Pantry Coffee Station {#keurig}

Well, I’ve given my pantry makeover a new makeover!

Let’s take a look back at what my kitchen pantry looked like the day we moved into our home…

kitchen 016

See the big orange door?  That was my small, dark pantry.  I didn’t like it at all.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well, tear it down, that’s what!

kitchen 017 (2)

Okay, so Cy tore it down.  Smile

And I made supper while he did it.

kitchen 016 (2)

Is it just me, or is seeing your husband tear a down a wall sexy or what?!

kitchen 024 (2)

Once the old pantry was completely gone, I was amazed at how much bigger the kitchen looked!

kitchen 040

Cy built some new cabinets with baskets where the pantry used to be…

microwave 002

We filled up the rest of the empty wall space with a shallow, wide pantry.

kitchen 032

I have loved this pantry ever since!

kitchen 010

It is so easy to see everything inside the pantry and nothing gets “lost” in the back of it.  It’s also easy to clean.

Even though I have loved this pantry very much, I had to make a couple of changes to it.

Why, you ask?

Because of my new Keurig.  Smile


Recently, I received a new Keurig Vue, and it sat on my kitchen countertop by the fridge.

That’s totally fine, except that my toaster, canisters, blender, mixer, and more was on my countertop too.

I don’t like a cluttered countertop, and I don’t have a lot of counter space.

So I decided I needed to “tweek” my pantry to accommodate my Keurig and my toaster.

Here is what the pantry used to look like…

pantry 011

And here it is now that I made room for my new Keurig Vue!

2013-11-05 16.46.41

I simply cut the top pantry shelf in half and cut some new boards to create new shelves.


I used my Rockwell Versacut to cut my 1×12 boards for the new shelves.


This tool is the bombdiggity!


It cuts like butta!


I glued and nailed the new shelves in place and installed an power strip with surge protection down the side of the pantry wall for my toaster and Keurig.

Luckily, there was an outlet underneath the bottom shelf of the pantry that I could plug the power strip into.

2013-11-05 16.48.21

I used screw-in hooks above the Keurig machine to hold my coffee cups.

I also got a carousel to hold my Vue cups and placed it on the shelf beneath my Keurig.


2013-11-05 16.49.51

Even though I lost some shelf space, I also gained some shelf space by creating an extra shelf on the top right of the pantry.

2013-11-05 16.47.05



Keurig’s Best Cup

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The revolutionary Keurig Vue® Brewer works together with the Vue® packs to deliver the ultimate brewing experience.


Are you a coffee drinker? 

How do you like your coffee?


Click on the picture below to see “before and after” pictures of our complete kitchen makeover!


Disclosure:  I received a free Keurig Vue to review on my blog.  I was not told what to do or say.  Everything I shared is 100% Traci-fied. Smile

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  1. I’m loving what you did with your pantry, it makes your entire kitchen look much bigger and open. My pantry is exactly how your old one was, deep and dark with an ugly door. I have painted the outside of the door but the location of my pantry doesn’t allow me to do what you did.

    I like the before and after with your Keurig and the not so deep shelves. Overall, great look to your new kitchen!

  2. Hi Traci,

    I just wanted to give you an fyi regarding using an extension cord with household appliances that have heating elements…in case you weren’t aware. My husband is a fireman and he has seen too many house fires caused by extension cords overheating and causing a fire.

    Just an fyi…extension cords are not designed to carry the load of appliances with heating elements. Especially if more than one appliance is plugged into the same extension cord. Household wiring isn’t designed to transport electrical current from an appliance with a heating element any farther than the length of the original cord on the appliance. In other words, an appliance with a heating element should always be plugged directly into an outlet. Using an appliance with a heating element plugged into an extension cord can cause the extension cord to over heat and also overheat the wiring in the wall causing a fire. I just want everyone to be aware that they should always use caution when using extension cords.

    1. Hi Beth! Thank you for this information. I have always heard not to keep a toaster plugged in, so we unplug it after we use it.
      I am also NOT using an extension cord. I should have said power strip with surge protection. I thought that would be safer. I’ll change that info in my post. Can you ask your husband is the power strip is safer?

      1. Hi Traci,

        My husband said that the power strip is not any safer. Appliances like the coffee maker and toaster are designed to be plugged directly into a wall outlet because of the nature of the heating element. His advice is to never use any type of extension cord or power strip with any appliance that has a heating element or that draws a lot of current.


  3. OMG! Get those appliances off an extension cord, You do NOT want to burn the house down! Do you use your mixer EVERY SINGLE DAY? No? Put it away. Get it off the counter top. Do you use your blender EVERY SINGLE DAY? Same thing! Now, do you use your coffee maker EVERY SINGLE DAY? Onto the countertop it goes! Toaster (notorious for fires insomuch so that they aren’t allowed on college campuses anymore), again EVERY SINGLE DAY? Yes? Then out on the counter it goes. Even if you only toast once in a while, I hope you never ever toast anything inside a cabinet or certainly, never ever let your kids do it. I don’t even let my twelve year old toast at all when I am not home, and we bring out the toaster and put it on the island when we do. She is allowed to use the oven when I am not home however. I am sorry if I sound harsh, but I am concerned for your safety, Traci.

    1. Just have your husband put in another outlet on the coffee station shelf….easy smeasy and keep everything the same….looks wonderful.

    2. Thanks for the warnings, Jackie. It would sound harsh if I didn’t know you. :)
      The appliances are not connected to an extension cord, but a power strip with surge protection. I should have been more specific in my post. I think this would make it more safer, but I am going to check on it.
      I am the only one who can use the toaster in our house. Sometimes I will let my oldest son, but he has to watch it carefully. :)

  4. Totally concur with the above, especially regarding the toaster! Maybe you could bring the outlet up high for the Keurig and put the blender in the pantry. However, I really like the redesign of the panty…It seems to give you more functional space and I love to see a gal with power tools. I’m sure Cy finds THAT sexy as much as you find him!

    1. Thanks, Teresa!
      I am going to check on the safety of everything in my pantry. We are using a power strip, not an extension cord. I said that wrong in my post, and I will change it.

  5. Hey Traci! I just LOVE your coffee/pantry now! I also love to see people tweak things to make it work for how they best use it. I desperately need a pantry make-over. Mine is very square and awkward, with shelves that have a lip that hangs down making you have to tilt tall items to get them in and out. You have inspired me greatly! And I use quality extension cords often because I am always changing things around and it would be silly for me to get someone to run electricity to an area that I might change a year from now!…well, I am chatting too much, lol! Blessings in Messiah, Kelly

    1. Oh, Kelly! Those shelves in your pantry do sound like a pain. We don’t realize how much little things like that can drive us crazy! :) I hope you get to give your pantry a little makeover soon.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. your redesign has addressed my biggest unhappiness with any kitchen I have ever used. not only does one have things disappear into that big dark section in the back but when it is cleaning time all that dreaky wet stuff from reaching back into the cavern and not quite being sure if there are some spiders back there since the last cleaning. and it looks so pretty !!!!!!

  7. okay, I love it to the moon and back…but I have a question that I have to ask. In your pantry you show a groovy metal basket thingamajig that you have your spuds in…where can I get one like it? I love it!

  8. I am sure Cy can fix the problem. It would be nice if you had a swing out shelf when you are wanting a cup of coffee. By the way, I was watching the video and you look so tired. Now get some rest!
    God Bless

  9. I love your pantry. Mine is kind of like your old one. I have been wanting to make mine over for years. I can’t knock down the wall but I can paint it add new shelves and change out he door. Thank you for the inspiration.

  10. Love this! I can’t remember back this far… do you have a step by step for how you hung your shelves in the pantry? We have a double wide closet that had all of the wires shelves fall. (While holding all of my off season decorations!!) So I’d like to add sturdier shelving to the closet and I’d love to see how you can Cy did yours!

  11. Traci, I adore your kitchen and boy what a cool pantry! I’m blessed to even have a pantry so I’ll have to be content with mine. I’m late to the Keurig party. Hubs and i just bought a Platinum Keurig K75 and love it! I toyed with the idea of getting a Vue but settled on the one we have. Love your coffee station. There are so many interesting takes on how to store coffee but yours takes the cake! You’ve got some style going on!

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