Outdoor Entertaining Station

This is the boys last week of school and then the summer fun will begin.  Smile  I LOVE summer!  And I especially love spending time outside during the summer.

So I’ve been super excited about eating and entertaining outdoors!  There is nothing better than sitting out on the patio at dusk, sipping sweet tea, and enjoying great conversations.

So I wanted to create an area on my patio where I could serve beverages and food to my family or guests.

The first thing I needed was a console table. I found one that I loved at Birch Lane.

Trenton Console Table

This table is traditionally used indoors, but since I have a covered back patio, I knew that I would be able to use it for outdoor entertaining.

I love the industrial look of this console table, and I love how it looks now on my back patio!

Outdoor Entertaining Center
Isn’t she pretty?! 

What I love about this table is that it has a wide surface, and it gives me plenty of room to put my food and drinks. 


Outdoor Entertaining Center
The two shelves on the bottom also give me extra storage for bowls, chargers, trays, and whatever else I may need.

I also love that this console table has two drawers for me to put other items that I may not want in view.

Outdoor Entertaining Center
Right now, I have extra paper plates, napkins, and utensils in my drawers.

Outdoor Entertaining Center
My table is all set with a large beverage dispenser full of the most delicious sweet tea you have ever tasted!

Outdoor Entertaining Center
Now I just need y’all to stop by and have a glass with me!  Smile

Outdoor Entertaining Center

See, there’s an empty chair right there waiting for you!…

Outdoor Entertaining Center
Oh, wouldn’t that be grand?!  Maybe someday….

For now, I’ll just close my eyes and pretend you are here with me.  Smile


If you are ready to do some outdoor entertaining and would like to find out more about the Trenton Console Table, click HERE.

Or if you want to visit Birch Lane and check out all of their other beautiful home furnishings, click the button below.



Happy Sweet Summertime!!!


Outdoor Entertaining Center
Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Birch Lane.  I received the Trenton Console Table as compensation for this post.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine.


  1. Love that table! Very pretty! I’m hoping to cover my back patio so that I can have something like this. I just have to save up for awhile :-) Oh, YAY FOR SUMMER!

  2. For some reason I am not receiving your blog posts.:-(
    I checked and I am still subscribed and they aren’t in my spam folder.

  3. Gee! I’m so far behind on my back porch, but I’ve FINALLY go my front porch looking pretty good.
    I really like this console table and everything else on their site. What ever happened to the one you used in your old house?

  4. Great table….and love the styling! I do love rocking on the porch on a warm summer evening. I’ll close my eyes and pretend we’re on the porch together too. :)

  5. Is it styled this way every day or only when you are entertaining? If it’s different, would love to see the everyday look. :)

    1. Good question, Sally. It will definitely not look like this everyday. :) I will probably just keep a table runner and the flowers on the top, and maybe baskets or trays on the bottom, but the dishes will go inside because they will collect dirt if I don’t. I will try to take a picture sometime and maybe put it on my blog.

  6. Beautiful, Traci! I have a baker’s rack on my porch and I think I will set up something similar on my back patio. Yes, invite all of us over!

  7. That’s lovely. I like the way the grain of the drawers seems to be matched.
    I think you’ll get a lot of use and pleasure out of this one!

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