Letters of Love…from kiddos! (American Greetings Giveaway!)

Happy Friday!!

I hope you are enjoying my series on Letters of Love!


I am reminded again and again of how powerful words can be.  They can wound us deeply, or they can bring healing and nourishment to our soul. 

I prefer the latter, don’t you?  :)   I wish I could say that my words always only bring healing, but unfortunately that would not be true.  God is still teaching me.

But I LOVE how written words from loved ones, spouses, or special friends can bring so much joy into our lives.   

And wouldn’t you agree that there is nothing more beautiful than love notes from our kids?!!!!

 These are the types of notes that melt our hearts…



I wish ALL of the notes from our children were so sweet, but sometimes they contain a little “truth” too…  


HA!!  I like how “horific”  got sneaked in there.  :)  

And then there are those love letters from children that make us laugh…


Hey, if your child LOVES cows, than consider this a HUGE compliment!!  

This is an example of a letter Eli would write to me…


Such a “boy note.”

And if you are blessed enough to get a picture to go with your love note….well, enough said.


 See how great letters of love are?!!!

I didn’t even receive any of the above letters, but they made ME smile!

My mom LOVED to send cards to people.  It is my goal this year to be better at sending cards to loved ones, and I hope to encourage others to do so as well!

 So, I was super excited when I was contacted by American Greetings to host a giveaway for them because it fit right in with what I was already doing on my blog!

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 8.13.28 AM



American Greetings wants to “share the love” by giving away


FIVE One Year Subscriptions to their ecards and printable cards!!




It’s easy to enter!  Just use the Rafflecopter widget below!


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P.S.  If you need some printable Valentine’s Day cards for Kids, click HERE.

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 *This post was sponsored by American Greetings.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine.



  1. I think there is nothing more special than getting cards. The Lord seems to always know when I need a ” pick-me-up” and so many times it is from someone so unexpected.


  2. I love cards….making them, buying them…..going the extra little mile to let someone know how special they are or just to let them know I’m thinking of them!

  3. All 4 of my children are grown now but one card that my youngest child wrote for me was shaped like a tea cup and had a little poem on it. Inside the little tea cup pocket was 2 tea bags for us to have a cup of tea together, it was so sweet.

  4. I love to send cards from American Greetings–really helps to actually get the cards sent when stamps and snail mail usually move like a snail!

  5. When my boy was little in first grade he had to cut out pictures of what reminded him of his mom. He cut out a picture of mrs America. I have it still in my craft room. priceless!

  6. My favorite cards come from children, their hearts are so pure and filled with love. They make me cry every time if read them!

  7. Even though my daughters are grown and married. I still send them cards. I love reading them and finding the perfect card for them.

  8. My daughter wrote me a note that said I was the best mom she ever had. :) I’m the only mom she has ever had. Not sure who my competition was but I’m sure glad I won.

  9. I have held on to sweet notes that I have received from my precious grown children. I do on occasion take those out from a dusty box that is kept under my bed and laugh or cry while re reading them. I am a preschool teacher and never get tired of reading words of affection from those sweet four year olds. I have to say that since I lost my Mother in 2014, her cards and letters are more special than I ever dreamed one could be. Just wished I had kept more.

  10. I love to look through all the cards I have saved from years past given to me by my children. Some are homemade and some bought, but all so special to me!

  11. Note from your children are the best! I have saved all of mine and love sharing them with my son and daughter now that they are grown. My favorite has to be when my daughter wrote “you are my favorite mother”. Wonder how many mothers she has???

  12. Kid’s letters are the best!! I love sending and getting cards! It is so encouraging to know someone was thinking about you and took the time to write and send you one!! I need to do better in this area!!

  13. I love the special notes my children have written, especially when they were young. Their sweet words, mispellings and their perfectly sweet handwriting…these notes still tug at my heart! ❤️

  14. I sure wish I still had some of those precious notes my children wrote when they were little. I gave them back to my children when I moved overseas some years ago.

    Now that I am back we send cards back and forth. American Greetings are the greatest o help us keep up with one another and to send special greetings too!

  15. I have 6 kids my oldest 33 and my youngest 18 and i have kept all their love notes and cards they have made. and they still do every now and then.

  16. I love greeting cards! I especially love the handmade ones I now receive from my precious granddaughter. They are tangible reminders of our growing relationship.

  17. I get lost in greeting cards. I spend forever in Hallmark stores because I have to pick just the right card for each person

  18. Such beautiful notes you posted from the children. I send cards almost every week to church friends in the hospital or who have lost loved ones. People really appreciate the thoughtfulness!

  19. My favorite note is when my oldest son asked me to marry him! It was written in the cutest 5 year old writing I’ve ever seen!

  20. Love the Love notes! Especially the hand drawn notes my Niece always makes when we visit. We only live a mile away but she has her papers, markers and stickers and always crafts a special handwritten note for a 5 year old to give her Aunt & Uncle!

  21. Like to read, give,send, receive and to make greeting cards! Thank you for this opportunity to win greeting cards.

  22. I don’t have a favorite, but I have all the handmade cards my son made when he was little. He’s now 37 years old & I cherish every card I saved

  23. My kiddos leave me love notes all the time. I love their excitement of spelling the words themselves and giving the card they made to me and my husband. Notes that say “I love you Mom” make me smile and give me peace. I am thankful to have each of my children, God’s gift to me!

  24. I did not know about the printable cards! I will check that out now. I love to send and receive cards of all kinds!!
    Thank you.

  25. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. My son would write little notes all the time for me when he was young. I have saved several throughout the years in scrapbooks. He will be 26 this year. Also “Thank you” for another wonderful giveaway.

  26. All of the letters from my children are the sweetest! I just love seeing their handwriting and reading their message!

  27. My favorite note from a child was one I had taped inside my medicine closet. My youngest child had discovered my calculator. He produced a tape with the biggest number he could generate. He wrote me a note “if you don’t pay me this you will have to get a job” It made me smile so many times.

  28. My favorite love note is the first mother’s day card I got from my oldest son, Sam, in pre-school. They made the cards and took a field trip to the post office to mail them. His teacher told me to expect a surprise and it was when I opened the card he had made and it said, Love, John! He wanted to be John Arbuckle from Garfield. We still laugh about it 25 years later.

  29. Favorite love letter is from my now husband on our last day apart, while he was still in the service. After a year apart that last night miles away from each other was exciting, fun, and a bit scary! Ready for lots of change, but nervous for where those changes would take us.

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