Organize Your Heart – Part 2

Hey friends!  Today I am sharing the second video in my Organize your Heart series. 


I really hope that these videos are received well.  It’s sometimes a little scary to post about your faith, ya know?  :)

But I have felt a tug at my heart for over a year to share something like this on my blog.  It may be to help one of you, or maybe the Lord is just teaching me something.  Either way, it’s all good, right?

May HE be glorified.




HERE is the link to Part One.


Have a blessed day!


  1. Love your heart and prayer organization. I make 3×5 cards when people ask me for prayer, then add it to my collection.

  2. Thanks for this. my prayer life has been lacking and this idea will help. You are so sweet and sincere to share what’s on your heart with us!

  3. Love the prayer folder idea, especially being able to move answered prayer requests to the other side as a reminder of how God is working in the lives of people.

    1. Yes! My mom always told me to go back through my journals and write the dates of when God answered my prayers next to my prayer. Making this prayer journal made me think of her. I think she would like my idea. :)

  4. I thought this was going to be corny and boy was I wrong. I love the whole thing. I agree you get overwhelmed with all the prayers you want to pray daily about & writing them down specifically makes good sense. And, then the sticky notes moved over when they are answered – Love it! Thanks for sharing with us. Your sweet sincerity is very fresh.

  5. Thank you so much for following the prompting of the Holy Spirit and sharing your heart. I just found you and your dear sister via Pinterest a few months ago. As a pastor’s wife and a mom of 4 sons, I sense a connection to each of you! LOL!
    I love the prayer folder and the practical tool it can be in breaking down (what can seem to be) an overwhelming task.

  6. Love this visual! I teach a youth group of 5th grade girls and I would love to share this with them during our Prayer unit! This I think would help them begin a wonderful habit of talking with our Lord! Plus I think they would really like a cute file folder like the one you have :) Have a great day!!

  7. What a wonderful idea and I am excited about making my own prayer folder :) Thanks for sharing Traci. I am really enjoying these videos!!

  8. Great way to organize. I love the portability of it also. I will share this idea with my Tuesday night Bible Study group – Silly Soul Sisters.

    I follow Layla on her blog also. My nephew, Payt, and his wife, Heather, are also adopting from Haiti through a different organization. We are supposed to get Rowen by February. Pray that we will. It has been a long and arduous 3 year journey. However, their journey through adoption has led Payt to a new career with Help One Now sponsoring orphanages in Haiti. Praise God.

  9. Tracy…I love your prayer folder! I have been thinking about how to organize my prayers each day and you offered me the perfect solution, thank you!
    Please continue with this series indefinitely, as it is inspirational and so very helpful.
    Bless you….

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