Quick and Delicious Taco Soup!


Hey friends!  I hope you had a great weekend!

The weather felt very “Fall” here in Kentucky, and I loved it. One of my favorite parts of Fall is making and enjoying delicious soups.

I love all types of soups, and thankfully, so do my boys.

One of their favorites is Taco Soup.


taco soup

I wanted to share with you this very quick and easy recipe.

(My sweet friend, Laqueta, made this for our family years ago, and we have been making it every since!)




1 pound ground beef

1 onion, chopped

1 package ranch-style dressing mix

1 package taco seasoning mix

1 cup water

2 14.5-ounce cans diced tomatoes with green chilies

(I use one can with green chilies and one without because my boys don’t like it too spicy.)

1 15-ounce can pinto beans (I sometimes use kidney beans.)

1 15-ounce can cream-style corn


Brown beef with onions in a medium size soup pot.  Drain excess grease.  Add remaining ingredients and simmer for 20 minutes before serving.

Serve with tortilla chips, shredded cheese, and sour cream.


soup 051

This serves my family of six with plenty left over.  When it thickens over night, it makes a great dip for a pre-game appetizer.  Smile


What is your favorite soup to make in the Fall?

(I’m looking for a great chili recipe.  hint.hint.)



I forgot to announce the winner of the HomeZada giveaway on Saturday!

Congratulations to

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I will email you today, Nancy! Smile

I’ll see you tomorrow with an update on our master bathroom!

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  1. I love taco soup! I live about 30 min from the Mexico border and I just had a friend give me 4 pounds of Mexican chorizo- I’m looking forward to trying chili made with chorizo!

  2. I love this recipe, and have used one similar to it for years. My recipe also calls for white hominy, and I have used the spicy ranch dressing mix to spice it up a little. You can experiment and add different types of beans, etc. Happy fall, y’all!,

  3. Hmmm… sounds tasty. I’ll be adding that to my list of recipes to make… wish I’d see this before I went to the store- just getting ready to make some corn chowder this evening. As for the weather- we are still getting a bit of summer right now in the PNW and I am so ready for Fall! Isn’t is it weird how you just seem ready for the next season just when it’s about to switch?

  4. Yum! we are having soup for supper tonight for the first time this fall. Potato soup – yummy! But I am going to add this taco soup to our menu this month to try! :) I think I might try it with black beans, though – we LOVE black beans :)

  5. Luv taco soup. I add hominy to mine & use mexican corn w/black beans instead of cream. I just made a huge pot of potato tonight…luv fall and all my soup recipes. We eat our chili over rice with cheese sprinkled on. Look for Frito-lay’s seasoning pkg of Chili-O. I add ketsup to mine to make it a little sweet. I’ve tried to duplicate Wendy’s chili–it is so good & WW healthy!! Happy Fall!!

  6. Hi Traci! This is called chili in my neck of the woods. Gonna have to try this with my girls. I suggest that you try Kate Riley’s “chicken and white bean chili” on her blog. It is more of a soup than a chili and I add extra chicken broth sometimes too. Made it yesterday and it is easy! My picky kids LOVE it! Haven’t been commenting much, but I’ve been lurking and working hard to lose weight since Haven. HATED my pictures! 22 lbs so far! Woo Hoo.

  7. I love Taco Soup! Mine is made with black beans as well. It’s a very economical meal, and is so tasty and filling. I made a batch for the guys at work one day and they all requested the recipe so they could get their wives to make it for them at home.
    My favorite soup to make is Corn Chowder

  8. Taco soup is a favorite year round here! I’ve seen lots of variations of this recipe. I use whole kernel corn and hominy in mine and I usually double the ingredients so I can “cook once, eat twice”!!!

  9. Tried your recipe last night. Added Black beans instead of pintos and also added 2 cups of beef broth (via beef bouillon cubes) and it was delicious. I will definitively add it to my list of favorites!

  10. This recipe looks perfect for me to make in my little apartment with my roommate! My mom just made a batch of a very similar chili for Halloween, and now I’ve been on the hunt for a good soup or chili recipe. This looks really unique, as I have never seen ranch dressing seasoning mix used in any soup. When I read this recipe, I immediately thought this recipe may also make a really great as a dip with tortilla chips! Have you ever tried that? Maybe I will try and report back how it goes! Everything tastes better in dip form, as far as I’m concerned :) Thanks for the recipe!

    Salsa Girl

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