Organizing our Master Bath Vanity

Warning:  This post is lacking the “wow” factor.  :)

In this “Pinterest Perfect” world, I struggled with this post because it’s really nothing big.  It’s just my unorganized vanity getting organized. 

But this is real life.

And I wanted to show you that I am trying to get organized JUST LIKE YOU!

If it weren’t for this series on my blog that I am sharing with you, I probably wouldn’t have organized our vanity yesterday.  And I am SO GLAD I DID!  My hubby is too!

So I am going to share with you my VERY highly specialized way of organizing called…

3-d's of organizing

Yep.  Impressive I know.  

Let me show you how The 3 – D’s of Organizing works!

Here is what my side of the vanity looked like before…


Step One:  DUMP

Dump all of your stuff into the floor like this…



Step Two:  DITCH

Get rid of all of the stuff you do not use anymore by throwing it away, donating to Goodwill, or giving it to someone else.  

(I threw most of my stuff away.)


Step Three:  DIVIDE

Divide all of the stuff you do want to keep in appropriate storage containers.


Our vanity is an old antique dresser that we turned into our bathroom vanity, so it is “old” looking inside, but I love that.  You can see how we did this project HERE.

dresser turned vanity

I divided my stuff into a wire container on the top shelf that holds all of my cotton balls and cotton makeup circle-thingies.  I used a plastic container on top of that to hold all of the travel size bottles that I use for my trips. 

For my taller items, that are always falling over, I bought this “freezer container” at Marshalls and put them in it.  It is a long, narrow container that works perfect in this space.  These are items I do not use very often, but just need a place to store them.  (I do use my toothbrush often, just not that one.  I use that one to clean my jewelry with toothpaste.   FYI:  Toothpaste is GREAT for cleaning your rings!)


Then I had enough room to put a basket for my hand towels and wash cloths!  Something I didn’t have in there before.  Yay!


I applied the 3 – D’s of Organizing to these spaces as well…

My top drawer…


Cy’s top drawer…


Cy’s bottom cabinet…


I took all of these photos on my phone, so sorry it is not the best quality.  

I was able to divide all of Cy’s stuff in just two containers:


So you get the idea.  I dumped.  I ditched.  I divided.

I also wanted to show you want I did to help my boys stay organized in their bathroom.

Each of the boys have their own basket below the sinks in which to store their toiletries.


However, their toiletries would fall all around inside the large baskets.

So for Christmas, I picked up these blue caddies at the dollar store, and filled it with all of their favorite toiletries.  (I can’t believe I had to buy Jonathan some razors!)


Then when they are getting ready, they just pull their caddy out and sit it on the vanity.IMG_3616


When they are finished, everything goes back in the caddy and into the basket.  Out of sight!!!  (Mama likes.)  :)

Now for the reeeeallllly embarrassing photo.  Just keeping it real, y’all.

This is my dressing table where I put my make up on…



Mama mia!  (Don’t look too closely.  Why do I feel so exposed right now?!)

But yesterday, I bought one of these makeup organizers at Marshall’s and voila!


I LOVED getting ready this morning!  So much easier to find everything!


So that’s it!

Nothing big, but man, does it feel better!

Alright now!

Are you organizing your bathrooms, ladies?!!


I showed you my drawers, now you need to show me yours.  



You will get the chance to share on Friday!

Just remember to DUMP, DITCH, and DIVIDE!

Have fun!





  1. You made me feel so normal, and did I laugh when I saw your instruction #1 “Dump all of your stuff into the floor like this…” I don’t know, just didn’t expect you to say that. Anyways, thank you for the “keeping it real” blog post.

  2. I agree with Paula. Thanks for keeping it real. Sometimes, looking at all the perfect rooms and amazing ideas bloggers come up with make it seem an impossible goal for the “average” person to ever reach. More and more I am coming to realize that all y’all are wonderfully average, but super talented and so generous in sharing your talents with us. Thanks!

  3. Great Traci…keepin it real! love it! You did a great job and something that really didn’t take that long :-)

  4. We did a minor update on our old 70’s master bath last year by removing the double vanity doors. We spray painted the inside white and added matching fabric bins from Home Depot. This made a huge difference in how clean and organized the vanity stays, Everything has a place and it’s easy to pull out the bin for what we need. I folded hand towels to fit the bottom of the 3 drawers in the middle and used some old glassware and dollar store baskets to organize them. Now clean up is easy – just throw the towels in the washer and replace them. The texture of the towels helps the baskets and other dishes stay in place. I keep my makeup in the middle drawer. I kept it on the counter for a long time but found that it got dusty and keeping it in the drawer keeps it dust free and hides the clutter. Thanks for your great ideas and inspiration.

  5. Has it really come to this that you have to apologize upfront that your post doesn’t have the ‘w0w’ factor. Never do that again.

    Everything you post and the looksees you share have wonderful value.

    1. Unfortunately, yes, Linda. :( I’ll try not to do that again. So many bloggers have such mad skills that it is hard not to feel inadequate at times. But I’m just gonna keep being me! :)

  6. Traci,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!. For “keeping it real!”., and.. This is everyday life! I see so many “depressing picture perfect bathrooms and makes me sigh, and you my friend make me happy!

  7. I agree, ya gotta dump it all out first, wipe out the cabinet and mental inventory the space and stuff! Last year I found a wire lid that fits on a mason jar at Michaels. I saw them at Target this year. They make me think of floral “frogs”. I put one of those wire lids on a pint mason jar and use it for my make up brushes. I can get ready so fast knowing exactly where each brush is!
    My only question is, what happened to Cy’s Cool Water??!! That’s my fave men’s cologne!!!! ;-)

  8. Nice post. Organizing a small bathroom is often challenging. I often get asked to design space saving bathrooms when the client wants to maximize on space while having adequate storage.

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