DIY File Cabinet for my Office

Hey friends!  I hope you had a great weekend!  We had a blast at BiWater farms on Saturday. Jonathan won the singing competition! yay! Smile

I will share some photos and videos with you in my next post.


Today, I wanted to share with you a file cabinet I made for my office.

diy file cabinet

But first, I have to tell you the original plan for the file cabinet.


When Cy built my custom desk in my office, I wanted him to build a bottom cabinet for me to hide my black file cabinet in.

diy file cabinet

We measured, and we thought we would be able to just slide my old black file cabinet in that bottom cabinet.  However, we when were finished with the desk, we tried to put my file cabinet in there, and it wouldn’t fit. Sad smile

It was off by less than an inch.  Ugh.


So then I knew I would have to come up with another idea.

I decided to make my own pull out file cabinet.

I’m sure there is a better way to make a file cabinet, but this was pretty easy, and works perfectly for me.

diy file cabinet


I attached some drawer slides from Lowe’s to each side of the bottom cabinet.


diy file cabinet

First, I screwed a 1×2 board to each side of the cabinet, and then cut some spacers to put between the 1×2 and the drawer slide.  I needed that extra space so the drawer slides could slide in and out easily.

Then I cut a piece of plywood for the base of my file cabinet and attached it to the drawer slides with screws.

{I’m sorry I do not have a lot of pictures of this process.  I did this mostly at night, by myself, and it was too difficult to take pictures.}

I added a drawer pull to the front of my base to make it easy for me to pull my files in and out.

diy file cabinet

I bought a $10 file holder from Office Depot and had fun getting my papers organized.

diy file cabinet

I haven’t attached the wire file holder to the base yet, but I bought some little plastic wire holders, and I am going to do that today.  Smile

diy file cabinet


I also plan on building another shelf above the file holder that will hold papers that need to be filed.  I will share that with you when I get it complete.

But for now, I am enjoying being just a little more organized in my office.


diy file cabinet



And I am still love my huge Command Center in my office.  If you missed that post, click HERE.

giant wall command center




Have a blessed day, friends!


  1. I think this is one of those serendipitous accidents where the final result is MUCH nicer than the intended one. Fabulous! I use those drawer slides all the time; I made similar sliding shelves to customize my very old hutch and butler pantry bases, as well as adding drawers in my toe molding area to store flatter items. Now I don’t have to dig for my cast iron fry pans. I also put one under my sink to store my massive KA mixer and a few other appliances. (How much cleaning stuff does one really use everyday?) I get the runners super cheap at my local Habitat Restore as heavy -duty ones can cost a lot. Great job.

  2. HOORAY for Jonathan. Your young man must have a fantastic voice. Is this the last competition or does he keep on going and if he keeps on going what can this lead to?? And Wow on that file cabinet. Just beautiful. I am assuming this originally was the hole you showed us that the black file cabinet was suppose to slide into? I think you will like this sooo much better. Your room is going to be fabulous when finished!! And I love the organizing almost as much as I do my crafting projects. Everything in my room has got to match so I youtubed painting my cuddlebug (I know-it’s a desease!!) and eHow gave me instructions (I guess I’m not the only crazy matchy person out there) so that’s what I am planning on doing today. Love your blog. God Bless, Kathy

  3. definitely a lemon into lemon-ade. If I could offer an opinion, I would suggest the upper shelf also be one you can pull out at least partially. There always seems to be an important wayward paper when one cannot pull the shelf out. Yes, I am guilty .

  4. Great save! I agree – I think this is probably better than the original idea. Love the feet on the bottom of the cabinet, too.

    Congratulations to Jonathan! Love to listen to him sing.

  5. Go Jonathan !! How proud I know you are!! That filing cabinet is aaaaaaaaammmmmmazing! Love it! Great job, can’t wait to see the next project!

  6. You have been a busy beaver. Love the file cabinet and you did a great job. Can’t wait to see the video of Jonathan. You know I love his voice and so happy he won.

  7. this is exactly what I want to do! It looks great! How did you know what the width of your base plywood would be? Did the drawer slides give you instructions on how much clearance you would need?
    Thank you!

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