How to Create a Valance from a Pillow Case!


Today, I am going to show you how I created a valance from a pillow case.


There are a ton of titles I could have used for this post, like…


How to  Make a Valance in 5 Minutes!


NO Sew Valance!



A 5 Minute, No Sew Valance!



How to Fake a Valance!


All of those titles would have totally worked, so it was hard for me to pick just one! Smile


I had some readers ask me how I made the valances in my master closet, and I had to laugh a little.  I thought, “If you only knew!”

Well, after you watch this video, you will!


I used three things to make my valance:

1.  A King sized pillow case.

2.  Two ball head straight pins.


3.  And thumbtacks.



I made this video at night so the sun wouldn’t be glaring in the window as I talked, but instead, my chandelier light is glaring in the window.  Sheesh!

Oh well! Smile




That’s it!


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments!


Have you ever used a pillow case or something

totally unorthodox to create a

window {mis}treatment?


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  1. Thank you for this great, quick, inexpensive idea! I have been waiting for inspiration to come my way for bay window and I thank you for dropping by with it! (Love the comment about ‘if someone gets that close to your valence to notice push pins – they’ve got problems!’ Sometimes my husband will ask whether a pair of ‘IFFY’ socks are black or navy. My response is that if they’re that close in color and someone is that close to your socks to question – I wanna have a talk with HER!’) Thanks again!

  2. Great idea. I currently have two twin sheets draped across my sun room windows as toppers. I’m thinking this would be a nice change in there. Thanks for sharing. Great job on your video!!

  3. I cut the pretty part off the dust ruffle, used some pins, and folded it to make a loop to put through the curtain rods, to make a pair of valances.

  4. Enjoyed the video instruction–and your delivery–too cute.
    Here’s what I did for a valance at the window over my kitchen sink. I put a pressure rod at the ends of the cupboards that butt up to the window frame and placed 3 cloth/linen napkins over this rod so that the rod is hidden. Left side, right side and then one centered. I then took five more of these napkins that I had pressed to points (like a tie) and placed them over the seams of the original three and evenly spacing the rest. It looks great, requires no sewing skills and is easily placed and replaced for cleaning, seasonal decorating, etc.
    Thanks again for your creative idea(s).

    1. Oh, yeah, loved that comment about “Kicking them out of the house” That is EXACTLY what I would do if someone were to closely inspect my craftiness!!!! :)

  5. Soo neat! Love the valance Traci… Our lil’ son watched it with me and when you said “you didn’t have the time or money to go out and buy one. I’m sure you’ve been there, done that” he turned to me and said “have we been there, Mommy?” lol. yep, we have! Blessings, Traci!!! Have a fab. week!

  6. Our house is very country. Instead of curtain rods, I used willow limbs. It total surprised my husband when he saw them. But it worked out great. I also took the closet doors down and hung my Grandmothers’ old quits. They were tatter and wore and they fit just perfect with the rest of the room. I guess I think outside the everyday, myself. Have a super week…..

  7. I’ve always thought about doing this in my son’s room; his window is very oddly shaped. The pre-sewn valances sold in stores are either too small or too large. I haven’t been able to find a fabric that my son loves (and coordinates with his room) so I haven’t sewn anything, but I never thought to use a pillowcase. We just have two over-sized sheers over the windows now, and it makes the room look elongated but I don’t care for the look overall. I am now on the hunt for king-sized pillowcases; I think those might be big enough! Thanks for the tips, and video!!

    1. Instead of thumb tacks I used drapery rings with hooks … on a rod.

      I did this several months ago in our master bathroom using pillow shams and it works great!

  8. Great idea and inspiration for a project I’ve had on hold….eleven windows in our back porch room.

  9. great job on the video calm and collected and you did not speak on speed dial as I do when trying to get something done in a certain amount of time.
    I have sheets in my l/r & d/r and in my bedroom have eyelet table runners for one of the layers at our window. When we found these table runners we wondered what HUGE table they were made for. Love your blog by the way and also enjoy the news of your sons’ accomplishments; especially the chickens. Jonthan’s videos are always a blessing too.
    God bless you and your family and for the success of your hsb’s business.

  10. Great idea Tracy! I may just do that when I get home later in the week;) You are always such an inspiration!

  11. This is a wonderful video. I love the way the valance looks. I’m going to be trying this myself.
    Thanks so much for showing us how, and how easy it really is. Brilliant.

  12. Thanks so much for the video – definitely going to do this in my home!! Love the pattern on the pillow case!!

  13. Great job Traci. Loved the video and your delivery. The colors are so pretty on the valances :)
    Thx for sharing…. By the way, how is your husbands business doing ?

  14. Traci, you know I love to sew, but this is great! How quick & fun & a perfect way to change a feel with the season. Oh, & the craziest thing I’ve done on a window was probably tree branches & white twinkle lights when the girls were little & had a garden themed room. I was kind of magical :)

  15. I used 2 standard pillow shams over a curtain rod in my guest room. Coordinates with bedding. Simple & attractive.

  16. Great idea Traci! I had to giggle at the fact that anyone would get that close to your valance…because after all it is in your closet :) but ya just never know who might wander in there.
    I want to do this with large coffee bags in my kitchen, on the hunt for some cool looking bags.

  17. I was wondering what gray paint color you used on the bricks on your fireplace and where you bought your roman shades in your living room. Thanks!

  18. Thanks for the idea! I just bought a 7 piece black bear bed in a bag. I also order the drapes. Well the drapes are out of stock from every company I tried to get them from ahhhh!
    It had 2 square pillows and an oblong one with 2 pillow shams. DH always complains about to many pillows on the bed so I never use the shams anyway! This just solved my problem

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