DIY Sawhorse Desk

Hey Friends!

I am so excited to show you the DIY Sawhorse desk that I built for the boys’ room!!!  Just in time for school to start!


I can finally say that I. AM. DONE. with their room! Smile

Jonathan helped me create a video to show you how we made this desk for their room. 

Here are the supplies that I used from Lowe’s:

-one sheet of MDF board cut to the size need for the top of the desk

-three to four 2×4’s for the legs depending on the size of your desk

-three 1×2’s to hang the pegboard on


-MinWax stain in Provencial

-two packages of sawhorse brackets

-chalkboard paint, paint for pegboard, foam roller, and paint tray




If you measure the sizes you need for the 2×4’s, 1×2’s, and pegboard, you can have the helpful employees at Lowe’s pre-cut ALL the boards for you so you do not have to do any cutting of your own at home!  Yay!  Smile

(I chose to cut my boards at home.)




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This post was sponsored by Lowe’s Creative Ideas.  All ideas and opinions were 100% mine.


  1. Love it! You are a stylist for sure! Now give us a few more details….like the folder holders on the pegboard (what are they?) and what is laying on the desk to make a writing surface? Love the lamps, too…where did you find those?

  2. All I can say is … BRILLIANT! Love the video, although I got a little verklempt seeing your beautiful family working together and your boys getting so big! Oh and I also bit my nails, hoping they didn’t get any paint on those nice clothes. ;)

  3. This looks so great! I have a couple of ikea desks in my shopping cart (waiting for this fall when our store finally opens!) But I’m wondering if these would be just as inexpensive to make? I do have one question–have you found the mdf to sag much in the middle with the wide spans? I was wondering if it might need some bracing underneath or if it is fine.

  4. I enjoyed the video as much for its creative style as for the content! Way to go Jonathan!!! Question #1, why not paint the peg board before hanging it? Question #2, what was the music? I too loved seeing the whole family pitching in. Excellent video, excellent post!!!!

  5. Very nicely done. Good to see the whole family at work! Question:Does your family always work in their nice clothes?

  6. Great family project! I wish I would have had my kids more involved in home projects when they were growing up. What you are teaching them will be so valuable when they are out on their own someday!

  7. You are a beautiful talented family. I enjoy seeing you work as a team making your home beautiful and creating life long memories.
    A project of the heart and home!

  8. Really cute. Now the only question is if they’ll use it!”) Since they had a hand in making it, I suspect yes. Are those stools comfy.

    p.s. I typed “ky wall art” in the search function and the instructions for the sign pop right now.

  9. Love this desk. Did you use something under the desktop, against the wall, to brace the desktop and prevent it from bowing or sagging?

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