Spring Break fun!


I hope you guys had a great weekend!

Cy and I took the boys to the Louisville Zoo over the weekend since it was the last few days of their spring break.

We love going to the zoo.  Especially Luke, my budding herpetologist!

kitchen-trip 070

We were able to get a really good deal on our hotel using Hotwire.com.  (This is not an advertisement for Hotwire, by the way.)

We stayed at the Galt House which is right by the river in Louisville.

kitchen-trip 034

The view is spectacular!


Eli started mapping out our route for the next day.  Smile

kitchen-trip 041

We snuggled in our beds and watched tv.

kitchen-trip 044

Nothing better than a McDonald’s breakfast to start off the morning!

kitchen-trip 046


The boys were so excited to get to the zoo.  Of course, we had to go see the reptiles first!

kitchen-trip 047

I was excited to get some uninterrupted time with my honey.  He has been working so hard since he started his own business, and it was great to see him relax. Smile

kitchen-trip 053


Jonathan was our tour guide for the day.  He is SUCH the first born!  And as you can tell from the picture, Eli is SUCH the last born. Smile


kitchen-trip 064


I spent most of the day telling the boys to walk on the sidewalks.kitchen-trip 066

Why do boys have to climb on everything?!

kitchen-trip 069

I wanted to get a picture of all the boys with this bear, but Jonathan opted out.  Luke didn’t look to thrilled with the idea either.

kitchen-trip 085


I always seem to want to get pictures of the four of them together.  They are just the perfect little stair steps.

kitchen-trip 076

My heart melts in moments like these!

kitchen-trip 092


The buttercups were in full bloom and everywhere!  I made the boys let me take a picture of them in them in the buttercups since they were my mom’s favorite flower.

kitchen-trip 090

We watched a 4D movie that was hilarious!  One of the best parts of the day!

kitchen-trip 095

We got back to our hotel around 3:00, and we all took naps.  I woke up to see this precious face.  Oh my!  I want to always treasure these moments!  Nothing like a shirtless, sweaty haired, red faced little boy!

kitchen-trip 099

We started down to 4th street to eat at the Hard Rock Café, but Louisville was playing in the NCAA Final Four at that time, and the place was CRAZY!

So we decided to grab a sub sandwich, and then take a walk down by the river.

kitchen-trip 102

There were some great stone steps that I took some more pictures of the boys on.

kitchen-trip 106

They are growing up so quickly!

kitchen-trip 121

This next picture paints a truer picture of my boys…

kitchen-trip 108

What would this mama do without them?!

kitchen-trip 111


Saturday night, we went back to the hotel and watched some more tv together and just enjoyed being able to relax and do nothing.  No dishes, no laundry, no blog. Smile


We headed back home on Sunday.  The boys missed their chicks, and were happy to see they were doing fine.

phone 020


So that’s what we were up to this weekend!


What did you do?


  1. Odd question: When y’all stay at a hotel, how do you all sleep? All in one room? There are 5 of us and as the kids have grown, we’ve had a hard time figuring out how everyone sleeps in one hotel room. Thanks!

  2. Hi Traci,
    I just had to come by and leave a comment. I lived in central Illinois until I was 14.
    My family would often spend Easter or sometime during spring break in St. Louis.
    I have such fond memories.
    Love how your boys have grown, amazing!!

  3. What a wonderful weekend for your family! This past weekend, my son turned 9, so we spent a lot of time on birthday festivities. Love all the pictures of your boys; they are such handsome young men!

  4. Looks like you had a GREAT time. I have two sisters and two brothers and I remember when we were young going to the San Diego Zoo and spending the night in a hotel as one of the best times ever.
    My Mom, daughter and I are going to Memphis (my Mom has always wanted to go to Graceland) and Nashville the end of May. Any chance Jonathan will be performing at the Grand Ole Opery June 1st or 2nd? Any “must see” things we need to do?

  5. Hi Traci! Thx for sharing! I had to laugh… at your comment of why boys have to climb. We only have one son, and yes, he climbs everywhere… he is all-boy :) so precious. Love pics of your family. Good for Cy on starting his own business…. all the best to him! What is he doing now?
    Our spring break was quiet…. stayed home, but trips to Ruckers, library, and lots of outside fun and walks and bikerides. Have a fab. week Traci!

  6. Traci – Such precious photos of all of your boys – including the big one! LOL Glad you had a great trip. Times like that are the things those boys will remember later in life. They certainly are growing up fast.


  7. Looks like you all had such a wonderful weekend! Sure makes me miss the days when my daughter was young and all of our wonderful family vacations together. Savor every moment because they grow up SO fast.

  8. Traci – Those boys are just so adorable and OH MY THAT ELI!!!! Aw put a book on their heads so they won’t grow up too fast! Glad you all had a great time.


    Marilyn C.

  9. Great pictures and looks like a lot of fun!

    Interesting, we call those flowers Daffodils here! I always find regional terminology interesting!

  10. Traci– How did you get in the zoo? I live in Louisville and we tried to take our grandson on Saturday and the place was full!! Had to promise the little squirt a rain check. Glad you got in after driving down. Glad you enjoyed our little city. I love it!

  11. Loved all the pics Traci! I have 3 kids, two of which are boys. They started climbing up on my countertops when they were 2 years old!!! They just turned 15 last month ( yes they are twins). They still like to climb and wrestle with each other or their dad. My daughter and I get a kick out of how physical they all are…. So funny :) thx for sharing. Have a blessed week

  12. Really enjoyed the pictures and watching how fast the boys are growing. And your mini vacation brought back old memories. We went camping every chance we could, those were the days I wouldn’t give up for anything.

    This weekend we got a different car. Our old one is really sick and should go to the hospital.
    It was costing too much to keep it and I was tired of not going anywhere and now we can travel.

  13. Wait… so Daffodils and Buttercups are one in the same? How did I NOT know this?! LOL!
    I LOVE going to the Zoo. We are fortunate to have 2 decent ones in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Zoos are the one thing we always try to hit when on vacation or traveling. I get to hit up the Omaha and KC zoo this summer.

  14. I know of a very small flower that we grew up calling a buttercup. We would hold it under someone’s chin and say some rhyme about, “buttercup, buttercup, by your chin. If you’re in love, you will grin.” It was smaller than a pansy with tender shiny petals. Yep, we call the flower in the pics daffodils too. Grma grew TONS of them on the south side of her house! So I LOVE LOVE LOVE daffodils and how they remind me of Grma.

    Hey, I have a 5-year-old girl that will climb with the best of the boys! It may be more predominant in the male gender, but she keeps me on my toes. I am waiting for the day her adventurous spirit takes us to the ER!

    Great to see you all having a relaxing time!

  15. I love how you find such joy in the small stuff! My dad was visiting and my 9 yr old son gave up his bed so he was bunking with us. So sweet to watch them sleep. I laughed when I saw your baby! Too cute! It’s great that they enjoy being out away from technology!

  16. Yay! Looks like you guys had so much fun! ISo good to run into you guys! think we went opposite ways once we got in the zoo! We’ll definitey have to try hotwire! We got a good deal on ours by joining AAA:) hehe:) Oh what we do for bargains:) Thanks for sharing! Great pics!

  17. What a nice family weekend! It is so nice to get away from all of the distractions and make memories with your kids.
    All of our family weekends at the lake have been like that too. The kids would be away from friends and would actually enjoy time with each other and with us. My husband would get away from his computer (he is the ultimate geek), and I would get away from my books and laundry etc.
    We didn’t have to have big plans. Just time together! Good for you!

  18. I’m so glad that you had a joyous family time after the difficult weeks behind you. Yes, stairs and kids in general! My weeken, being disabled, was so very, very quiet! Kind of confusing! But I did make several miniature gardens in pots for my front entry. They’re fun. I’m so thankful your family had time together. Praises God.

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