10 Amazing DIY Projects with Bead Board Wallpaper


Hey friends!

In preparing for BHG’s arrival last week, I added some bead board wallpaper in my kitchen.

Well, actually, I didn’t.  But my good buddy, Beth, did!

2013-10-25 12.00.21

Sorry for the blurred picture.  Sad smile  Beth came to my rescue and helped me stay sane during the chaos.  Beth is the coolest pastor’s wife you’ll ever meet {well, except for my sister.  hee.hee.} and I am so blessed to have her as a friend!  She has a HUGE servant’s heart!



When I told Cy I was going to put up bead board wallpaper, he had a look on his face like, “Huh?”  I could tell he didn’t want me to do it.  He had never seen bead board wall paper because he is not a blogger.  Smile  But we bloggers know that it is da bomb!


I would have done a custom wall treatment with wood if it weren’t for the fact that we are going to tear down the wall that Beth is wallpapering in the picture above.  Eventually that wall will be gone, so it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on wood when it will be torn down in a year or two.

So for twenty bucks, I {ahem, Beth} was able to create a custom look in my kitchen with bead board wallpaper from Lowe’s.


When the BHG stylist, Elizabeth Beeler, came to my house for the shoot, she fell in LOVE with my bead board wallpaper and might use it in her own home.  She couldn’t believe how real and custom it looked on my walls.

If for some reason you have never heard of this amazing product, I created a round up of a ton of great bead board wallpaper projects from around blogland.

bead board wallpaper


You can click on the text link or picture to view each project from all of these talented bloggers.

Beth from Homes Stories A to Z used bead board wallpaper in her Half Bath Makeover!

bead board wallpaper

She also used it in her boys’ room!  Check out their bedroom makeover reveal!

bead board wallpaper

Melissa from 320 Sycamore used bead board wallpaper on her laundry room cabinet doors!

bead board wallpaper

And she covered the side of a small yard sale night stand with it and painted it green!

bead board wallpaper

Marianne from Songbird gave her Ikea bookcase a custom look by adding bead board wallpaper.

Beadboard Wallpaper and Shelves Supports

Kate from Centsational Girl added wallpaper to her half bath as well.  She shares a complete picture and video tutorial of how to install it.

beadboard wallpaper sink side cg

Shari from My Cottage Bliss has used bead board wallpaper on many projects.  I love how she showed the difference it made on this dresser.  Doesn’t the bead board side look a ton better?

bead board wallpaper

Check out all of her other creative projects HERE.


And Melissa, from Vintage Mellie, did an great transformation on her kitchen cabinets with bead board wallpaper.

bead board wallpaper


And of course, Rhoda, from Southern Hospitality, is known as the “Queen of Bead Board Wallpaper” in blogworld.  Smile She has completed several projects with it.  Just click on each picture to check them out!

Bead board wall paper in her kitchen!

beadboard wallpaper on End Cab

Bead board in her master bath!

beadboard wallpaper with chairrail

If you would like to purchase some bead board wallpaper, you can do so at Rhoda’s online store.  Just click HERE.

Have you used bead board wallpaper in your home?  I’d love to hear about it!


  1. Awwww Traci, thanks ever so much for mentioning my dresser makeover and linking to my blog.

    I still have a deep love affair going on with the beadboard wallpaper and recommend it (and Rhoda’s shop) every chance I get. As you may, or may not know, several years ago we moved and then I took a break from blogging. The break has extended far longer than I ever anticipated but at some point I do intend to share an update on my blog about all the house projects I have completed and the many ways I have used the beadboard wallpaper in our new home.

    1. You are welcome! I loved the change the bead board wallpaper made to the dresser!
      I hope you get to add your house updates to your blog soon!

      1. Shirley,
        The bead board wallpaper is textured and you can still see the lines when you paint it. It really does look like real bead board. My hubby was super impressed with it!

  2. Bonjour Traci,
    My name is Anne and I’m French. I discovered
    this paper on Rhoda’s blog and I know I’ll use it somewhere in my house.
    I ordered some rolls in U.K. last month with a 30% bargain and I am going to try it on my closets doors as they are ordinary plain white and maybe later in my kitchen and bathroom.
    I love your blog and I thank you for sharing
    your beautiful ideas.

    1. I forget about it too, Heidi! But it was the perfect solution to my kitchen right now. So glad I remembered it and decided to use it.

    1. I do not know how durable it is because I have only had it up over a week. :) I did tear a small piece of it when I was scooting my table down the wall. Dumb me.
      It is very easy to clean, and it is textured. :)

  3. Hi: I used this in my bathroom about 1 year ago and it still looks great. I painted it and the bead board pattern still shows through. It’s great stuff and this wallpaper comes in different patterns also. It is very durable. I used extra glue though but I always do when I wall paper.

  4. Thanks so much for all your great tips!!! I have a question you kitchen celing it’s that bead board? My 70’s style ranch has the ugly dob ceilings that you had;-) I wish there was a easy fix without too much mess!

  5. Hi, hopefully this will be answered since it’s a blog page from some time ago. Does it matter if beadboard wallpaper gets painted with a Satin or Semi-gloss finish? I’m in the process of wallpapering my bathroom / laundry room.

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