Christmas Came Early at Beneath My Heart






Hey Friends!

Remember how I told you that I was decorating a Christmas tree back in the middle of October?

That was definitely a first for this lady!

We usually put our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving.  But I had the fabulous opportunity to partner with Home Depot in their Holiday Style Challenge.


christmas tree 137

So I received a bunch of Christmas goodies in the mail the first week of October, and was able to create a little bit of Christmas cheer in an area of our master bedroom.

christmas tree 132



I will be sharing more projects from this post on my blog in the future.

Have a blessed day!


  1. I think the tree turned out beautiful. If you can see the tree and lights from your bed, I think it would be calming and a treat to enjoy. I love Christmas.

  2. I’m amazed! I always want to decorate early, but my husband insists on making me wait until after Thanksgiving. So guess what I’m doing after all of the guests leave…..I just can’t WAIT!

    I’d love some new ornaments and little pretties. Your post makes me want to go refresh a few sad, tired things I have used for years. Lisa~

  3. Traci,

    Lovely tree. Great job. Back in the 60-70’s owls were popular but I didn’t care for them. This time around I am in love with them. Funny how we change.

    I adore the picture of your little Eli. So cute.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. oh Traci…. love the tree…. and an added bonus….. toooooooooo cute seeing Eli in the reading corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Terri

  5. Just beautiful! I, too, usually do everything after Thanksgiving; but this year, I have out- of-town company plus my two kids from college for Thanksgiving and jury duty the week after Thanksgiving. Not to mention I am working outside the home most everday now. So, I am really jumping the gun this year and putting away all Fall decor and pulling our the Christmas this weekend. I’ll see how it goes! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Traci,
    The tree and owls are so cute and the reading spot is so cozy. I would love to know where you got the chalkboard hanging on the wall. Is it a DIY? It’s just what I’ve been looking for, for a spot in our kitchen. Thanks!

  7. What a lovely tree! I think my favorite ornaments are the owls, too! I was just out at Lowes earlier this week and browsed through their holiday department. They still don’t have it all up, but I am impressed with what they have. Very nice decorations at competitive prices. I didn’t see the owls, but you can be sure I will be making a trip back!

  8. Traci,

    I love your tree and how you framed it with the reading area and the biblical tribute. It was good to see you the other day and I have loved visiting Beneath My Heart and seeing all of your ideas!


  9. oooo…..aahhh…this is lovely!! How did you make the sign in the photo, and did you freehand the lettering or use some kind of stencil? Please share your tips on making it or finding it. I would love to have one like that in my home this year.

  10. Love your owl tree and the reading nook- looks so cozy! I checked out your post over at Home Depot too! So nice when people like you get recognized – have a lovely holiday season with your family-Claire

  11. Pretty tree! Now you get to enjoy it longer. I’ve always dreamed of decking out the entire house in Christmas decor. Kirklands has me thinking about putting up a Christmas picture

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