My Dream Master Bedroom

At the Haven Conference, I attended the “Interior Designers Tell All” session taught by Lori May and Dayka Robinson.

Lori said something that stuck with me.

She said “Focus on one room at a time.” 

Huh?  I don’t think I have ever done that in any of my homes.  I am usually working on designing one room, while painting another room, while decorating another room.  Do you do that?

And when I have my hands in too many projects at once, I get extremely frustrated, and I feel like I’m never getting anything accomplished.

So the space I am focusing on right now is the boys’ bathroom.  We are going to get that finished THIS week! 

Then the next room I am going to focus on is our very neglected master bedroom.   Sad smile

It’s just a hodge podge of miscellaneous stuff.  No rhyme or reason at all.

So I have been thinking and dreaming about my dream master bedroom.

I created a polyvore board to help my dream start to come to life.


Screenshot 2014-08-02 21.31.55

Isn’t that a fun space?  I love the blues and reds together. 

Now, when I finally get my master bedroom decorated, I am going to work really hard to keep it clean.  What good is a pretty space if it feels dirty?

And believe me, as a mom of four boys, keeping a house clean is NOT easy!

Having the right cleaning tools on hand makes cleaning easier and dare I say fun?

I think so!

That’s why I love the Dyson DC59 Motorhead!


Screenshot 2014-08-02 22.57.51



This pretty little powerful thing is valued at over $500,

and one lucky person is going

to win a Dyson DC59 Motorhead

in this fabulous giveaway!!




Here’s how to enter…

Visit  Dyson,  and then come back here and leave a comment on this post by answering this question:

What is your dream space and what Dyson DC59 Motorhead feature do you enjoy the most?

(The winner will be announced Monday, August 18th, and will be notified through a response to their comment. They will have 5 business days (by 8/25/14) to submit their email address and claim their prize.)

Good luck!

**Many thanks to Dyson for sponsoring today’s story and showing me how to keep my dream space clean.


  1. It’s cordless and easily portable!! I’d never be able to afford one, winning one would be an absolute dream!!

  2. It’s cordless! I get so tirade of having to unplug to go from room to room! I’ve wanted one of these, then my husband bought the Shark! It has a CORD!! Ugh!

  3. My dream space would be a coastal cottage on a lake or ocean. The cordless feature is amazing. I am constantly cleaning up crumbs and bits of play doh left behind by my girls. :)

  4. Love that it weighs under 5lbs and is cordless. I have 13 foot ceilings in my house that are wood and carrying this vacuum up and down the ladder will be a lot easier then carrying my bucket of water and towels up and down. Getting older and not so easy anymore. Winning this would mean so much because I have hardwood floors and carpets and my ceiling and it would cut my cleaning time down to half. Plus we are a one income household and are tight with our budget. Thank you in advance for reading my comment.

  5. My dream space is a big ol’ southern sun room. You know, the kind with floor to ceiling curtains, painted wood floors and big fabulous windows :) I LOVE how the Dyson is light-weight and easily maneuvered! I just had a baby, so I need things to be as easy as possible since I’m always towing around my babe!!

  6. My dream space is a mountain view cabin, specifically the screened in porch. I can feel the cool breeze.
    The Dyson would be a dream, because it is powerful for our busy and hairy / furry family AND it is also cordless – so easy for me to transport up and down stairs.

  7. I love how versatile this vacuum is. I have a combination of hard floors and carpet in my house so being able to go from one to the other would be great!

  8. My dream space? On the beach in a bungalow. Listen…can you hear the waves crashing against the shore line?? 24 minutes of cord free, hassle free cleaning….that’s my idea of bliss!

  9. My dream space is anything with a beach feel, but especially a patio space. And the best thing about this Dyson machine is its portability. With a two story house, dragging our vacuum up and down the stairs is a PAIN!

  10. I love the cordless feature and the suction. My dream space is in my house somewhere and when I get it cleaned up I’ll find it. I love lots of natural light, natural elements like wood and wicker baskets, and light colors especially spa blue and white.

  11. I love that it is cordless and has the suction of a full size vacuum. My dream space is also my master bedroom. Can’t wait to see yours finished.

  12. My current home is my dream space, it just needs some work…176 years old! I love that it’s cordless, can go from rug to hardwood, and has the cleaning power of a Dyson. Really want one!

  13. I love that it is cordless, lightweight and portable. My dream space is our Theater snuggled up with my boys.

  14. I love that this Dyson is so light weight and easy to handle. I think it would be wonderful for keeping my hardwood clean in my kitchen as well as my stairs.

  15. My dream space is a waterfront sunroom!
    Ahhhhh! :)

    The chore I most avoid is vacuuming; it usually irritates my lower back,& I get frustrated w/ cord issues.
    This Dyson product would be ideal; lightweight & no cord to battle.
    Thank you. :)

  16. My dream space is my own tiny cottage style house just to escape, relax and craft. The house would be up high like a tree house. Would love a Dyson DC59 Motorhead. Lightweight and cordless…yes!

  17. My dream space would be a wrap around porch with a swing and comfy chairs and small side tables. I love that it is light weight, I have four kids so it would be perfect for them use, Also love that it is cordless, I bet it would work well to take it right outside and sweep it the van.

  18. My dream room would be a spacious craft roomph with a large work area, we’ll lit and tons of organized storage! Would love the Dyson because of how well it gets the dust and allergens, my 2 year old struggles with allergies so I think this would help!

  19. My dream space is my upstairs master bedroom … Wood floors and white built ins… Tiny but I feel like I’m in a treehouse. Haha! I love the cordless aspect and how light weight it is. Hauling my old upright upstairs is a killer!

  20. My dream space is my sewing room. Tons of light and soothing shades of white that let my imagination sore. Everything I need to be creative is there, including special items from college to grandbabies that inspire me every day. I love the new Motorhead with extra power. I believe it would massacre all those stubborn dust bunnies that live under the couches in our lower level family room. I could maneuver it under everything!

  21. My dream space is a big covered back porch with a swinging bed and lots of room to relax. I love this Dyson because it’s so light and transitions between my hardwoods down & my carpet upstairs.

  22. We finished our master bedroom…it is my dream space, quiet and restful. The Dyson Motorhead looks awesome. I love that it goes from carpet to flooring which is what I have…yay!

  23. My dream space would be a sunroom with tons of beautiful plants and old fashioned wicker furniture. I like this new dyson because it is lightweight and handy for quick clean ups and for cleaning stairways. Thank you!

  24. I would love to finish my family room. It is an odd shape and difficult to decorate. My favorite things about the dyson is its light weight and cordless features!

  25. My dream space is a mini library/reading nook. Just a little something with tons of natural light and a window seat (I’ve wanted a window seat since my best friend got one in her new house when we were in fifth grade).
    And honestly, I love the 24 minute battery life of that Dyson! It will be like a game to see if I can get both sets of stairs vacuumed in 24 minutes!

  26. My dream space would be a completed and cozy master bedroom. My favorite feature is that it has a balanced head for weight distribution. It would be so much easier to use than lugging around a heavy canister or central vac hose, and in different positions too. Thanks for the chance.

  27. Love the versatility of both carpet and hardwood as my home as both. Also 8-18 is my birthday so what a great present this would be.

  28. My dream space would be a big kitchen with white cabinets and a farmhouse sink. I would LOVE to win the Dyson! I have four kids of my own and run a daycare from my home and I am constantly vacuuming. To not have up drag my big canister vac out every time would be wonderful!

  29. Dream space is French Cottage or Beach House…..I love the size of the Dyson….with 3 dogs and kiddos…..I could certainly use it! :-)

  30. My dream space would be a home overlooking the water and I like the cordless feature and good for wood floors.

  31. I would love a bigger bedroom and master bath! I love that this Dyson is cordless and lightweight. It would make vacuuming so much easier!

  32. Dream space is my bedroom needs a major make over. What I like about the Dyson is that I can use it because it is light and I have back problems, so it would ideal for me. On a fixed income this is not posible for our budget. I really hope I win. Thanks for sharing.

    God Bless

  33. I would love to live on the coast but would need a bit of an English cottage garden thrown in also. We have carpet and hardwood floors so I like the easy transition I would have cleaning my floors. I also like that its light because I Arthritis and quite a bit of joint pain. Thanks for the chance to win this!

  34. I love that it is light weight – you can use it from carpet to hardwood and even in your automobile.
    My dream space is my master bedroom – it is the last room to get attention. I spend a lot of time in my bedroom due to chronic pain – I need a sanctuary :-)

  35. Love the Dyson DC59 because it is CORDLESS meaning that I can keep my dream space…a huge creativity craft room clean with NO concern for “chewing a worrisome cord!” Washable filters with lifetime warranty is an added bonus. Thank you Dyson!

  36. Definitely would LOVE not having a cord to “fight” with! And also adjusting from carpet to hardwood.

  37. My dream space would be a modern high rise condo in a fab city. Decor would be minimalist. I would love to clean it with a cordless vacuum!

  38. My dream space would be to have a screened porch to include a hot tub and hammock for relaxing! What I love about the Dyson DC59 is that it is cordless and lightweight which would make it a breeze to clean my hardwoods and easy on the back. Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. My dream space would be an outdoor living room with lots of mood lighting. Perfect for summer evenings under the stars. I love how how portable & easy to use the dyson is :)

  40. We have lived in 4 rentals in 5 years of marriage as my husband completes his medical training. We are about to welcome our third boy this December…my dream space is one that is our own, and one that has a bonus room for things like the treadmill (currently residing in our bedroom) or the boys’ toys (split between the “big boys'” room and the nursery). Gosh, a house where our huge dog had space to go other than just our kitchen and tiny living room (she’s not allowed in bedrooms)! We are content in our small, old rental, but I can dream ;) Our current vacuum doesn’t work on hardwood floors, and guess what we have all through this house?! My favorite feature would simply be that – it can clean all the floors in my house easily.

  41. Great product! I have 2 favorite features–it’s cordless and you don’t have to get your hands dirty to empty the dirt. Thanks for sharing!

  42. I love that it is lightweight AND powerful! My dream room right now is a serene home office for my husband :)

  43. My dream space would be a basement so I could put all the toys down there and have the rest of our home look decent :-) my favorite feature of this vacuum is that it’s cordless!!! I hate dealing with a vacuum cord.

  44. I love that the Dyson is cordless and lightweight! I have rheumatoid arthritis and vacuuming is sometimes challenging on its own, but a cord makes it even more difficult. A new kitchen with easier access storage would be my dream space.

  45. My dream space is a cozy, dark library with a crackling fire in the fireplace, deep, dark leather furniture, an old red Persian rug on the floor, leaded glass windows, and floor-to-ceiling rich wood bookcases filled with books of all kinds.
    A powerful CORDLESS vacuum? Love it! How fabulous to vacuum through the whole house without stopping to move plug from outlet to outlet.

  46. My dream space is a beautiful sunroom off my kitchen. I love that the Dyson is under 5lbs and cordless!! Everyone I know who owns a Dyson loves it !! Thx to you and Dyson for this awesome give away!!! Best ever!!!

  47. My dream space would be an outdoor living area with cozy furniture and an outdoor fireplace. And then having a nice lightweight Dysin fir the inside clean up would great. I have always loved how Dyson vacuums remove so much if the allergens from the air; very important with 2 kids have have bad allergies.

  48. I like that it has a 24 minute charge. My dream space is my tiny lake cottage and this would be perfect!

  49. My dreamspace is a home-y basement for my kids and grandkids to live when they come home on furlough from Madagascar! I most love that its so lightweight and portable–hate carrying mine up and down the stairs! :o)

  50. I would LOVE to win this vacuum, love that it’s so light weight yet powerful. With four teenagers and two hairy dogs, I need something I can use frequently. :) My dream space? I only have a couple of rooms “finished” because I have the same problem of working on too many at once! :) I guess my master bedroom and den.

  51. I love the strong suction power of this dyson. My master bathroom will be my dream space if I get enough courage to live without it during an update!

  52. My dream space would be a magnificent dining room with a fireplace that overlooks a chef’s kitchen!
    I love that the Dyson is cordless, rechargeable and can be used on different types of flooring; “it’s stiff nylon bristles remove ground-in dirt from carpets and carbon fiber filaments remove fine dust from hard floors.” Yay!

  53. Picking just one dream space is a challenge but I would love a front porch that overlooked a beautiful garden and had plenty of room to entertain family and friends. Winning this vacuum is also a dream. I really like the fact that it is cordless, has the ability to switch from carpet to hard floors, and even thought it’s lightweight, it still can clean so well.

  54. My dream space would be a room devoted to just sewing instead of having to do it at my kitchen table. I like that there is NO CORD and portable.

  55. My Dream space would be a finished bedroom that was calm and peaceful and rid of clutter. I love the cordless feature and ease of use factor the Dyson provides. Perhaps my husband will pick it up more often than he does our current vacuum!

  56. My dream space would be a simple one, to get our house remodeled to reflect who we are instead of a boring box with walls My house is lacking personality. It would be wonderful to have a cordless vacuum. There are so many cleaning tasks around the house that I could easily complete without having to lug my awkward corded vacuum around.

  57. it is small but portable with all the power needed for cleaning…perfect for smaller homes with very little space for bigger vacuums

  58. My dream space right now, would also be my master bedroom. It has been neglected since we moved in 7 years ago. Love the bed you’ve chosen. The dyson would make cleaning the stairs a breeze. Would love to have this vacuum.

  59. My top dream space is a beautiful master bedroom/bath suite. This is a space I am currently wanting to gut and redecorate. Love the Dyson…lightweight without the cord.

  60. My dream space is the log cabin I live in in the woods of Vermont. With two dogs and all that they bring into the cabin and kids with dirt etc on there shoes I really need a small cordless vacuum. Because our log home is small and does not have any closets (that’s right no closets) so I have to store my large original Dyson down two flights of stairs in the basement and bring it up all day long to clean the floors. For me a lightweight vacuum would be wonderful and I could set it in the corner of the kitchen not down stairs. And cordless is a dream come true.

  61. My current dream space is also a pulled together master bedroom – it seems like it is always last on the list. I like that the Dyson will work on both carpet and hardwood!

  62. My dream makeover room is our family room. We have a new sectional sofa, but it needs a new rug and paint needs to be updated. For crying out loud, my entire house needs to be updated. :) I love the fact that this Dyson vacuum is so versatile and it has great suction power. I would love to receive this thing for free. I am asking for “favor from the Lord.” :)

  63. My dream space would be a larger kitchen since I love to cook. I love the cordless feature on the Dyson.

  64. I love the fact that it is powerful and cordless. It also looks like it would be great to reach in those small space like under furniture. My dream space is my kitchen where everyone joins together.

  65. Dream space? farmhouse in the country, and while I’m dreaming make the beach within an hour! Best feature? one word….CORDLESS!! Okay – maybe two words – CORDLESS and POWERFUL! Fingers crossed for the win. With four grand babies under 3 that are always at Nana’s house, I NEED one.

  66. the fact that it is lightweight would be so good for me. My dream space would be my kitchen. We’ve just bought a house that was built in 1898!! This is where my focus will be for a bit.

  67. Since we are totally talking about DREAM spaces, mine would definitely be a house on the beach with wall-to-wall windows facing the beach. Not too much to ask, right????
    I love that the Dyson is cordless. who wants cords?!?!?!?!?

  68. I would love this vacuum! The Hygienic bin emptying at just a push of a button to release dirt is great! Hope I win it.

    My dream space is my master bedroom. I made all new bedding and it’s beautiful!

  69. Obvioulsy cordless! But the 24 minutes of cleaning tme is perfect! Thanks for supporting yhis giveaway. Someone is going to be super happy!

  70. The cordless feature is great! I hate having to unplug and replug all the time. My dream space would be a large family room area for my kiddos to spread out in, and a cozy cottage feel with planked walls and wood beams wouldn’t hurt either.

  71. My dream space would be a finished basement where my kids could hang out when they have friends over and a place we could watch movies…wood floors, lots of white built-in storage space, a snack counter. My favorite Dyson feature is that it will work on wood floors without scratching them and that it is cordless. I’m always struggling with the cord when I vacuum!

  72. I like to think of myself as a Mountain Matilida so my dream space is a cozy cottage up on the mountain with plenty of fresh air and most importantly a beautiful fireplace.
    I like that the Dyson is offered in different colors and cordless is always a plus. It’s nice that they thought about a docking station for recharging. Looks like a handy tool to have at home or in the camper.

  73. I think my favorite feature is the power the Dyson has esp being portable too.
    My dream space would be an office femininely decorated. A space all to myself.

  74. I love my Dyson animal…..but, if I am the winner I would select the Dyson motorhead so that I can use it on the stairs. I think it would be much easier to get the stair carpet clean. Also, I have a golden retriever who sheds ALL THE TIME so pulling out a cordless vac for daily maintenance would be GREAT!

  75. My dream space is my screened porch. It has a wood burning fireplace and TV, so we are set for cool nights and football games. The only problem is two hairy dogs that also hand out on the porch. I need the cordless Dyson to help control the pet hair!

  76. Our TV room in our home now is my dream space, but if I could dream a big dream, it would be lots and lots of acres with a farm style home and a big porch. This vac has lots of power to help me clean…

  77. My favorite feature on the Dyson is how lightweight it is. Seeing how my twins are soon off to college…I will be losing my vacuum cleaners.
    My favorite is our front porch. It’s a beautiful gathering place for friends and neighbors.

  78. Like so many, I would love the cordless feature! I’ve wanted a Dyson for quite some time but too many other necessities have taken precedence. My dream space is to restyle our living room. It’s very outdated.
    Thank you to Dyson for this giveaway!

  79. Oh my gosh…the fact that it is cordless and so light weight it sounds like a dream in itself! My dream space would be our master bedroom decorated. Sad to say but we have been in this house over 20 years and it has never been done. Thanks for the chance for the Dyson giveaway.

  80. I would say the best feature is that it is cordless! Vacum cords make me crazy!! My dream space would be a cute cottage on the beach!!

  81. Thanks for the opportunity to win something I would never be able to buy as the price is so prohibitive. I absolutely love the portability and versatility of this, so lightweight and easy. Love Dyson, love your blogs, thank you :)

  82. I love that it’s cordless and lightweight! Really need it to pick up all the dirt and dust other things just move around on my wood floors. My dream space is a comfy master bedroom with a fabulous spa like master bath.

  83. I love the cordless feature of the Dyson. I also like that is goes from hardwood floors to carpet. My dream space is a sunny master bedroom.

  84. Let’s face it….cordless AND has Dyson suction power. I’d be unstoppable. Well, until it was time to recharge. Love me current Dyson’s dust trapping abilities. :)

  85. My dream space would be an outdoor kitchen with pizza oven. I’d love the cordless Dyson for my stairs. Infortunatly there are no plug outlets in my stairway. With two dogs the staircase needs to be vacuumed often and with no plugs close by it’s a battle.

  86. I love that this vacuum is cordless and lightweight! Amazing! My dream space would be to 100% redo my kitchen in my 1940s house!

  87. Love that it’s portable but most importantly light weight. I have a very bad back and lifting vacumns kills it. This would be awesome on my hardwood floors throughout our home

  88. My dream space would be an office all my own.

    With the Dyson, I love how lightweight it appears to be and that it can reach spaces high and low.

  89. I love the Dyson because it is lightweight ( great for back problems), does both carpet and hardwoods and has Dyson suction! It doesn’t get better than that! My dream place is on a mountain overlooking water.

  90. The bedroom is my favorite and what I love best about the dyson is that it is cordless and it’s light weight , which will be good for my back problems, and that it works good on carpet and hard surfaces.

  91. My dream space is a brand new kitchen.. apron sink, butcher block counters, a unique center island.. ahh I can’t wait for my dream space!
    I would love the Dyson for capturing the microscopic dust on my kitchen floors! Dark wood floors in my kitchen and lots of light coming in shows every single spec of dirt!

  92. My dream space is to just have things simple and clutter free. I don’t like it whne my home is a mess. I don’t need a lot of stuff…just simple things.

    I love everything about the Dyson! It would be nice to vacuum all flooring at one time…rugs, hardwood and carpet. My current vacuum won’t work on the rugs and it can make it hard to keep them clean. I really love the colors of the Dyson. I am a purple color fan! ;)

  93. My dream space would be a huge kitchen with lots of cupboards, and lots of counter space. I love that the Dyson DC59 is cordless.

  94. My dream space is my master bedroom. I would love to have it be my own little oasis. I love that the vacuum is cordless and easily maneuvered. Being a busy mom of 3 boys, I need something quick and easy. Love!

  95. My favorite space is my master bedroom. I love the fact that the Dyson is cordless and goes from tile to carpet with ease.

  96. My dream space would have to be a large master bedroom. It would need to have a large king sized bed so the whole family could climb in,including the dog. The Dyson features I love the most are the mini motorized tool for tough tasks, lots of pet hair on carpeted stairs.

  97. My dream space could be my master bedroom…if I’d finish it.

    I love that the Dyson is cordless and lightweight.

  98. My dreamspace is a condo on the Gulf Coast to spend winters in…I love this unit!! and want one. It reaches areas like under the beds and such and is lightweight!! I love my DC65 Animal Complete!!! just got it. I bit the bullet… these are pricy, but worth every penny!!!

    1. Having a disability of my hip joints, I am very limited to push, pull and lift constraints. My dream bedroom would be able to change own sheets, pick up after me and be very feminine without being overly froo-frooish. The thing I loved about this Dyson is the fact that I could sweep myself instead of relying on others….which can sometimes be too infrequent for me, lol!!!

  99. My dream space would be a sun room. The cordless feature is the best but I also like you can reach the air vents in the cealing also. Wonderful it’s so light weight.

  100. I like it’s versitlity . My dream space is also my master bedroom suite, as at the moment we are renovating a 1920’s craftsman every roo. Needs doing so it would be so once to have somewhere to sleep at the end of a work day.

  101. Love that it’s cordless!!! My dream space would be a room covered in pillows – the perfect snuggle and reading room.

  102. I have my dream space. It is a sewing studio and the only room on my second floor. Which is why a cordless vacuum would be ideal for cleaning the stairs and small enough to keep in the sewing room for thread messes.

  103. It’s cordless and portable. I can just pick it up and clean up a mess having 2 kids under 3 this would be amazing to have!!!

  104. My dream space is our master bedroom. With our king size bed and under the bed dresser, we have to optimize our space.

    For our 1 year anniversary, my hubby bought me a Dyson Animal. 11 years later and I LOVE it!!!

    I like how this is light weight and cordless, allowing me to switch rooms without unplugging and lugging the weight of my Animal.

  105. My dream space would be to have a larger front porch. We are getting some laminate floors put in this week. This Dyson would be great. I love that it’s cordless and has a charging station. It would be easy to teach my 11,8, and 5 year old how to use and help around the house.

  106. Love the fact that you can do carpet as well as hard wood floors . I have a 100 year old home. And a upstairs. ..would be lightweight for me and no cords. ..Love.

  107. Like you I also have four boys, so my dream space would be a large comfortable family room filled with storage. Plenty of space for all of us to enjoy Family Movie night with no one on the floor.
    I love how light and portable the Dyson DC59 is, great to clan up all those crumbs that boys make.

  108. My dream space is my master bedroom as well. It is a hodge pudge of stuff leftover from the rest of the house.

    I love the versatility of the dyson. The cordless feature would totally help when vacuuming my stairs.

  109. My favorite feature or features is that it’s detachable (I could easily vacuum my van) and that it’s cordless. My dream space would be a cottage within walking distance to the beach. I would love to one day retire with my husband to a small cottage-I don’t care if it’s a one room cottage, just something sweet, cozy and relaxing.

  110. I love my house! But have so many ideas of ways to decorate. We just don’t have the budget for it. I am always looking for things on clearance. So, my total vision is never completed. My dream space would be to do my bedroom just as I envision it and shop for everything at once. I LOVE that the Dyson is cordless!

  111. My dreamspace is an immaculate, calm & tranquil master bedroom. The Dyson D59 Motorhead would complete the dream! No big vacuum to pull from room-to-room, no constant unplugging, and ability to reach my 14 ft ceilings! What a thrill to move from carpet to wood to tiled bathroom with ease. Please make my dream a reality!

  112. My dream space is a covered porch with a fireplace.

    Dyson DC59’s ability to go from one function to the next so easily is like a miracle!

  113. My dream space is getting my backyard done, so I can entertain and sit outside in the morning with coffee but with kids going to college next year it just is not going to happen. I love the fact that the Dyson is lightweight and cordless.

  114. Love the cordless feature and extended battery life. My favorite space is sitting in front of our wood burning stove during the winter months. I know this would be great for cleaning up the mess bringing in wood and removing ash makes.

  115. I would have to say my master bedroom as well is neglected. We have two boys at home and everything in the house seems more pressing to decorate. Our bedroom needs much attention. That would be a dream of mine for our bedroom to be an organized, beautiful, relaxing space for my husband and I to enjoy. I’m loving your color palette!
    I have a dyson vacuum that is 9 years old. It still works great but is pretty bulky to carry around the house. I like that this new vacuum is smaller and cleans up the microscopic dust. My boys and I have allergies so there is a lot of vacuuming going on!

  116. Would L.O.V.E the cordless feature. My dream space would be finally remodeling my bathroom after moving in over 8 years ago.

  117. My dream space would be to find an old farmhouse with some property …. A little of a fixer upper. How I dream of a day that I can walk out of my kitchen, in the morning with a cup of coffee and gather fresh eggs from our chickens!

    What isn’t there to love about this Dyson!? Cordless, lightweight, more powerful then most uprights… And micro dust picker upper??? My OCD is alll about this vacuum!

  118. My dream space is an old farmhouse. A place will lots of land and animals. A place where I can live off the land- growing my own food and taking care of animals while teaching my 3 girls hardwork and responsibilty. Teaching them to be self sufficient and to enjoy God’s beautiful creations!!! Love that this is cordless, lightweight, and covers carpet and hardwood. Also love the docking station and the COLORS-makes cleaning a little more fun!

  119. I love that it is cordless and can do both hardwood and carpet! My dream space would be a new house and a nice yard, lol. We are *trying* to get ours ready to list and it is wearing us out!

  120. I think I like most the claim that the Dyson is lightweight and powerful. I am 63 and developing arthritis in my right arm. It is harder and harder for me to use my old, and expensive, Sears canister vacuum and I could sure use something that is easier and lighter. My dream room would be my living room. It is a narrow, rectangular room and it needs painting and furniture that fits the space. I am trying to do these things but afraid I am not very talented. Know things I like but can’t seem to pull them all together.

  121. My dream space is our back porch – which, by the way, is in major need of a re-do! If I had the money, I’d make it more of an outside living space. I have so many ideas but so little cash! LOL. I do need to focus on one room at a time though, so I have to say thank you for sharing that tidbit.
    What I love about that Dyson? The narrow head that looks perfect for going under furniture. I love the fact that it is so little and lightweight too!

  122. My dream space would be to have my kitchen to have a facelift! It’s the room that everyone likes to gather in.Also having 2 cats and a dog the cordless model would be awesome !!!

  123. My sons and I are currently praying about homeschooling next year. The cordless dyson would work great in the school room and it would be a good example of the inventor who never gave up after do many failed attempts.

  124. Without a doubt, the lightweight portability of this little machine would be my favorite feature – it would make the dreaded chore of cleaning the stairs much less dreaded…thanks for such a great giveaway!

  125. Having fallen off a very young horse four year ago, I’ve suffered from severe back pain from four agitated spinal discs; a very light and cordless vacuum would make cleaning so much easier for me! My dream space would be a little house nestled in the foothills of mountains where I can keep my horses in a simple paddock just outside my front door, while also being able to see the ocean as well. I love coastlines and mountains!

  126. The feature on the Dyson DC59 Motorhead thatI would enjoy the most would be it being lightweight. I own a Rainbow vacuum and it does still work well after 10 years it is just too heavy and cumbersome. I suffer with fybromyagia and the Dyson would be so much easier for me to handle. I like that it is cordless and poweful and I can vacuum my furniture without being in pain and exhausted.

  127. My dream space is out bedroom. All the grand kids jump on the bed and get their diapers hanged. It’s auntytt’s and Honeys house to all. Our room is all rustic with a big king size log bed so the kids love it. Many many naps have been taken by all. Would be honored and thrilled to have a portable Dyson!

  128. Love Dyson!!!! I love the portability of this vacuum, so wish I didn’t get central vac in my house and would have just got this vacuum!!!!

  129. My dream space will be my back enclosed patio when I finally get it done! With 1 hairy dog, 1 fluffy cat and 2 sons that work construction, the lightweight, cordless and super suction just might make my days a little easier! :)

  130. My dream space is the landing at the top of my stairs. We opened the space up with a dormer and I dreamed of it being a cozy reading spot…not the dumping ground it currently has become. I love the cordless feature. That would be perfect for vacuuming those stairs up to my dream space.

  131. My dream space would have to be a enclosed porch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean! My favorite Dyson DC59 feature has to be that it has 3xs the suction power. This would be helpful with cleaning up the sand that comes in from long walks on the beach.

  132. Dream space is my master bedroom. The Dyson is super light weight, cordless and awesome on stained concrete floors as well as hard wood. Love me some Dyson!

  133. My home is my dream space. It’s not perfect by any means but it is my home. Since retiring from teaching I’ve gotten to stay home and be with my four dogs and we all enjoy the house and garden together. They also like to ride in the car and do errands with me. I like the Dyson because it looks great, is portable, and easy to handle. And I could vacuum my car without a cord!!

  134. My dream space is my living room which just got beautiful new hardwood floors. I love the fact that the Dyson could vacuum the hardwood floors and my shedding wool rug at the same time. Sweeping everything my three boys and our dog track in is wearing me out!

  135. My dream space would be a cabin in the mountains big enough for family and friends to share whenever they wanted and for me to eventually retire in. There is nothing better to sooth the mind, soul and body then to be with friends and family and be in a peaceful serene setting. The Dyson DC59 Motorhead would be wonderful in a space like this because it is portable, lightweight, and cordless and has so many features a regular vacuum does not have. It would keep my dream space clean from top to bottom!

  136. My ideal room would be filled w/greys, yellow, and white to brighten it up. It would be somewhat shabby sheak (sp.) and consist of both old and new items. It would also have enough storage to hide any toys or miscellaneous items of my 4 boys! The fact that the vacuum is so light and cordless is awesome. Then I would be able to lug it all over the house!

  137. My dream space is my last house on a small lake. We moved for my job, oh how I miss that house. I love the fact that this is so portable, great for cleaning my new hardwood floors, we had to replace all of our carpets after they were ruined.

  138. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT: collects dust (child with allergies) lightweight (I can do stair and curtains) cordless (old homes do not have enough plug ins). I could go on. Sounds perfect! And I am like you, too many rooms are projects all at once, and the dream space changes, but ultimately I believe it would be a very luxurious bath to relax in. Love your posts!

  139. My dream space is a little beach house, right on the beach!! I would love love love it!!

    One of my favorite things about the vacuum is the suction power it has for a cordless!!

  140. Dream space: Enough property to enjoy with my sweet family without having neighbors right under my arm pits. I love people but everyone needs some space. Speaking of space the Dyson DC 59 is a space saver AND cordless. What’s not to like. :)

  141. My dream spcae is a little room I am fixing up just for me. A space where I can read, watch a show or check my blogs in comfort, simplistic beauty quiet. This would let me keep it spotless with little effort, maybe even givingme time for a quick nap.

  142. My dream space is my whole house because this my first house…I bought my house in cash after 13 years working cleaning houses. I am a single mom and I really love to clean and Dyson always was my dreamy vacuum but with the new DC59 Motorhead cordless I can do my job much better!! DC59 centralizing weight distribution of the brush bar driving stiff nylon bristles into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt. Powerful cleaning across hard floors and carpets!!!

  143. My dream space would be the kitchen.I love the idea of going from carpet to hardwood floors and the ease of use on stairs.

  144. My dream space is my master bedroom. I am currently working on it. It’s been a dream for a long time coming! I’m anxious to see yours finished too.
    I love the lightweight and cordless features of this vaccuum. It would make cleaning up after my 5 children much more convenient. Maybe even fun??!!

  145. I love that the Dyson is cordless and lightweight. Would love to win!

    My dream space is anywhere I can read without interruption. ;)

  146. My Dream space is my family room. To have a multi purpose room where the whole family can gather to play games, watch movies and sit and share dreams. That offers space for the grand kids along with the grown ups all together. This vacuum is perfectt! I love the fact that it is cordless and light weight!!! Makes cleaning faster and easier!!

  147. I would love a enclosed sun porch. Coffee in the morning overlooking my flower garden.
    I like the light weight, easy to use design. Also that it can go from hardwood to carpet.

  148. I love that the Dyson is lightweight and portable… it has over 20 minutes of vacuum time. My “dream space” would be a screened porch with attached deck. I’d like the porch to be large enough to have a comfortable eating area for three seasons of dining in the great outdoors. The landscaping I’ve got covered… it’s my passion and means of sanity! Oh my!… some where to read and eat and socialize and keep my 8 month old grandson safe, yet “free”. Yes!… a screened in porch!

  149. My dream space is my lake place & my favorite feature is floor to ceiling cleaning! Sounds like a perfect match!!

  150. I am amazed to see how much power is associated with this cordless vacuum. Will work great with my house full of dogs!

  151. My dream space is the family room. I would like to have a family room that is not only pleasing to the eye, but warm, inviting and comfortable. I would love to have that room so inviting that it literally ‘welcomes’ you in! It is really difficult to narrow down a favorite feature or the Dyson as it has every feature you could want….lightweight, powerful, cordless, and it works great on every surface in every situation! For me, it would allow this old woman with the bad back the luxury of being physically able to clean! Thank you for giving us this chance to win!!!

  152. My dream space would be redoing out well-worn living room in a light cottage feel. And that vacuum! I’m familiar with Dyson, but not this beauty. My favorite thing? No cord. Hate those things getting in the way. Second favorite, looks like a power tool.(Is that crazy?!) Love my power tools!

  153. Dream spot is at the lake in Arkansas in a cabin with the view of the water.
    Would love the ease of the Dyson to take room to room and 24 minutes of clean time before charging.

  154. My dream space would be a renovated kitchen. I love this Dyson for its portability and ease of getting around.

  155. My dream space would be my family room. I like mine well enough but I still feel that it’s not yet “quite right”. (And that makes me sound ungrateful which I have no right to be!!) Anyway, I had never heard nor seen this Dyson beauty but my oh my Dyson has done it again!! Handling all the different floor types so easily is a feature that “floors” me! Thanks for this opportunity, Dyson!!

  156. My dream space is the bathroom. I need the Dyson. We have 3 floors and the stairs are carpeted…. Lugging the vacuum up the stairs is too much work.

  157. My dream space would be a house on a beach with white sands and clear waters…my dream space at home would be too many things to mention! I love all of the aspects of the Dyson! Especially that it isn’t huge to lug around or reach up into higher places.

  158. My dream space would have to be a fresh, updated master bedroom. My favorite feature on the Dyson is the lightweight portability, I need one of these to vacuum my stairs!

  159. My dream space is a lakefront home with gourmet kitchen, hardwood floors and a lot of windows! My favorite feature of the Dyson DC59 Motorhead is that it is cordless. It would be wonderful to not get twisted up in a vacuum cord!

  160. My dream space is the new house we are building. And I love that this Dyson is cordless, works well on both carpet AND hardwood, and still has the technology of a Dyson. Super cool! Would love to win one!

  161. I love that this is cordless, this means MY KIDS could easily help me clean without lugging around a heavy vacuum!
    My dream space would be a tiny little cottage on the beach:)

  162. I love that thd Dyson is so powerful, yet light and easy to handle. I dream of ating a beachy cottage bedroom.

  163. Dream space would be a porch with a relaxing outdoor space and a hammock! And I love that the Dyson works well on hardwood floors and is easy to carry around! Score!

  164. My dream space is a large master bedroom with a cozy seating area. I love the idea of the carbon fiber filament for cleaning hardwood floors. I would LOVE to own one of these handy dandy machines!!!

  165. Ahh, my dream space. A small cottage high on a bluff overlooking the ocean! And I love anything cordless…

  166. My dream space would be my bedroom. My husbands and my space. With grandchildren here every week end it is our get away space. It needs a makeover. I would love to have the Dyson for its incredible power and it is light weight and cordless! This would sure help me get my floors done more often because I have a bad back and it is hard for me to use the regular vaccum’s because they are so hard to push and get around. The Dyson’s light weigh feature would be so much easier on my back.

  167. My dream space is my family room with double french doors, that leads to the deck and pool. The Dyson would work great for the hardwood floors and for keeping the fireplace area clean!

  168. My dream space would be an improved patio space outside my sunroom, with a pergola to filter the sunlight. I love the Dyson feature that makes it lightweight enough to vacuum my steps plus use it in my second floor bedrooms.

  169. My dream space is my craft room where I can go to relax, unwind and create! I love that the Dyson is cordless and holds a charge!

  170. My dream space is the kitchen from the movie “Practical Magic.” My favorite feature of this Dyson is that it can be used on carpet as well as hard floors. I would love one of these for our condo.

  171. My dream space is our Master Bedroom. With my little ones running around it is one of the only mostly quiet places in our home. But those little kiddos also think that its a dumping ground for all of their toys and clothing.
    Having a Dyson Motorhead would not only save me a ton of hassle cleaning up my dream space but also the rest of the house and all of their messes.

  172. My dream space is a waterfront home with large windows overlooking the water. I like the cordless feature of the Dyson and the fact that it is lightweight

  173. My dream space is a basement for my three boys to play in and have a man cave! I love that the vacuum is cordless. I love everything about a Dyson!

  174. Let’s face it, it’s cordless! With a brand-new apartment and I’m in need of a vacuum this would be a great addition to my new space!

  175. My dream place would be a cute cottage in the cool pines. I love that the vacuum is small and light weight. Since I have hardwood floors and rugs this would be perfect, Thanks!

  176. I would love to won/own the new Dyson DC59. I have the original Dyson DC animal large vac and wouldn’t trade it for any other vacuum. I have had excellent customer service when i needed to call and get parts or any questions i had cleaning it etc. I have had my Dyson for over 10+ yrs and love love love it. It would be great to have a smaller more portable one instead of every 6-8 months getting a new swifter vac bc i go through them so quickly. As soon as i seen Dyson had come out w/this portable one I WANTED one !I am loving that it you can use it anywhere. I end up getting out the big Dyson to pick up what my Swifter could not and its a hassle when its just crumbles. So thinking hard about my DREAM space I think it would be a beautiful bathroom w/lrg soaking tub that is next to a lrg window over looking the beautiful backyard. The view would be relaxing and amazing. Well enough about dreaming back to the Dyson :) Its a great invention and I can’t wait to own or win one :)

  177. I love that it’s light weight enough to take up and down stairs. I like the easy to use cup to get rid of all the yucky stuff that is sucked up. Dyson products are high quality and this sounds like a dream machine. I want one!

  178. I forgot to mention my dream space- a bright sunny huge craft room (self-cleaning). If it can’t be self-cleaning then I can use this cool Dyson machine!

  179. Cordless and powerful! Easy for everyone including kids and seniors to use. My one room to focus on and dream about currently is my 14 year old who is ready for a change. She has it all in her head and together we are trying to pull it off. She already painted one of the small walls chalkboard black. Hope to finish by school’s start!

  180. My dream space is my sewing room …I dream a lot in there!

    I love the idea of a cordless vacuum that can go from floors to rugs.

  181. Hi Traci, my dream space would be an outdoor courtyard with fountains, that is very, very quiet and private. It would have good, cool breezes, some citrus trees and happy bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. My favorite feature of this vacuum is that it is cordless. I also like that it is lightweight and can clean on hardwood floors and carpet. I like how powerful Dyson vacuums are.

  182. It is cordless. Going from upstairs to downstairs wouldbe so much easier ! I’m excited about the possibility!!

  183. My dream space would be a spacious screened porch. I have stairs in my home and being able to clean floors and steps would be a great feature! Pick me!

  184. My dream space is a clutter-free master bedroom! I love the dyson because we have a 2 story house and cordless/lightweight would be amazing for carting a vacuum up and down the stairs!

  185. My dream space would be a covered patio overlooking the ocean. I love that the hardwood floor feature.

  186. My dream space would be a reading room :) shelves upon shelves of old books and a comfy chair next to a sunny window! Love that Dyson! Thank you for the opportunity <3

  187. I love that it can be used so easily on stairs. That’s my 4yr olds chore and it’s so hard to use the big dyson.

  188. My ultimate dream space would be a lush outdoor pool/patio area with shade so I could truly enjoy the amazing Oklahoma weather we are having! In the meantime, my front porch will have to do! Love the Dyson-especially that it will do carpet AND hardwoods…

  189. Oooo, a cordless vacuum with long reach — how exciting. I too have 4 boys and we just added a dog, so clean floors are hard to come by, but I try! Boy would this make it easier! Would love to win this sweet treat! Thanks! And love your bedroom board, so grown up and sophisticated!

  190. I have an old, heavy vacuum and would love to have this Dyson!! My dream master bedroom would be right here in my home with new bedding, window treatments, and a place to relax privately. Excited and expecting good!

    1. Don’t know why i can only comment as a reply!!! The best this is…duh…it’s cordless and even better, it goes small to vacuum stairs. I’ve fallen down my huge flight of stairs twice and broke my favorite vacuum, although I got by with a few dents and bruises. Now it gets swept, so you can imagine how clean that is! i’d love this.

  191. I love that it is cordless. Makes it so easy to quickly clean up. My dream space would be a renovated kitchen. I mean we have teal Formica. Enough said!

  192. Love your website!! The Dyson is awesome – love that it is cordless! I have been looking at it for a long time, dreaming… Hope to win!! My dream space is a home in the mountains, all the rooms “done”, unlike my current home which is note done at all!!! Thanks!

  193. My dream space is a relaxing master bedroom! And the feature I like most is that it’s more powerful than my vacuum cleaner while being so lightweight! My current vacuum cleaner is so heavy and hard to use.

  194. My dream space would have to be a master bedroom with a walk out balcony overlooking the ocean. Nothing can beat that wonderful view and the sound of the waves! I love that it is cordless!! Would be so nice to have especially living with a toddler and two very furry animals!

  195. My favorite thing about the DC59 is that it is cordless. I would be able to vacuum my car out my trunk out, heck I may even vacuum the porch…lol :)

  196. My dream space would be a house on a lake with lots of closets, built in storage and a pantry and big windows overlooking the lake. I would absolutely love a cordless Dyson. What I love is that it has 3X the suction of any other brand of cordless vacuum. I bought a cheap cordless vacuum a year ago and it has almost no suction and is useless, so I never use it.

  197. My dream space would be a lovely beach house with my grandchildren there. I love the idea of the Dyson cordless, it would be wonderful not having to deal with that cord.

  198. My great room is my dream place. I love the fact that its cordless and because I have both hardwood and carpet and can go seamlessly onto either floor! I so hope I win!

  199. The detachable feature sounds wonderful! Love my dyson upright but its not nearly as portable as this new one. I dream of a true master bedroom/bathroom oasis. We always work on every other space first. ..never our space.

  200. Hi Traci and thanks for the competition I had no knowledge of these little ‘hoovers’ and I think they are grand! I am in the process of getting a small town house – I live in the big house by the Atlantic Ocean where Dyson’s are known to not be broken by sand…
    So for me all rooms are ideal and I have the blessings of girls and boys… teens and smaller… Life is so good to me I am eternally grateful :)
    Sorry I digress..
    The children’s rooms I feel are the dream space I would love to create and with this compact machine, every nook and cranny could be got at…
    The feature I really appreciate is the pivoting point of the weight using Archimede’s principle to leverage the pivot. Not withstanding is the easy empty push button style, the V6 350W motor, 2 tier radial cyclons….
    Excited to win
    Grateful to be part of the competition
    and gonna look more on your site for ways to decorate this town house :))))

  201. My dream space would be a new lake house with more than one bathroom. I love that the dyson is lightweight and cordless.

  202. My dream space is my home, that I share with my wonderful husband. I love cooking and entertaining, with family and friends. The Dyson two tier cyclonic suction feature would be wonderful on my kitchen’s hardwood. I would especially love it for picking up crumbs around my sweet grandson’s high chair! Love the fact that it is lightweight and cordless. Would really enjoy this in my home!

  203. My dream space would be a sun room! I love the cordless feature that would be great to grab n go, to get the job done quick!!

  204. My dream space would be a big screened in porch that we could eat at and relax on without bugs! I like that the dyson is lightweight.

  205. We built a house last year. It for sure has been a dream come true but I would love that Dyson for it’s lightweight and ease of use.

  206. I’m happy and content with my home so my dream space is my garage!! Would love to make it over with awesome storage, newly painted walls and new epoxy flooring. I love the Dyson will go from carpet to hard floors!!!

  207. Love the bedroom. I love putting primary colors together. So simple and clean. That days on would be great. I live in a small one story with all hardwoods and a shedding dog. Would make life so easy.

  208. I love this Dyson because it is small enough and powerful enough to vacuum the main stairs in my home. I love the cordless feature. My dream space is a new laundry room!

  209. My dream space would definitely be my kitchen! And I love that the Dyson is so lightweight that you can use for floors AND ceilings!

  210. My dream space would be a cottage at the beach! I love that the vacuum is easy to use for high, hard to reach places.

  211. My dream space would be the kitchen. I love that this dyson goes from floors to hard floors with out taking special steps. Thanks for the opportunity.

  212. I have lived 9 hours away from my children and grand children for the past 12 years so any home closer to them would be my dream space!! My favorite feature of the Dyson DC59 Motorhead is that it is cordless :)

  213. My dream space would be a big screened-in porch where I could relax and read and drink iced tea. I love that the Dyson is cordless and portable.

  214. my dream space is our new sunroom that we’ve gutted and don’t quite know how or can afford to finish, lol! Hopefully it will end up a second area for our son to have his teenage friends hang out! The dyson’s light weight ability to be hand held going up stairs????? Yes please!

  215. feature for me would be the portability…from carpet to hard surface to stairs”…and the lightweight size! Ooooh…I can dream!!

  216. It’s cordless! I have stairs, that I hate cleaning, that would help so much. My dream space would be bright, I have very dark walls now and it’s depressing.

  217. Dream space – a relaxing oasis of a master bedroom….I look forward to using this cordless vac on the stairs that my husband wont let me take the carpet off of.

  218. my dream space is the master bedroom. a place to get away and close the door. if only for a few moments.
    i love this dyson because it is portable and with boys and dogs that is always a good thing.

  219. I love the suction power and the versatility from floor to stairs. My dream space would be the master bedroom .

  220. I love that it’s cordless, you can empty it with one hand and that it’s light! I have arthritis and this would be perfect! My dream space would be a master suite instead of just a bedroom. My kids are older and sometimes I need to retire and rest a bit. They end up following me after they realize I’m awake but my room isn’t very large so we all end up on my bed.

  221. The portability would be my favorite feature. Upstairs, downstairs, car, rugs!! I’d love to win one, as I hear nothing but fabulous things about Dyson!!

  222. Does it have to be just one???? It’s cordless, it’s portable, it can be used on multi-surfaces, it’s lightweight, it’s even cute!

  223. I also have a neglected master bedroom that I’d love to turn into my dream space Having a powerful, portable vacuum to keep it clean would be awesome!

  224. I would love a large dog trot style home with a huge wraparound porch – the front looking out at lush trees and the back overlooking a beautiful lake – both with lots if comfy trees and porch swings
    I love the Dyson b/c it is cordless and lightweight. 2 great features!

  225. My dream space is my master bedroom, also. I live with 4 boys and a husband – I definitely need a place that is a bit feminine that I can relax in. I love the Dyson because it combines cordless convenience with strong suction. And, of course, it’s a Dyson!!

  226. wow! I love that it can fit and work in small/tight spaces. It seems very versatile! I would LOVE to have one of these bad boys!! :)

  227. I love the power, portability, weight and size of this Dyson! We have been through multiple cordless vacuums and had to replace then all. The most recent replacement was a corded one, purchased by my husband. It comes unplugged multiple times in each.and.every. room. :/ I cannot tell you how many times I have told him we should’ve just bought a Dyson! With 4 kids, 2 adopted kids on the way and 3 big dogs, we would put it to good use! My dream space is an open kitchen that spills into a family room and screened in living space where we can all gather to visit, play games and drink sweet tea. And it would be all the better if it was lakeside somewhere! :)

  228. I love how versatile this vacuum is and that it is cordless. My dream room is having a sunroom with lots of windows to let lots of light in.

  229. My dream space is any outdoor space surrounded by flowers (if there happens to water nearby that would be an added bonus). I love this vacuum because it is so lightweight and because it’s cordless. It would be very easy to use for quick clean-ups!

  230. My dream space is a little beachside cottage. All done in whites and turquoise. Big front porch to drink coffee and watch sunsets. I love the extension pole for the Dyson

  231. My dream space would be an office that was pretty, well organized with a cozy corner for reading.

    The features I like best on the dyson – is the way that you can easily empty and also the docking center seems so great.

  232. My family room in our cabin in the mountains is my dream space. The Dyson looks easy to manuever and would be a dream to clean all three levels, stairs, hardwoods and rugs there.

  233. The house in the movie, It’s Complicated. She’s remodeling the kitchen and master bedroom in the movie but it looks pretty amazing, as is.

  234. Can’t wait to own one -cordless, light weight etc. to name a few features… dream space is the bedroom.

  235. My dream space is my bedroom (after a major make-over!). I know exactly how I’m going to fix it up :). My favorite feature of he Dyson is that it is cordless!!

  236. We have a sitting room off of our master bedroom that i would love to have the time and money to make just on oasis for relaxation and reading!! Hands down best feature about this vacuum is the size and mobility!

    1. My dream space would be a living room overlooking the Pacific on the cliffs of San Diego :) My favorite feature of the Dyson is how lightweight it is!

  237. Dream space – same as you! I dream of an organized master bedroom and closet. It would be so much easier to keep a room clean that is organized and pretty!

  238. My dream space is a library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a ladder that moves on rails around the shelves! That’s a big dream. From looking at the Dyson website, I’d say this vacuum is a great small dream! I love the fact that it’s cordless, but what I’d like best is that it works on both rugs and hard surfaces. The main floor of my house has 1600+ square feet of hardwood dotted with several big rugs–this would be a dream come true!

  239. My Dream space would also be my Master Bedroom. The best thing I loved about this
    Dyson vacuum was the cordless feature and suction power. Would be awesome to win this!!!

  240. My dream space would be a small building on my property that I could do with whatever I wish! My favorite thing about the Dyson is the fact that it’s cordless! How cool is that??? :)

  241. It would be hard for me to pick just one dream room I have a love of all thing house related and believe that every space can be of use and create a feeling of comfort, keeping closets, and cabinets organized and rooms clean is the first way to achieve comfort in my home, which is why the Dyson is such such a great product. It’s deep cleaning and powerful suction gives me a peace of mind no other vacuum can. My home has only one outlet in each room, usually in a very inconvenient location, like behind the couch, hence the cordless model is almost a necessity for for my family of six, four children require a lot of cleaning up after. It would be such a blessing to win this tremendous machine, which we otherwise would not be able to afford.
    Hopeful Mom,
    Joanna Langston

  242. My dream space would be a bright, sunny kitchen. My kitchen now is not a dream, but a nightmare – dark, dark, dark. It would be great to use the same vacuum for every floor in the house.

  243. My dream space would be warm and cozy. I love the wood to carpet feature. That would come in handy at my house for sure.

  244. My dream space would be an outside garden room looking into the garden, with a beautiful day bed, a log fire and surround sound speakers for my favourite music to chill to!
    I would really love the Dyson 59 Motorhead to go clean the laminate flooring, carpeted stairs and landing, tiled bathroom and then the carpeted bedrooms. Easily done with a little help from me!

  245. My dream space would be a larger kitchen with a huge island AND a butler’s pantry! Love that it’s cordless AND lightweight!!

  246. A French apartment in Paris is my dream space and the various attachments of the Dyson DC59 would help make it sparkle.

  247. My dream space is a 3-story victorian in New York or London. I love the portability of the Dyson DC59. Being cordless would make it so easy to use on the stairs and to tote around the house, out to the car, etc.

  248. My dream space would be having a bathroom in our basement. Cordless would be great for going up and down my stairs. Thank you for the giveaway.

  249. I have pine floors throughout my house as well as trim around doors, windows and flooring. It can really collect the dust since there is no carpet to “glue” it down :), That vacuum sounds amazingly versatile for all those different surfaces. And easy for stairs too!

  250. My dream space will hopefully be my master bedroom before too long! I love that the vacuum is so portable!

  251. My dream space would be my home with new wood floors (my old wall to wall carpet is pretty bad!). I’d love this cordless vacuum to quickly clean up those wood floors!

  252. My dream space is becoming reality right now! We are in the middle of kitchen remodel: Yeah and UGH! You know what I mean, Jelly Bean? LOL! I like all the attachments because ALL the spaces in our 60 y.o. house are hard to reach.

  253. My dream space is a Tiny House. If I lived in one, I could clean the whole house in under 24 minutes with my cordless Dyson.

  254. My dream space is a well decorated master bedroom. Big king sized bed, nice vanity, gorgeous wood furniture. The feature I love the most about the dyson is that it is lightweight yet very powerful. I need something that I can clean the stairs with easily and not break my back in the process!! I tried this baby out in bed bath and beyond and it was very powerful and lightweight!! I also love the boosting feature, it would be great for hard to clean spots!

  255. My dream space would have to be my family room with fireplace that is open to the kitchen. Also would love to convert part of our outdoor deck into a screened-in porch.
    My favorite feature of the Dyson is that it works from hardwood floors right on to rugs or carpet! Also my daughter’s bedroom and bath are upstairs, it would be great to just leave one up there for her to use!

  256. I am totally like you Traci… I tackle 4 rooms at a time and yes, it’s frustrating! Lol! Will try and finish one! My dream room would be our kitchen with new stainless appliances and cupboards! :) That dyson looks amazing!

  257. Vacuuming the microscopic dust out of our home with the new cordless Dyson DC59 Motorhead would be fantastic, especially in bedrooms!

  258. My dream space is a fully equipped pottery studio/workshop. I love the fact that the Dyson weighs so little and that it is cordless.

  259. Wow Traci! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this awesome Dyson DC59 Motorhead!!!
    Like you my dream space is my bedroom.
    We live in an old home with 2 dogs! Needless to say it gets pretty dusty and hairy around here! Having the cordless feature is awesome! But the feature I like the most is the fact that it is so light weight and easy to handle. Plus the fact that it self adjusts to clean different floor types. How wonderful that would be since we have both hardwood and carpeted floors. Thanks again!
    Blessings ♥ Betsy @ Upside Down Perfection

  260. My dream space would be one with an actual bed! Not just mattresses but an actual bed to put them on. With 4 kids we always buy for us last. I could use a Dyson to clean baseboards and hard to reach spaces.

  261. Its so light-weight! I have a lot of trouble doing floors after 3 back surgeries and being unable to lift!I could have beautiful, clean floors again!

  262. My dream space would be a house on the beach overlooking Lake Michigan. My favorite feature of the vacuum is that it is cordless! I hate cords! I’ve always wanted a Dyson. Everyone says they’re awesome!

  263. My dream space is our basement. There is space for everyone to do their thing. I love that this thing is cordless. To be able to go from the main floor to the basement and even get the stairs done easier than my struggle now. And the power it has. We live on a farm so there is always plenty of dust and dirt to collect.

  264. My favorite feature of the Dyson is that it is cordless. I am forever running back to unplug and move on to the next room. My dream space will hopefully one day be my master bedroom. I would love to put in board and batten and make it nice and airy.

  265. My new craft/sewing room with wood floors is my dream space. I have always wanted my own room to make my mess and leave it if I need to, now I finally have one and I’m in the process of getting it all set up and organized. If I have to name just one feature that I love about the Dyson it would be that it’s cordless. I detest dragging a cord around and this Dyson would be fantastic on my wood floored craft room!

  266. My dream room is my living room. Aside from the kitchen it’s the most used space in the house. I’m dreaming of the day I can sit down in my beautiful, cozy, beach cottage-y room and snuggle with my one and only.

    I love that the Dyson is cordless and has microscopic dust suction/filtering power. With a wild and crazy dog running around the house all day, fur is an issue. The ease of emptying is also high on my list of “loves” for Dyson!

  267. Dream room: Library. Dyson Best Feature: Lightwweight, powerful, cordless. OK, that’s three features, but who can pick just one?

  268. My dream space is with a water feature outside my bedroom, with lots of surrounding trees. I need a cordless that is light weight because as you get older the muscles go. :)

  269. Defiantly the cordless part. I always get stuck on something while cleaning with that cord. I’ve love a sunroom !

  270. My dream space is an art studio in the quiet countryside surrounded by nature. The Dyson would be great on stairs and getting close to mop boards.

  271. My dream space is my craft room to be more organized and also a place for have extra room for sofa, where I can relax and think creative thoughts! I love the versatility of the Dyson along with the ease of emptying dirt.

  272. I love that this is a cordless vacuum. As for my dream space? I’d have to say it’s my kitchen. I don’t wish to be anywhere else but at home, to be honest.

  273. I love, love, love NO cord!! My dream space would be a tiny little cabin in the woods with lots of lace and ruffles inside!

  274. I love that it is cordless AND powerful. I love that it can do hard wood floors also. I’ve always wanted to own a Dyson and would be tickled beyond belief if I get picked. My dream space would be a small, easy to clean cottage at the Gulf shoreline. :)

  275. My dream space is my master bedroom also. It still needs work but is cozy, comfy and all mine! I love that the Dyson is so versatile and lightweight! Great for those of us with back issues!

  276. I love my kitchen and my family room wich is in the basement . It would be so nice to have this cordless yet powerful sweeper to sweep the stairs . There is a lot of fooed that goes to the basement .

  277. Love that it is cordless! That would make it so easy to use. My dream space is a cozy, bright family room combined with a big kitchen and island.

  278. Um, it’s cordless! Love that! My dream space would be a beautiful, huge back patio to enjoy our beautiful southern summers ;-)

  279. It is cordless and easy to tote around! Who wouldn’t love that? And the Dyson brand, well that seals the deal for me! :)

  280. Cordless! A dream come true! :)
    I would love for my mid-century modern style home to be decorated with MCM furniture and accessories. It’s a work in progress.

  281. I have gotten the chance to use my sister’s dyson vacuum and it was an amazing experience! It was so easy to use and now I am saving up to buy myself one. I may just look at getting this model!
    This is not an ad, clearly without a cord would be awesome, but the clean up on the vac is one of the best parts!
    Wikipedia Dyson and you should see what all this guy has tried to invent! You’ve probably seen the hand dryer, but there are even more things that he has tried!

  282. My dream space is a sunroom on the beach. The Dyson feature I like the most is that it is light weight and cordless.
    Looks great!!

  283. My favorite space is anywhere that my husband, a disabled veteran with COPD and asbestosis can breathe more comfortably…if it happens to be as beautiful as the examples on this page life is very good.My favorite feature…there are many…light weight, cordless, strong suction, multi floor surfaces…etc. but my absolute favorite feature has to be that it picks up the microscopic dust which seems to target my home. My husband and I would be so happy to have one of these wonderful machines. Fantastic!

  284. An old farmhouse kitchen is my dream space. I love that it would be light enough to pull out for quick crumb clean-ups!

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