Classic Black and White Decor

Hi guys!! It’s Bre from Rooms FOR Rent blog.

Today I’m talking about my Favorite Look!

One look that I will never get tired of is Black & White. It’s a classic.
Everyone knows a classic, white button-up shirt and black pants will always work, just the way a sleek black top and chic white pants will always work. No matter what the trend is, they will always be in style. One of my favorite looks in decor is classic Black and White.
Today I’m going to share with you some examples of how this look can be done in the home.  





Contemporary / Casual:

via : NYCLQ-Focal Point
via : Pure Style Home
via : Cottage Living

Traditional : 

via : House Beautiful 
via : Pottery Barn
via : BoBedre
via : Tommy Smythe

Country : 


via : House and Home
via: Country Living


via : Ethan Allen
via : Country Living

 Eclectic :

via : Design Sponge
via : Lonny
via : Design Sponge



Many different styles of homes, but they all carry the same theme…Black & White.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think this is something you could incorporate into your own home?

Sometimes just bringing it in via a throw pillow, or cozy blanket, or maybe its a trendy little vase? Maybe it’s just a look for you to admire, but just doesn’t work for you in your home. That is perfectly fine too.

Black & White can be described as classy, bold, modern, cold, warm. To me it’s one of the most versatile color combos that is clearly not going anywhere.

Whatever your taste is, whatever your style is, Black & White always adds a bit of sophisticated fun!


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  1. OMGee, Bre!
    Pottery Barn & House Beautiful swept me off my feet!! Pretty, pretty rooms.

    This is a great post and gives me ideas of how to work w/ 2 different colors in my bedroom. B&W won’t work in my home, but this gives me even more visual confirmation that I’m on the right path. Yeah!!

    Bre, count me as a new follower!

  2. I love black and white and I agree that it’s a classic combo. I have a rule (that I sometimes break) to always have some black in every room. I have white walls and use a lot of color throughout the public areas of my home and I find that black helps all that color look more grown-up.

  3. One of my favourite combos from long ago for exactly the reasons you state: it gos from modern/glam to early American with ease. I’m thinking to finally use it in my MB, I already have it in my kitchen.

  4. I never think of black and white with the country look. To me, country or peasant or rustic means color. For me black and white is for classic clothing (and weddings or funerals). And of course, the pages of books. Color is just way too important. What I like black paired with are wood tones.

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