Decorating with Pumpkins


So, I am wanting to make my home look more fall-ish, and the best way to do it is with pumpkins!


I searched around Pinterest and came up with some cute decorating ideas that I wanted to share with you!


{If I found the source, I provided it below the picture.}

state + address pumpkins



This would be neat to make it say 18 mos in brown buttons and have Sophia holding it!  Crafty Pumpkins



Sparkly, girly, fun! Get more bang for your buck & use these a decor & as props in a fall shoot.


Wow impressive! I wonder how tough the competition for our Great Pumpkin contest is going to be this year?? Join us for our BBQ Oct 25 and find out!



Pumpkins carved with a drill -- love it! Lit up pumpkins doesn't have to be halloweeny!


Google képkeresési találat:


Fun Ways To Decorate With Pumpkins


Pumpkins and Corn Husks


monogram pumpkins



Chevron pumpkins


Fall Tablescape - love the pumpkins on candleholders!



StoneGable Sweater Pumpkins



White pumpkins..


Happy Fall, Y’all!!


  1. Hi Tracy, I love the welcome friends one a lot, and also the and also the bear and honey jar, something a bit different. Now I just have to figure out how to keep the squirrels from chewing a hole into the pumpkin and then eating its insides.
    I heard the squirrels do not like Irish Spring soap so I will try to sat the pumpkins on irish Spring and sprinkle some more around them under dry leaves. Will let you know it if works, we have tons of
    them….. they are very cute but they do what they want when it comes to finding food and hiding it just about anywhere.

    Happy Fall to you as well

  2. haha..Sorry, tracy, your blog is not doing it for me today! It has been 96+ here all week, We are NOT thinking pumpkins..we are thinking beach, lake, water..air conditioning! yada yada…
    But all the stores have had Halloween stuff for over a month now.Since the end of August.I just bought some gorgeous cyclamens for my little garden, gorgeous fuschia and red red. Summer was too hard on flowers etc here this summer. So we are trying to hang on to summer a little longer! However the pumpkin bear and the white glitterys are super! And the house numbers! Good idea! Sorry for being a Grinch on your fall! ♥

  3. LOTS of cute clever ideas but the one with the drill appeals to me most. just think of all the diff erent sizes of bits and even the circle cutter that fits onto the drill. I do have my own poer drill but just think how much I could accomplish with one charging while I am drilling with the other and then switch off. ……………………………………..

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