I’m Still Here!!!


Oh, good-giggly-wiggly!

Y’all my site has been down all week!!!!

I have been frustrated beyond belief!

It has been a blogging nightmare.

Look at my Google Analytic stats!



If you are a blogger, you know that this sight makes you weak in the knees and makes you loose your lunch.

My pageviews have plummeted. {big gulp} So if you are bored and having nothing else to do, feel free to click away around my site.  {wink}  Maybe visit my gallery pages? Smile Hopefully, my pageviews will get back to normal soon.


My wonderful tech guy, Tony, has done a great job moving me over to a new, BIGGER server.  So hopefully {fingers crossed} this will never happen again!



I will try to be back soon with another post.


Today, I am in Daffenville at the Ky Opry!

ky opry 003

Jonathan is competing in the talent search again this year.  I’ll be sure to share his song with you soon.


Oh, it feels good to be 

back in the blogworld!


I missed you guys terribly!!!



  1. Oh, I missed you! I was sick that I might have a problem at my end. Good luck to Jonathan this weekend. Good to have you back Traci!

  2. So glad you are back!
    I hope all is well after your unexpected news.
    Good luck to Jonathan this weekend.

  3. Glad you are back. I wasn’t too worried. I figured it was something like your server had gotten too small for you. Just like Rhoda a bit ago. This is all really a good sign that your viewership is growing and your server is having growing pains because of it. Stay calm and blog on! ;-)

  4. Soooo glad you’re back! You can count on me to help get your stats back up! You are THE ONE blogger I can always count on —- I come here daily for ideas and inspiration! Welcome back and good luck to Jonathan!

  5. I was wondering what the heck was wrong with you site. At first I thought it was my computer but then realized you must have been blown up! Tony moved me a couple weeks ago too, no more shared server :) Glad your site is back alive! :)

  6. Girl, those numbers will be back good and strong in no time. Have a great time at the opry….looking forward to following along with the competition again this year. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! xo

  7. Oh wow – so glad to finally be able to visit your page again!! I am going to click and pin stuff for a while and hope that helps but, at the end of the day… your site and inspiring posts are so much more than Google Analytics so son’t sweat it! Have a great week! :) Claire

  8. Ugh! So frustrating! Prayed for you when I saw things weren’t getting back to normal as quickly as you’d hoped. Hope it’s smooth sailing from here on out. :)

  9. I will be happy to help your stats get back up. I’ll spend some time clicking away! I like rereading your posts! Hope it helps!

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