Letters of Love…to our sweet little girl



I have THE MOST EXCITING NEWS to share with you!!!

In July, our family is hosting a sweet little orphan girl from Latvia in our home!  WE ARE THRILLED!!

Is she the sweetest thing you have ever laid eyes on?!!

sanija flowers


We are so in love with her already, and we cannot wait to shower her with love!

All of this has taken place in the last week.  That is why my schedule went wacko last week, and I didn’t get to post like I had hoped. 

We were busy getting things squared away with Project143.


Have you heard of Project143?  

“Project 143 changes the lives of orphan children – ONE child at a time, by providing them an experience that will change them forever – life inside a family.  We change the lives of host families, too. There is nothing more nourishing to the soul, than the experience of giving a child… HOPE. Your family will feel more blessed than you ever imagined after hosting an orphan child.”

I found out about it last fall at the Allume Conference, and I knew that God was tugging at my heart to love on these orphans.  But I didn’t know when or where.


But now I do. 

God has lead both Cy and I to this sweet little girl, and we cannot wait for her to be a part of our family this summer. 

Here’s the other crazy part!!!!

We are starting to fill out adoption paperwork, so IF THE LORD WILLS, she will be our forever daughter!!!! (This is NOT through P143.  Project143 is a HOSTING program, not an adoption program.  Our adoption paperwork is through another agency.)

There are a whole lot of “ifs” ahead of us, and we would covet your prayers, but we have such a Peace knowing that God’s hand is in all of this!

For the record, THIS WAS NOT PLANNED!  This is a total God-thing that unfolded last week.  But we couldn’t be happier. 

I look forward to sharing this journey with you!!

Since I am focusing on Letters of Love this week, I wrote one to our sweet girl.

sweet baby girl


Thank you in advance for your prayers!!!


  1. What a beautiful little girl!! And how beautiful your family for bringing her to your home and pray into your family forever!! God’s blessings for you all in this journey. Praying for your and your family, and God bringing you your little daughter…

  2. How exciting! You all will be in our prayers. I just talked with my daughter yesterday that lives in Tenn. (I live in CA) about a little girl they are hoping to host sometime around June.They were to host the little girl at Christmas time but things changed with the program and she was was not able to come. We are praying for her June visit. Like you our daughter and family are hoping and praying the little girl will become a permanent member of their family. My grandchildren (4 girls and 1 boy…ages 2 to 12) already call her their sister and I am excited to think we will make her our 15th grandchild!!! She, like your like girl is adorable and loved immensely!

  3. Latvia is a beautiful country! We enjoyed visiting there some years ago. We had a lot of adoptive families coming through when we lived in Eastern Europe. God bless as you begin this journey!

  4. What a gift of love and grace this beautiful precious little girl will be to your sweet family and your sweet family to her!! I love your wonderful letter and have tears of joy in my eyes. She even looks like your adorable boys : ) We will be praying for you all. Hosting and adoption are such a beautiful picture of Christ’s love.

  5. Dear Traci,
    I couldn’t wait to see your surprise, and what a wonderful surprise it is! Finally, a girl! We should throw you a “little girl’s shower” when she joins the family! I am so happy for your family and this precious little girl who is going to love you and Cy, and all 4 of her new brothers! May God continue to bless your family and bring you even more joy with the addition of this precious child.

  6. Wow, how exciting; Jesus surely has a plan for your family Traci! You might not have voiced it out loud but a subconscious wish has been granted. This little girl is a gift from God; yet to understand the spiritual significance of this Blessing, you just have to reflect on your life through other’s eyes. You help so many people in this world, not asking for anything in return and what’s really mind losing is that you are Happy, Joyous, and Cheerful while humming along to your inner vibrations. THIS is a Blessing indeed and Quite inspirational! My happy tears for you and your family mingle with all here, showering your dreams with prayers of Hope!

  7. Oh Traci! So beautiful and so exciting for all of you! Praying Gods hands are all over this! May you always feel His peace and may He make the path very clear. What a wonderful new family your girl will be joining! Praising God with you ;-)

  8. Crying happy tears for you. Can’t wait to see how this story unfolds, and I will be praying for your family and this adorable girl. As a adopting mamma, I know that things do work out according to God’s will. :)

  9. Oh my gosh, what exciting news. And she is BEAUTIFUL. Those boys of yours will be so protective of her and just by reading your blog, you and your family have so much love to offer. God Bless you all and Good Luck!!!

  10. I am so happy for you and my prayers are with you and your family and soon to be new family member. We sponsor a young lady in Indonesia through a Christian Agency based in Virginia. Naomi will hopefully be able to come and stay for one year then hopefully return for college. Unfortunately, Indonesian regulations for adoptions prohibits us from adopting but we will wait three more years until she is 18 and adopt her then with Gods blessing. Have a wonderful experience through your adoption! We did with our first child!

  11. She must feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now. Your letter was beautiful. This is very exciting stuff. I can’t wait to
    hear more about it as it all unfolds.

    1. Thank you, Virginia! We cannot wait for her to get her letter from us. I don’t know if she knows anything about us yet, but I pray she can already feel our love. :)

  12. So very excited for you! Will keep in prayer. She is so beautiful and will have some awesome big brothers God willing!

  13. I was adopted at birth, and my life has been blessed immeasurably because of it. I don’t often wonder now, but when I was little, I thought a lot about some of the bad circumstances I could be in if I didn’t have my family. As an adult, I am a huge supporter of adoption and I am so happy that this little girl is going to have you and Cy as a host family (and maybe forever parents?!). What an amazing time in your life, and I will be praying that everything works as it should. God’s will is amazing. :)

  14. A sweet daughter to complete your family! Praying that God will choose to bless your lives (and hers) with this precious child.

  15. Soooo thrilled & excited for all of you!! Praying God’s grace over this sweet angel and His plan coming to fruition!

  16. This is soooo great! I am sure she will love being with you all.

    Fingers crossed for the adoption. My son is adopted and I can honesty say it’s the best thing I have done.

  17. Oh. my. gosh! Stunningly beautiful she is and I cannot see you not hosting her [forever]. She is going to be so in love with [all of] you. You are an angel! Although I have not written to you in a while, I still follow you. You have made my weekend. God Bless Always.

  18. Congratulations and how exciting!! It will be an honor to pray for you, your family and this precious little girl :)

  19. I am so incredibly happy for this sweet girl to become (God-willing) a part of your family. Please keep us updated….what a wonderful testimony y’all will have!!!

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