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Hey friends!  Today’s post is the last one in our Healthy Living, Healthy Home Series!  I hope you have enjoyed these posts. 

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I am still loving this “oily” journey I am on!  The more I use the oils, the more I am blown away by their effectiveness!

Last month, I tried some new Young Living products, and I wanted to share two of my favorite with you.

The first one is the Lavender Lotion!  This stuff is so thick and feels luxurious when I put it on my skin.  It has completely gotten rid of my “itchy” skin from this winter weather.




Bring life back to your skin with this all-natural lightweight moisturizer infused with skin-loving lavender essential oil. Added nutrients such as wolfberry seed and jojoba oils fortify your skin’s natural moisture barrier to maintain long-lasting hydration.





And these Wolfberry Crisp bars are addictive!  I seriously CRAVE them!  I cannot believe they taste so good and that they are actually GOOD for me!



Wolfberry Crisp™ bars are delicious, naturally-sweetened meal replacement bars. These delicious bars will satisfy your appetite, provide an antioxidant boost to your immune system and supply high-quality protein for muscle building. Wolfberry Crisp bars are all-natural and certified dairy kosher.



Calories: 240 per bar

Total Fat: 10 g per bar
Total Carbohydrate: 22 g per bar
Protein: 16 g per bar (4.3 grams of Whey protein per bar and 6.87 grams of soy protein per bar. There are approximately 5 grams of protein from other sources [nuts and wolfberries] per bar.)

Protein complex (soy: Isolated soy protein, rice flour, malt and salt – whey: rice flour, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and calcium carbonate); organic blue agave (A. tequilana) nectar; raw almond butter; Ningxia wolfberry (Lycium barbarum) fruit; raw pumpkin seeds; raw cashews; raw walnuts; unsweetened carob chips (carob powder, nonfat milk powder, whey powder, fractionated palm kernal oil, and soy lecithin); pure vanilla bean extract and natural banana flavoring. 

Are you ready to join the Oily Revolution?



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  1. Whoa – that is a crazy experiment – I will pop over and read more. Not surprised – Thieves is so awesome!
    Thanks for the reminder to try my new Lavender lotion. The Wolfberry Crisps are on my ER order tomorrow – can’t wait to try them! xo

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