, if the maintenance is too much, you can remove the wax with mineral spirits and just go over it with poly.
    I have four boys also, I figure that they are the true durability test and ASCP holds up perfectly to everything they have (literally) thrown at it!

  16. So no primer really?? I am two seconds away from convincing my husband to let me buy a quart (he thinks $30 a quart is a bit ridiculous) because “he” was reading up on ASCP and said that we do have to primer first. But your dresser is the same dark tone of my bedroom dresser that I have been dying to paint! Just curious how much of that quart did you use or have left after you painted?

    1. Hi Jill.
      Yes, you do not have to prime. However, I have heard that every once in a while you might get a stubborn piece of furniture that requires primer. But that is the exception, not the rule.
      Also, I had about half a can of paint left over. Some of the previous commenters said they watered their paint down just a bit to make it last longer. I haven’t tried that, though.
      Hope this helps.

  17. That is beautiful! Although AS is expensive, I think, in addition to not having to prime, etc., the paint goes a long way. I love your vanity. laurie

  18. I do love that dresser now! As much as I would love to try the Annie Sloan products I haven’t. :(
    I would have to drive 4 hours to the closest retailer. I realize that once you factor in the ‘not needing to buy primer’ the price isn’t too bad. But when you add the cost of shipping to an online order I just can’t justify paying that for a quart of paint. Maybe someday we’ll have a dealer here.

    1. I totally hear ya, Maggie!
      We just got a stockist in my hometown a couple of months ago, which sealed the deal in me finally buying some. :)
      It was definitely worth the splurge, though.

  19. I’m about to tackle a buffet in this exact color…this will be my first time using ASCP! Did you use any dark wax? I bought that also and wasn’t sure…I really like the color your vanity turned out, it looks great!

    1. Having used ASCP on several pieces please be warned that using dark wax over your piece will DRAMATICALLY change the color and look! You want to use the clear wax first and then add the dark wax sparingly. This gives you control over the look of the dark wax finish. Start on a little piece or practice board to get the hang of how the paint and waxes work together and let the artistry begin…you’ll fall in love!

  20. Hi, Love what you did to the vanity,love the room! And thank you for posting the color that matches your Annie’s…I get tired of trying to match colors.:( Remember you can use your Lowe’s color match and make your own chalkpaint. Don’t think you want to use Poly over wax, just add some more layers of wax.

  21. I am hoping you will respond to this or send me an email in response even though this post is older. I am in the process of painting a vanity with ASCP but am concerned about how long this will hold up in a bathroom with moisture and kids spilling water. How has this paint job held up after 6-8 months?

  22. I’m repurposing a sideboard for a bathroom vanity as well. I’d love to hear how it’s holding up with the wax. I was thinking of using the Annie Sloan lacquer instead.


  23. Im wanting to repurpose my bathroom vantiy that already has granite counter tops. Can some tell me how and where to start. It is dark brown wood and would like that to come through for the distressed looked! Thanks for the help!

  24. Your dresser looks identical to the one I am ready to paint and turn into a vanity for my bathroom. I even have a vessel sink picked out! My concern is how it will hold up to water drips or moisture. Do you reccommend any extra step for that?

  25. Hi Tracy, I love the new vanity. I picked up a buffet to turn into a vanity for my powder room and I love the distressed look you achieved with the ASCP. The buffet I picked up does have a bit of an odor to it from sitting abandoned in a smokers garage. Do you think the ASCP would cover the smell? I was planning on painting a coat of Killz primer first. Any recommendations?

    Thanks! Laura

    1. Hi Laura!
      My dresser had a little bit of a smoke odor as well, but it is gone now. I washed it down with a bleach/water mix first and then let it air dry for a while. Then I painted it.
      I didn’t use kilz, but if you did, that would definitely help get rid of the smell.
      Hope that helps!

  26. Just wondering how this has held up? I’m doing just the bottom of my vanity as the top is porcelain. I’m going to wax but wonder if it will hold up to the inevitanpble drips and splashes in a bathroom.

  27. Your vanity looks great! I have purchased a similar piece and want to use ASCP’s graphite. I’ve read several articles about the products, and many say that the AS brushes are not necessary. What are your thoughts? I know you used cheesecloth for the wax, but did you use an AS paintbrush when applying the paint? Thanks!

  28. Hi,

    Your vanity is really nice!!!

    I plan on using a sideboard painted with ASCP as a vanity, however, I am still thinking about it because I don’t want the furniture to become dirty due to water spots. So, I thought I could ask you how did it go for you in 2-3 (?) years?
    Is it a high trafic bathroom? Is there kids using it too?

    Thank you

    1. Love the vanity and planning to do a project of my own. I have the same concerns as Al, how did your vanity hold up with water spots? Did you have to to the poly seal over later?

  29. It’s been a few years how has it held up? I am planning to do a boys bed n wondered with the little hands should I use the minwax wipe on poly? I want to be able to wipe off any dirt and not have to reapply wax anytime after my project is done? Any advice, Thanks

  30. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Robin’s Egg Blue on what I thought was an ugly mirror. After painting it though, it is a gorgeous mirror! And it was so very easy.

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