BiWater Farm {and Jonathan’s Song!}


Okay, so I have told you a hundred times that I love Fall.  Smile

Well, I do.

And one of the things I love most about Fall are the festivals.

Every single year, we go to one of the Fall festivals, or apple orchards, or pumpkin patches, or corn mazes.

And sometimes we go to all of them!

This past weekend they were having a little singing competition called “Rock the Farm,” so I thought it would be fun to take the boys to the farm and let Jonathan sing at the contest.  Kill two birds with one stone, ya know?

We had so much fun!

biwater farm

It was the perfect fall day.

biwater farm

And Jonathan won the singing competition in his age group. He was the only guy in the competition, the rest were girls. Smile


biwater farm


I made a video of the fun, and I wanted to share it with you.  I know I will love watching this video years from now when my boys are all grown and gone.

I truly treasure these moments!






And here is Jonathan’s song.  I missed the very beginning of it, but got the rest of it.

He sang Amazing Grace, the Chris Tomlin version, a cappella.







I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the beauty of fall this year!



  1. Fall is my most favorite season too!!! What fun it is to spend family time visiting apple orchards, etc.

    And, what a blessing my soul always receives each time I hear Jonathan sing! Gods truly blessed him with a gift!

  2. As a momma of 5 boys, all now grown, this video touched my heart and brought back sweet feelings of my own memories. God bless you and your precious family. They are such fine young men. Jonathan has an amazing voice and I truly enjoyed his video. Just made my day!

  3. I so love that you add scriptures, as well as family events. it makes it so real for me. The Lord bless you and keep you !!!!!<3

  4. congratulations Jonathan! and while the entir video was too cute of the boys. Was that Eli doing a pendulum while they were looking at the animals ?????

  5. Oh my how wonderful his amazing grace turned out, YOU must be ever so proud….. Lucky Momma YOU…
    I love fall to some degree, the colors of fall definitely, but the gardening season is at the end
    in the Chicago area once we start fall, and leaves are falling I start being a little sad, but that is
    just because I love to spend so much time in my garden.

    Enjoy your fall, any special Fall projects coming our way?
    Take care…
    Edith YourChicagoConnection

  6. Jonathan your song was wonderful, Keep up your singing and someday we will see you singing on the CMA or maybe a gospel group… woohoo!!!

  7. Love your posts! you must be so proud of Jonathan. He did an “amazing” job! The whole day looked like great fun. Wish my own weren’t grown and gone:( It goes by soooo fast!!!!

  8. What a voice! Love that he chose a Christian hymn. I am a fellow Kentuckian living in Louisville. I am not familiar with this festival, but looked like fun. Bless your family!

  9. Your son is young. God made it this way to protect him from understanding grown up heartaches. He loves Jesus with the purity of a young teen and the Holy Spirit did lead him to sing, and for you to post on this day. I’m sad. My injured brain struggles but my Savior helps me but here on earth my dear husband has helped so faithfully with my care and all the business aspect of paperwork, mounds, and keeping it all straight for I show decline and do not understand. My husband, a stage 4 cancer survivor told by a leading national center he was too far gone, survived. Yes, side effects but he was alive. But the last couple of years some subtle changes began to occur and yes, he has two small brain tumors, one pressing on his pituitary gland. He has no insurance. My COBRA runs out and soon ill be put on Medicare. Tonight he called to tell me. My strong Christian husband. He’s been so very sick. And so am I. And I was weeping and I went over to you tube to listen to the song. I did not think of your young son singing but Jesus comforting me by your sons singing. I plan to listen again. I’m numb. My needs are so very great and I’m afraid how my sweet husband will be when he gets home. He was so very very discouraged, sad, crying to God Lord you know I must care for Gwen and we’ve been through so much. Just in July I had sudden cardiac arrest–no known cause–CPR done and I’m still recovering–and God used your blog, your son to minister to a stranger far away at the hour she needed

  10. OMG, Jonathan did it again, brought me to tears. What a God given talent so that others gain by hearing him sing. The video of the boys having fun was great to watch.

    I can’t close this without saying that we will be praying for Gwen and her husband. Maybe if enough pray we can turn this around for them. God Bless.

  11. Such memories to treasure! You and your hubby are doing such a fine job of LIVING! Bravo! Your kids are so gifted with you two!

  12. Oh I love the video of your boys! Especially little Eli and him bending to get the balls and swinging those feet. He was undeterred! As always Jonathan touched my very soul. It’s going to be exciting to watch and see where this takes him. Maybe I need his autograph now, while I can afford it. :)

  13. I noticed two things; you didn’t post or respond to my comment yesterday regarding the video ad (the one under “Search This Website”) that was interfering with the sound of Jonathan’s video, and today the ad is just a stationary ad, one for what looks like an adult website but at least there’s no sound to it so I was able to enjoy the video you posted.

    Please understand I was not complaining about the presence of ads on your website. I know you supplement your family’s income with the revenue ads generate and I don’t have a problem with that, at all. I was just disappointed I could not hear Jonathan’s performance over the ad and was simply alerting you to the fact there didn’t seem to be a way to turn off the sound portion of the ad.

    There were several parts during Jonathan’s performance where I got goosebumps. He is so talented. I thoroughly enjoy watching your precious boys grow! I’d also love to see an update on their chickens some time in the near future. All the best…

  14. Looks like a great day was had by all.

    Jonathan brings tears to my eyes each time I hear him singing! Amazing young man!

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