Our Love Story: Worth the Wait


Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!


I hope you heart is not only filled with the love of family and friends, or that special someone today, but also with the love of God.




His love is truly all we need.  Amazing Grace.  Amazing Love.




Two years ago, I shared my love story with you, and I wanted to share it again today.   Click on each link below.  Smile



{Part 1}

{Part 2}

{Part 3}


  1. Just read through all 3 parts. This is a precious story! I love the penny jar and poem – how sweet! And the fact that your Mom asked if he was the one after the first date. haha! Go Momma! ;) Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all 5 of your men!!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too! I just read through your story. I prayed a lot for my husband, too, and wrote about him in my journal even before we met. You guys are good lookin’ now and you were good lookin’ back then, too :) I love those wedding pictures.

  3. Your blog is so special to me. Your encouraging words and real life stories are wonderful to read about. I love the Lord and I am always thankful to find other sisters in the faith! I really enjoyed your love story! So inspiring for those who may feel forgotten. God loves you and has someone in mind for you!! What wonderful words to hear especially if you are alone or feel alone on Valentines Day. Well thank you for writing!! Happy Valentines Day!

  4. The more I learn about your wonderful family, the more I love all of you. What a great role model you are, Traci. So many young girls ruin their lives by not “waiting”.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all your men.

  5. Traci,
    Thank you so much for sharing your love story. Even tho I am not young (60), I have been a single mom of 7 for almost 16 yrs, I have been praying for a Godly husband (my children’s father was a Christian who left with his girlfriend when our youngest was 4). And its been just like you described; lonely, crying, what’s wrong with me? etc. I gave it to Him about 2 yrs ago and have peace but sometimes its still hard. It was so encouraging to read your story. Thank you!
    Blessings, Lynn

  6. Thank you for posting this again. I am fairly new to your blog and I love, love, love your love story. My favorite part is that you wrote in a journal your thoughts and feelings to your future husband long before you knew who that would be. This is a beautiful way to remind oneself why you are waiting and saving yourself for the right man. I can’t imagine a more precious wedding gift to give your husband than that. I have a precious grand daughter who loves Jesus with all her heart. I am going to share your story with her along with a gift of a journal suggesting she might like to also keep a special journal.

  7. HI Traci, I love your love story…..in fact I enjoy reading your blog everyday,
    thank you for sharing your life with us readers in the way you do……I got teary eye with the penny jar poem…..

  8. That was so precious! I lead a small girls group of young single women and I will be sure to share this with them!

    May God richly bless those boys of yours with future brides that are like their mama!

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