The Vintage Pearl Giveaway {two $50 Gift Certificates!}


I am so thrilled to be hosting a giveaway with The Vintage Pearl today!


I have not had a jewelry giveaway on my blog in a loooong time, and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this is the perfect time!

When I started blogging four years ago, I fell in love with the jewelry from The Vintage Pearl.



How could I not?  There are a ton of beautiful stamped or engraved jewelry stores online, but to me, Erin from The Vintage Pearl, takes it to another level.

Her designs are so elegant and timeless.

hand stamped jewelry

I have many friends and relatives that have purchased jewelry from The Vintage Pearl and absolutely LOVE IT!

Are you excited about your chance to win

a $50 Gift Certificate

to The Vintage Pearl?!!!


Two lucky Beneath My Heart

readers are gonna win!


There are several ways to enter through Rafflecopter below. 




a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. OMG – I love everything…but my heart tells me the silver snowflake ornament! Thanks for the fun chance!

  2. I have had a custom piece of jewelry from Vintage Pearl on my wishlist for a while now. It would been great to win, but oh-so-hard to choose.

  3. Love them all but have really wanted something with my kids names on it for a long time! So anything that would allow me to inscribe 4 names!

  4. Love this stuff. My BFF is getting ready to hae a birthday and something from here would make an awesome gift.

  5. There’s so many awesome choices. I love the simple bow necklace. But I have a couple of things in mind for my mom. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Thank you for this great giveaway! I have one necklace from the vintage pearl already. It would be tempting to get another for myself, but I would probably pick something for my mother.

  7. I would have a necklace made for my mom with all her kids’ initials stamped. I bet she would get a lot of questions on how to pronounce AJLRRRC! :-)

  8. Love their jewelry! I’ve got a few items from them on my wishlist – maybe I’ll get lucky enough to just buy them for myself!

  9. I have a cherished piece from The Vintage Pearl and love it to bits! I’d love to add another piece to my collection, absolutely! What to choose? Maybe a personalized piece with the names of my dogs! Yes, dogs!

  10. I have wanted to order a piece for awhile now but haven’t. I would probably buy a piece for one of my daughters for Valentines Day. Thanks

  11. Awesome giveaway. I’m hoping to get something with both of my kids initials/birthstones on it after I deliver! :)

  12. That is such a hard decision! I already have a mother’s charm necklace, so I think I would go for a inspiration word necklace….with the words “choose happiness” on it.

  13. Something with my kids’ names on it would be so special…..but it’s all just beautiful…would be hard to choose. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I have wanted one of these types of necklaces with my kids’ names for a loooooong time! I would love the simple love with a copper heart or the aqua stone with names.

  15. I have two of the Vintage Pearl pieces and I LOVE them both! I have a square charm with my granddaughter’s name on it and a rectangular charm for my “soon to be born” grandson! I LOVE all of their jewelry and would love to add a bracelet to my collection!

  16. I would get the gold dainty drops necklace for my 9 year old daughter. She is in that phase where she is not a baby girl and not a big girl (well in my eyes she is my little girl still) and she loves all of mommies jewelry. This would be a perfect addition to her small collection of not fake pearl and gold necklaces.

  17. I love the 2 hearts with the pearl. I would be using the gift certificate for a new mom and her first baby girl….sweetness!

  18. I would absolutely have to have the owl necklace in the vintage collection. It’s adorable and I am totally hooked on owls right now.

  19. What gorgeous jewelry! The necklace with the turquoise bird is my favorite. Thank you for offering the giveaway!

  20. I love the bottom center pendant, the one with two initialed hearts with the pearl in the center…so pretty! :)

  21. Is it terrible to say I would spend it on myself? “)

    Or my twin sister who would LOVE it!

    Thanks for the chance!

  22. My favorite piece is the necklace with the names and birthstones on it I would win for a gift for my best friend.

  23. I would love the necklace with the blue bird on it((: or could give one to my daughter with her daughter’s initial on it((: Thanks for the offer!

  24. I would use the certificate to pick out something for my Mom. Our dad just passed away and there are some lovely pieces that would serve as a reminder of him.

  25. I have purchased two necklaces for each of my daughters with their kids names on them. I would love to have a charm necklace for myself with each of my grandchilldren’s names on a separate charm.

  26. It is hard to choose but I would get the personalized one with the birthstones for my best friend. You just can’t beat buying personalized gifts for those you love.

  27. The Wishing Star and the pearl nest ring are lovely, but all the jewelry and ornaments are so nice! These will make fine gifts! Mary Beth

  28. I love so many of the pieces that it was hard to choose! I really like the wrap ring though. I would get my boys names and mine and my husbands names on it. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  29. I love the two little hearts with the pearl. So delicate and would be great for the two initials of my “babies”! Gorgeous stuff!

  30. I love all of the beautiful jewelry. I would buy something for my mother or my sister. By the way I have followed this Blog and love it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. It would be so hard to decide! I love so many of their designs! I am always on the lookout for a unique gift for my mother-in-law, so she’d probably be the recipient.

  32. I wear a pair of pearl stud earrings just about every day. A lovely pearl necklace would go well with them. I like “Circle of Love” or “Carefree”.

  33. The Vintage Pearl is a gem I found about a year ago. My husband ordered me the eclectic bracelet for Valentine’s Day and from then on I was hooked. If I won a certificate, I would return the favor and order something for my husband. He is thoughtful and loving, which he proved by listening to me when I mentioned how I found this great website with incredible creations. Wearing their jewelry makes me feel as if I am carrying my family around with me – especially since we are all in different directions due to work and college. I would so enjoy returning the favor and surprising my husband with something totally unexpected from the place he originally chose to life my spirits causing me to cry upon opening the package and watching him place it upon my wrist. I simply love it. <3

  34. I would use the giftcard to purchase something for my mom. The peas in the pod would be sweet as a reminder of her grandchildren she has in heaven, she has 19 here on earth. The pieces are lovely and I will be ordering for Mother’s Day.

  35. I’ve looked at this type jewelry several places. Would love to win!! I would want something with my sons initials. I really like the necklace that looks like old letter seals.

  36. I would cherish any piece that would have my little ones name on it. I bought one for my mom with their names last Christmas after you featured the website her.

  37. Thank you for introducing me to The Vintage Pearl! There’s so much that I love–but I adore the circle of love for my sister-in-law and for myself the coordinates of your heart necklace.

  38. Love the Vintage Pearl, I’ve drooled over many many pieces. Would love to win!! Thanks for the opportunity

  39. I bought my daughter a necklace from the Vintage Pearl a couple of years ago. It was well made and lovely! I’d love to have a necklace with my grand kids names on it!

  40. I would love to get something for my new friend who has two children and is a wife of a youth pastor. They don’t have much money and every time our kids hang out she comments on how beautiful my vintage pearl necklace is!

  41. This is a hard decision to make! I think I’m going to go with “a word of inspiration” necklace or “dainty layered hearts” necklace.

  42. So hard to decide, probably the hand stamped bracelet with my children’s names stamped on them. Lovely!

  43. Beautiful jewelry. It would be a tough choice, but I think I would go with the Dainty Drops necklace and include my children’s names, Erin and Bobby. Either that, or something for my 15 year old Erin….who has had a tough time lately. She loves jewelry, especially something with meaning. Thanks for this opportunity! Happy New Year to all :)

  44. Hi Traci! I would love to gift this to my Mom as Friday is her 82nd Birthday, and I think she would love a family styled piece! Thanks for the opportunity!

  45. I love TVP, I have one of their pieces but would love another! The coordinates of my heart would be my next one. :)

  46. I love the lowercase initial necklace. I’d get one with two “j”s for my boys, jackson & jacob!

  47. I would love to get my hands on this giveaway! broke college girls are always looking for a good giveaway ;) but I really wanna get something for my best friend she has been such a great example of a woman of God for me and I would love to get her a little something!

  48. Oooh…You are my sunshine…we sing this and it takes us to our silly happy place!
    The necklace would be such a sweet token…

  49. I have always wanted one with my girls name on it. I also love the inspirational ones. It would be hard, but fun to choose.

  50. I would love to gift my daughter with one of the necklaces (all so sweet) to celebrate her first teaching position.

    1. Oops! Forgot to add that I would love to spend this certificate on my two lovely girls if I was lucky enough to win. They are such girly-girls and would love just about everything Vintage Pearl has.

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