Inspired You by Miss Mustard Seed {Book Giveaway!}


Happy Election Day!

I want to encourage everyone to get out and vote.

The boys are off from school today, so I will be taking them to the polls with me.  I want them to see the importance of voting.  Go vote!


Today, I wanted I am so thrilled to share with you a wonderful new book from my sweet blog friend, Miss Mustard Seed.

miss mustard seed


Marian and I started our blogs around the same time over three years ago.  I instantly fell in love with her blog and the way she painted furniture.   We cheered each other on during those beginning days of our blogs {and still do}. Smile

miss mustard seed

I have had the honor of watching Marian’s blog explode.  You cannot hide talent like that.  And her transparency and relatable nature makes her blog addictive.  It has been so much fun to watch her blog and her business grow in leaps and bounds.

And now, she has her very own book!!!  That’s is so stinkin’ incredible, and I am sooooo happy for her.


inspired you by miss mustard seed


I have enjoyed snuggling up with her book on the couch and reading the beautifully laid out pages.

Her book is so easy to read and the pictures are breathtaking.

inspired you by miss mustard seed

I love that she shares step by step painting and sewing tutorials.  It will be a great resource for some of my future DIY projects.

inspired you by miss mustard seed

It was fun to read the part of the book about thrifting or treasure hunting.  I’m a yard salin’, Goodwill lovin’ mama, so I could total relate to her passion for thrifting.  But not everyone is like us {ahem…my sister}, so Marian provides a lot of helpful hints on how to find the best deals when shopping secondhand.

Inspired You is published by Thomas Nelson Publications.

Here is a one minute video by Marian about the book.



Now for the giveaway!

TWO blessed Beneath My Heart readers

have a chance to win a copy of

Inspired You by Miss Mustard Seed!



All you have to do is leave a comment!

Good Luck!

This giveaway will end Friday, November 9, 2012 at 9:00 pm EST, and I will announce the winner on Saturday, November 10, 2012.

You must be 18 years or older to participate.


  1. Oh, I would LOVE to win this book. I also have some good ideas of who I could gift this to. :-)

  2. Great minds think alike. I’m giving away a copy of Inspired You today, too, plus some milk paint!

    I love Marian for her talent, transparency and generous spirit. She is gem. :)

  3. I would love to win a copy of her book and then be able to share it with my six daughters! Marian has helped me many a time answering questions going back and forth by email! She is AWESOME!!!

  4. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift for my sister in Ky. She’s always painting something.
    Thanks for the chance!

  5. I’ve followed both of your blogs for quite a while now. You’ve both inspired me to create more. I’d love to win this book and share it with my family!

  6. I just recently found your blog and Miss Mustard Seed and I’m addicted to both of them. I would love to win a copy of her book

  7. I didn’t realize it was a Thomas Nelson book. Now I want it even more…if that’s even possible!

  8. I’d love to enter. I’ve been truly inspired by her blog. So much so I currently have a garage full of furniture in process of refinishing for sale. Thanks

  9. I love both of you, probably my two favorite blogs. I am getting ready to paint a large dresser for the first time to paint furniture. I got the courage to do this from Miss Mustard Seed. Thank you.
    Missy McClendon

  10. I love your blog and MMS’s blog. You both are such an inspiration to me.

    On a side note, my daughter is taking her 8 yr. old, to the polls, with her. He is so excited
    to go with her. I’m proud of both of them for sharing the voting experience together.

  11. I would love to win a copy! She really inspires me and I definitely need help, as painting/decorating is not one of my talents!

  12. I want to win Marian’s book!!! I’ve read both of your blogs from the start and think the both of you are just totally incredible.

    <3 Maggie

  13. I found Miss Mustard Seed a few months ago and enjoy reading her blog. I think her book would be a wonderful addition to my library. Thanks for the give away!

  14. I want all the bloggers books for my coffee table. I love inspirational reading! That’s why I come here every day :) (I promise I’m not kissing up LOL!)

  15. Thank you for continuing to keep “Beneath My Heart” what is really important in life, God, Family and Home!!! When we put God first everything else falls into place!

  16. oh yes pleeease! i’ve been drooling over her blog since i discovered blogs. and it turns out i have a natural passion for what she does and i can’t contain my need for DIY and the simplicity she always shows us. i want, nay, NEED this book for my collection of awesome books! but i do congratulate the one who gets it. yay!

  17. I started reading your blog and Marian’s blog around the same time. You are both so talented. I would love to win Marian’s book!

  18. Love Miss Mustard Seed (and you, too!) and was so excited to see her book in our Christian bookstore on Friday. It looked lovely and encouraging. It’s on my Christmas list. Would be so fun to win!

  19. I would love to see her new book; it looks beautiful just from your post. How exciting for her! Thanks so much for wanting to share it with us.

  20. I watched her tutorials about Milk Paint last night and was so impressed with her “you can do it” approach….I do love her blog! Her book looks beautiful too!

  21. I clued into her blog early on and loved her tutorials. Unfortunately, it takes soooo long for her site to come up on my old computer, that I often give up. This would be great way to avoid that! Hope I win. CTD

  22. I love following these inspirational blogs! No blog of my own…maybe someday. Miss Mustardseed was one of the first blogs I looked at. I very much like her projects and tutorials. I’d love to win the book.

  23. Traci – Thanks so much for the opportunity – Would love to have her book! I found both of your blogs about the same time. 2 of may very best favorites. (don’t cringe at the poor use of English LOL)

  24. Traci,

    First thanks for the opportunity to win Miss Mustard Seeds book. Would love it, love her. Of course your my very favorite blogger….Love your attitude, your faith and your love of family and all things DIY.

    Thanks for letting me join in reading your blog!

  25. I would love to win this book – it looks so interesting and I enjoy her blog, so I’m sure the book is delightful!

  26. I would live to win a copy of her book. I had a chance to thumb through it the other day. It is so beautifully done. Her pictures are lovely throughout the book.

  27. I would love a chance at the free copy…would be a great book to read during the upcoming winter months!

  28. Inspired You looks so irresistible, if I don’t win it, I might put it on my Christmas list!

  29. Hi Traci, Thanks for the giveaway! I already have Miss Mustard Seed’s book but would love to have another to give as a gift. Her book is fabulous!

  30. I have started a little redoing myself…all self taught, I would love to win this book so I can get great ideas on what to do with my projects!

  31. I am always inspired by those who can take something most of us would pass by and make it beautiful. Would love this book

  32. Wow! It is thrilling to see the number of DIY books on the market! A great adventure to learn and explore! Congrats!

  33. Would love to win this book and add it to my collection of decorating books. Thanks for giving me the chance!

  34. I LOVE Miss Mustard Seed – her style and her helpful hints but especially her spirit of encouragement to others, and I would LOVE to have a copy of her book!.

  35. I love this blog and would love input regarding sidewalks. Anything in the book regarding outdoor living spaces? My house is an 1958′ original (fixer). I am widow – lost my husband of 34 years in 2010 – so I am doing this solo. I want to expand my front porch (I’m a porch sitter) – just a bit overwhelmed with ideas. Also want to tear out the kitchen – remove a wall – put up cabinets in my laundry room so my detergent is no longer sitting on the floor. Figure out how to kill the darn Brazilian pepper tree roots that I keep finding… list could go on. I figure my husband brought me to this house since I love HGTV and DIY and the projects would keep my busy while I dealing with his death – a blessing in disguise. My realtor thought I was crazy – I figure we are all just a bit crazy anyway.

  36. This book sounds like something right up my alley!!! My daughter is redoing an old homestead and I am sure there are all kinds of ideas that would help her out.

  37. I would absolutely love to win a copy of this book! I would read it cover to cover and then pass it on to my daughter and friends. I love to do that and have everyone sign and date it on the inside front cover! Really neat! Thank you for your time and consideration!

  38. I have been a “thrifter” for 30 years but can always use new ideas. Sounds like a delightful book and it would be welcome in my home. Thank you for the opportunity to win the give-away.

  39. Oh, pick me, pick me!!! I love her blog and have just discovered ASCP and could use some help and inspiration!!!

  40. I have been following her blog for awhile now, too. She is great, wish I could make it to that Luckett’s store she displays and sells her pieces in, it sounds wonderful!

  41. I have a house full of furniture I would love to add character too. Her book would lead me thru the process!

  42. I would soooo love to win her lovely book! Finances are tight right now and and this would be such an inspiration and encouragement!

  43. What a fantastic review and blog…so personal and well done! I love Miss Mustard Seed, too, and would not only be honored to learn from her, but I would love to implement some of her tips and design inspiration into my home and decor blog! I also love that you have dedicated “Beneath My Heart” to your mom…what a great tribute!

  44. I would love to win a copy of this book. I have been a fan of Miss Mustard Seed for a while now.

  45. I’m new to your blog (today), and would love to win Marian’s book. I have been following her blog since the summer and have just gotten into painting furniture and painting other things too.
    I’m a DIY grandmother and love to plan out my yard sale routes. P.S. I’m also a school bus driver and have been known to call my husband and ask him to pick up discarded items I have noticed while doing a route!

  46. I’ve been following Miss Mustard Seed fir some time & have delighted with her on many levels, having been a pastor’s wife & avid home decorator in a budget myself. Am excited about her book. Any friend & collegue of hers has my interest. Keep up the blogging. :-)

  47. I have been following both you and Miss Mustard Seed for the last year. I am so inspired by both of you. I would love to win Marian’s book.

    I have been contemplateling buying it. Winning it would be the best.

  48. I’m a huge fan of Marian’s and would love to have this book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. What a great way to introduce my 20 year old daughter to one of my favorite past times…..Miss Mustard Seed has inspired her to tap into her tremendous talent… nice to know that you were there at the beginning and encouraged her to pursue her talent and dream!!

  50. My niece and I love Miss Mustard Seed! I am loving to have an opportunity to win this book! I so need personal and decorating inspiration. Thanks for the opportunity!

  51. I love how humble Marian is. I think it’s some of the reason so many people are drawn to her. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she is extremely talented in all things home decor and crafty. Congrats to my fellow Pennsylvanian on her much deserved success.

  52. Hi Traci! I do believe that Marian’s blog was one of the first ones I started to follow when I began my blogging adventure. Love how inspiring she is and her painting tutorials are the best ever! She has such a giving spirit and I love that she’s a fellow sister-in-Christ. ♥ I would love to win her beautiful new book!

    Thank you for this thoughtful giveaway!

    xoxo laurie

  53. Oh. Yes please. The book would look amazing on my coffee table. I love MISS MUSTARD SEED!

  54. I have been a follower of Miss Mustard Seed for a long time and would cherish a copy of her book.

  55. I just started blogging in September and am so inspired by Miss Mustard Seed’s turn as an author! Yay blogging! What fun this is. Thanks for all you do, Traci!

  56. Hello, Traci, Love! I feel as if I’ve already won the prize today ~ what tiny steps had to be taken for me to find YOU and your website?! Started out the day on Facebook, encouraging my former students to VOTE (some for the first time), and somehow, many conversations later, landed here. So, hurray! I, too, love Marian and am so proud of her road to success. A copy of her book would be the sweetest ending to this week. But then, meeting you and hearing your stories just might be reason enough for today’s wandering path. Blue ribbon, either way!
    XoXo Love & Blessings, Terrie from Atlanta
    P.S. Can’t help wondering what kinda chow that table full of handsome men will be eating for dinner tonight . . . I might do “Jammie’s & Breakfast for Supper.” :o)

  57. How wonderful that Miss Mustard Seed has her own book. I’ve followed her blog from the very beginning, when I started blogging. What is funny, both you and her were one of the first people to leave me a comment on my blog. I was elated to actually know that someone had read my blog. Thanks for offering the give away, I’d love to have her book. You both have such talent and share it so generously with the world :) Love your blog and read it every day, even though I haven’t commented for a while, I ‘m still following. Have a great day!

  58. Her book looks beautiful and full of inspiration just like both of your blogs. Thank you fr the give away.

  59. Thank you for the chance to win what looks to be a truly inspirational and beautiful book!

  60. I love reading and keeping up with both of your blogs and you provide me with much inspiration! God bless you both!

  61. I’ve been following Marian’s blog for a while now…always checking in on her latest creative project. I’ve emailed her several times asking her questions about paint and she always takes the time to answer back! How she does it all…and take care of her family…I have no idea. She seems unstoppable. Couldn’t be happier for her with her new book!

  62. Oh, thank you for this great opportunity! I love your blog and Miss Mustard Seed, too! Right up my alley! Many blessings!

  63. Hey Traci, since you are the first blogger I ever followed( because I couldn’t believe I found a Christian design blog!) and in turn you led me to Miss Mustard Seed,where I am trying to learn to make a slipcover, I would love to have a copy of Marian’s book. You both are giving me courage to try things I would never have before. God bless you both!

  64. I would absolutely love to win a copy of this book. I think Miss Mustard Seed is such an inspiration. I love her blog and I love your blog as well.

  65. I would love to win Traci…enjoy both of your blogs when I have time to read them! Just maybe I’ll win if not your blogs are sweet enoug :O

  66. Wow! Look at all these comments! This is great and I would love love love to have this book! Wish I could win it but if not…maybe a Christmas present idea! :)

  67. I would love to win this Miss Mustard Seed’s book. Your blog and her blog are two of my three favourite blogs!

  68. I can’t wait to receive her blog message in my email each day. I so hope to win her book. Put my name in “coach.”


  69. I think she has such a fun and inspiring blog to read and I love her furniture makeovers as well as her holiday decor. I would be so excited to win this book. Thank you!!

  70. I love Marian and her wonderful blog. I have really been inspired by the decorating techniques she shares. I hope one day I will be able to visit Luckett’s store and see her work in person.

  71. I’d love to win this book. Or get this for Christmas!! I’m entering this new phase of life where most spaces are kind of pretty much done but there are those spaces I’d like to see a younger person’s version of inspiration! Hope to win and best to sales of the book

  72. What a beautiful looking book! Seems like it could be just the thing for me at the moment…providing inspiration and creative ideas to use thrift items & spruce up whatcha got. HELP!!! ;0)

  73. I would love to win a copy of Miss Mustard Seed’s book! Have you ever thought of writing a book?

  74. It would be awesome to win this. I love her stuff and hope to go to a class she is teaching in my area later this month.

  75. You both are two of my favorite bloggers so I’m thrilled you’re friends! I’d love to have a copy of the book! Marian is amazing! Have you thought about writing a book? I bet it old be wonderful as well!

  76. I admire both of you ladies, and enjoy your blogs and videos. I would love to win a copy of Marian’s new book. Thank you for a chance.

  77. You are both incredible, talented and God loving women. It has been a blessing to find encouragement through all your hard work and incredible talent. I am so excited to read Marian’s book and would love to meet you both someday. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family, home and talents with all of us.

  78. I would LOVE to win this book!! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Marian’s blog for the past two years and have learned a lot from her, not only in painting, but in pursuing dreams. Great giveaway!

  79. Whether I win the drawing or not, I think I have to get that book! It looks fabulous and right up my interest alley. Thanks for sharing this info. Any thought to a book of your own?

  80. I am new to both your blog and Miss Mustard Seed’s but am enjoying both very much. I would love to have her book.

  81. Awh….some! Yeah, it would take some serious mountain-moving in my home to make it look as awesome as the pics in her book! ;-) What a treat and how sweet for you to have the give-away!

  82. This is a great giveaway. I have been looking forward to Miss Mustard Seed’s book and would love to win one. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  83. I adore both of your blogs! Read them daily! Would love to win Miss Mustard Seeds book! Im certain its AWESOME!

  84. I would be honored to receive a copy of the book. We recently built a new home and I am looking forward to the thrills of the holidays and seasons over years to come. This book would be an inspiration and much needed guidance. Love your blog and appreciate the time you take to share and inspire. -Kellie

  85. I would be absolutely thrilled to receive a copy of Miss Mustard Seed’s book! I’ve long been a fan of her blog and have been anxiously awaiting the release of this book. I have learned so much from both of your blogs and appreciate all the inspiration!

  86. What a beautiful book to curl up with – along with a cuppa tea! Thanks for the chance to win.

  87. Marian has such great style – just like you! I would love to win her book. I am glad she has taken a spiritual spin to her book.

  88. About a year ago I really fell in love with both Miss Mustard Seed’s blog and Yours! They are truly inspiring!! I love that you can spend very little and with a little elbow grease and a sewing machine you can make a house a home! Still working on mine!
    The book looks beautiful!!

  89. Your email and blog are loading really slowly for me both yesterday and today. It lost my comment yesterday. Would love to win the book and so like your blog. You and Cy are amazing.

  90. Oh, this book looks wonderful! I loved reading how you two cheer each other on with your blogging. As a beginner myself I know how much a little encouragement means. Thanks for sharing this giveaway opportunity.

  91. Oh, oh, oh! Pick me, pick me! Love you bloggers! :)
    Full disclosure – I am located in Canada – not sure if that knocks me out of contention or not….

  92. Oh, I have been so inspired by you and MIss Mustard Seed. I would love to win this! What a wonderful giveaway.

  93. I would love to win this book. I follow Miss Mustard Seed and Beneath my Heart blogs and love all the wonderful photos and truely amazing ideas that you present

  94. Wow! I have three friends who have written books just this year! I would love to add another to my collection! And, may I introduce you to my friend, Heather Nestleroad, and her book, God Has Better Things To Do Than My Laundry. It is available online at Amazon and as a Kindle download as well. Thanksgiving blessings to you for your wonderful blog! ♥

  95. I read the reviews for this on Amazon and it sounds like a fantastic book!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  96. I thoroughly enjoy MMS! This is on my birthday list of wants, but would be extra special to win!
    Thanks for the chance!

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