Boy Mom Madness!!

Y’all!  I am so excited to be participating in the BOY-MOM MADNESS series this week!  

boy mom madness graphic FINAL


We are all familiar with March Madness, but have you ever heard of Boy-Mom Madness?   Yeah, me either.  :)  But I love it anyway!!


15 Boy-Mom Home/DIY bloggers have partnered up to celebrate all things “Boy-Mom”. Like me, these bloggers are the Queen Bees of their household and together we represent a whopping 36 boys in our brood.


I will sit back while you imagine a room full of 36 little guys.

That’s a whole lot of dirt, noise and sweetness!

 I laughed when I looked at the other 14 moms participating and saw that they each had 2 or 3 boys a piece.  I was the only one that had FOUR boys!  Yep!  I’m the winner-winner-turkey-dinner.  :)  I think?

I sat by a lady at church yesterday that had three boys, and she asked me if I had wanted a girl.  Of course I did!  She said that they didn’t have any more because they knew the 4th would be another boy.  Y’all!  Do you know what I would have missed out on if I had stopped at three?!!!!


Yep!  That little guy!   Are you kidding me?!!!  He is the cherry on top of our family!  I wouldn’t take a million girls for my boys!  I love each of them so much, and they are truly a blessing from the Lord.  


That is why I am CELEBRATING being a boy mom this week!   

All of you wonderful ladies with a house full of boys….TREASURE IT!!   Don’t let the world tell you that you “need” a little girl.  I used to hear that all the time, and I let it affect me.   It is a lie from you know where!  God is the only one that knows what we truly need, and he knew I needed these four sweet boys.  :)

Today in this series, we are focusing on Boy’s Rooms!



There is a ton of great inspiration from all of these other wonderful boy moms!

Since I just wrote a post two weeks ago about my oldest sons’ room, I am just going to link to it through this post. 

You can see more pictures of my sons’ industrial “teen” bedroom by clicking HERE or on the picture below!


 You can visit the other participating BOY MOM bloggers

by clicking on their names below!

 Have fun checking them out and be sure to share it with the other “boy-moms” in your life!

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  1. Love that shelf – how awesome! Seriously – amazing – pinning! And thanks for the words of encouragement about being a “boy mom”, too. I’m preggo with boy #2 and just can’t believe how many ppl will say things like “I bet you wish you were having a girl”. Nope – I’m happy in my role as a boy mom, thank you muchly! xx, b @

  2. I totally understand about not trading my boys for a million girls!!!! I have six boys and boy do I feel BLESSED!!!! When I was pregnant with number three, we found out we were having another boy. The comments people made about how awful it was that we weren’t having a girl!!! I cried! So I then decided we would never find out what we were having again. I now have 6 boys and one girl. And no, we never ‘tried’ for a girl. We had three boys, then a girl, and then another three girls. People ASSUMED we’d stop after we had ‘the girl’. Crazy people. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being surrounded by boys!!!! And so does my daughter! She’s very blessed to have six bros!!!! Can’t wait to hear all about the boy stuff! Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!

  3. I am so excited for this!! I have 4 boys also and it seems the blogging world is full of girly stuff with the occasional boy thing thrown in. Thank you for putting it together and finding more “boy-mom” blogs. Love it!

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