Fun with the In-Laws!



The Friday after Christmas, my husband’s side of the family came up for a visit.  I was SOOO excited for them to come up because we do not get to see them very often.

My boys were so excited because it meant that they were going to be able to spend time with their cousins from Georgia!  Have I ever told you that there are only grandsons on my husband’s side of the family?  Look at these handsome dudes this past summer…


These boys have a ton of fun together!


Cy has two gorgeous older sisters, Ida and Sarah.

Here is a picture of Cy’s Dad, Tim {Sarah’s Husband}, and Cy.  These three are a HOOT when they are together!

Thanksgiving 2011 045

Tim is the ultimate story teller!  I am telling you that he makes me pee my pants when he tells a story. When we all get together, we laugh A LOT!

Here is a picture of my beautiful mother and father in law, Pop and Grammaw.


So as you can see, I married into a wonderful and beautiful family.  Smile


Here are a few pictures from our time together for the holidays.

My boys had some basketball games, so their cousins came and cheered them on.

popcorn 013

Coleman was sweet enough to share his slushy with Eli.

popcorn 015


Sarah and Tim brought an RV to stay in. That thing was awesome! They were able to park it in our back yard before the snow.

It felt so Christmas-ey when the snow arrived, and boy were the Georgia boys excited!

popcorn 023

Who am I kiddin’!  My Kentucky boys were pretty stoked too!  It was our first significant snow fall.

popcorn 017

They had some pretty good snowball fights…popcorn 018

I stood by the window and watched.  It was way too cold outside for me!

popcorn 021

Eli got to rollin’ a snowball for a snowman.

Ky Snow 001

Do you spot our dog in the picture below?

Ky Snow 002

With help from all the cousins, plus Pop and Grammaw, they built a fine snowman.

Ky Snow 006

Such great memories!!!

popcorn 039


The boys warmed up in the “man cave” with some pizza.  This is where they hung out the most.

popcorn 079We have turned Jonathan and Luke’s old room into a playroom for the boys. I’m not finished decorating it, but I am loving the extra space!

There is a tv in the room for their videos and movies.

popcorn 080

Here’s Adam with his older cousin, Casey.

popcorn 083

We opened presents together the last night, and we laughed a lot!  I love to hear Cy’s family laugh!  They laugh loud and hard…So much fun! Smile

Adam got a football from Pop and Grammaw and loved it!

popcorn 086

Sarah taught me how to make her delicious caramel popcorn.  YUM!!

popcorn 071

It was such a blessed time together, and we hated to see them leave.  It took a while to get the RV unstuck in the back yard, but that is a whole other story. Smile


popcorn 090

We were so thankful for the time to be together.  So many wonderful memories were made, and I cannot wait until we can all get together again!


  1. Awesome! I’m from Georgia too and had mostly boy cousins. Those boys are going to be breaking some hearts someday. Can’t wait to try the caramel popcorn recipe. Printed that the day youmposted about it. I love the outdoor space your family has.

  2. YOU are so cute as is the rest of your family! Love that you appreciate the simple things, such as you in-law’s laughs! LOL I always look forward to your posts, which emphasis what’s really important! (You and Sarah look like sisters!)

  3. Traci,
    I’m so glad you all had time together, to bad they don’t live closer. Your boys would have a good old time playing together. Nice family pictures and great memories.

    God Bless

  4. What fun! This Christmas was the first time in six years that my husband’s family was able to all get together-2 parents, 9 children, 9 son/daughter in laws and 35 grandchildren…plus 1 granddaughter in law and one great grandchild. 57 people for Christmas!!

    Your “significant snowfall” made me giggle. I’ve been trying to talk my husband into moving someplace a bit milder than Minnesota for a few years. If that is a lot of snow, add Kentucky to my list!!

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