DIY Thank You Cards {with Sketch Pens}



Ooooh, I have a new “toy” to share with you today!  That’s what I call it.  A toy.

Why?  Because it is so much fun to play with!

I LOVE my Silhouette Cameo, but until yesterday all I ever used it for was cutting out vinyls.

So I was estatic to see that my Silhouette can do so much more!!!  I had no idea that I could create my own drawings with Silhouette Sketch Pens.

silhouette sketch pens


These cute little sketch pens come in a rainbow of colors…


To use, simply take out the blade and replace it with a pen.  I used the black pen for my project.

silhouette 001

When that little pen started writing on my cardstock paper, I gasped out loud.  Seriously!  I was so excited to see that little thing work.  I was like a kid in a candy store!

silhouette 002


I wanted to make some thank you cards, so I wrote out the words in my Silhouette Studio and added the little scrolly-heart thing from the Silhouette online store.

I used that one .99 cent scrolly-heart to create 4 different designs.  All I had to do was right click on the image and select “ungroup,” which allowed me to use all the different parts of that one scrolly-heart image.

silhouette 004

Next, I just cut them apart and glued them to different colors of cardstock paper.

Now I have some thank you cards to use!


silhouette 047


It was so easy to make, and I love that I can create my own unique designs.

silhouette 049

I’m hoping to get a lot more creative with my sketch pens in the future.  But for my first project, I think I did pretty good. Smile



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  1. Very pretty cards! I have also used the sketch pens to create sentiments for cards versus using a rubber/clear stamp. I love my Silhouette Cameo!

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