Back Door Makeover



I wanted to show you a quick little change we did to our back door.

We finished this back in July, but I am just getting around to showing it to you.

This is what our back door used to look like…

back door makeover

This is the door we use every single day.  And so does our company whenever they come over.  Sad smile

A white door does not work well with four little boys and a dog.  It stayed constantly dirty.

Notice the outdoor light?   Yep, it was just an exposed light bulb because the plastic cover fell off and cracked last year.  Tacky, I tell ya.

When we painted the exterior brick {which I still haven’t posted about yet}, I knew I had to paint that door.  I decided to paint it the same color as the front door, mainly because I already had the paint. Smile

It’s called Ebony Fields by Valspar.

Here is what our back door looks like now!

back door makeover

Aaaaahhhhh, much better!

We bought that beautiful copper-like outdoor light at Lowe’s.  I love our back door now.  I need a bigger rug, but I haven’t bought one yet.

I cannot believe how much difference a little bit of paint can make!


BTW, the pretty ferns are from my sweet daddy.  Smile  He buys ferns for my sister, my SIL, and me every Mother’s Day.  I love them!

I hope to show you the rest of our exterior soon, but we haven’t finished painting the two story addition yet.  We are going to have a rent a boom lift or something.

Have a blessed day!


  1. Looks great Traci!! Amazing!!! Are you ever going to show us
    The completed renovation of the boys rooms
    And bathroom? I remember seeing the “rough” post but
    Maybe I missed the completed post?? Anyway, just curious :)
    Be blessed :)

  2. The door looks lovely and goes well with your new painted brick. We just had our big garage door and garage man door replaced with white ones. When I get some time on a weekend and the weather cooperates I need to paint the trim.

  3. WOW… How pretty!!! I am just wondering how we could possibly “Not” have seen the NEW exterior yet!!! You are good at keeping a secret Traci!!!! LOLOL…. Can’t wait to see the finished product!!!!The gray and white is just beautiful together!!

  4. I keep seeing the magic of paint and this certainly did make a great change.
    Pinned and shared on FB your other article and I am sobbing at iy an your beauty. sending many hugs your way and THANK YOU. you and your sister are something else Such timely articles. I totally do not care if you do not publish this I just want you to know how appreciated this was

  5. The doors look really attractive now. Amazing what a change in color can do. Also wanted to thank you for the message you wrote yesterday. It really echoed what the Lord showed me in His Word this morning.

  6. Love it Traci! Thanks for sharing that! How sweet of your dad with the ferns……they are thriving. Must be the good Kentucky climate!

  7. Just Beautiful!! & SO much better… : )
    I just did the same thing @ our lake house… it had a really ugly front door, well actually it was a beautiful door, but it was oak & had an etched oval window. It just did not look right on a cottage. I kept contemplating a paint color & our son (who owns the cottage with us, jointly) kept saying, “Mother, don’t you dare paint that door” One day on a whim I just went & did it, black, which of course lead to painting trim & so on…. : ) Now it is just beautiful & EVERYONE agrees… changes the entire look of the front….
    Thanks for sharing yours…. now to see your entire house in all of it’s white, bright glory… : )

  8. Great update, Traci! Love that color–so much more practical than white! And the painted brick?!? I can’t wait to see the whole thing!

    Now you can write a post about what you do to keep the glass clean with four boys and a dog. . . .

  9. The back door looks awesome! I’m dying to see the rest of your painted brick & any tips on painting (if you all did it yourself). My husband and I really want to paint our home and I’m looking for advice to no avail.

  10. Such a nice post thanku for sharing this post. You used nice color of doors and the contrast is awesome. The white brick and the soft black door are fabulous.

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