Sunday Encouragement

Cyndi and I are driving back hone today from the Allume Conference.  Our hearts are so full!

Allume is a conference that focuses more on growing your heart for the Lord than growing your numbers for your blog.  It was just what my soul needed.  The speakers were amazing, and I will be sharing a little of what I learned with you this week. 

One of the special music guests was Karyn Williams.

She sang a beautiful song called “Ordinary Angels.”

In that song, I love the verse where it says, “Just because God doesn’t part the Sea, Pull you from the fire, doesn’t mean He’s not there.  His fingerprints are everywhere.”



Sometimes we overlook the ordinary angels that are in our lives each day.  Listen to this song and see if you can think of an ordinary angel in your life.  Then call them, text them, hug them, or just pray for them.  And don’t forget to thank God for them! 


P.S.  YOU are MY ordinary angels!!


  1. What a beautiful song, Traci. Thank you for sharing. I’m wiping my eyes right now! And the greatest thing is that the message is so true! Thank God for Ordinary Angels!

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