Hey there, friends! I hope you are having a great week!!

The boys are home for Spring Break this week, so we are spending a lot of great time together.  It’s perfect timing since we are celebrating ALL THINGS BOY on the blog this week!   :)

boy style

Today we are talking about “STYLE.”    I think we are talking about our own “style” as boy moms, but I’m going to talk about my boys instead.  (Much less intimidating.)  

So I started going through old pictures so show you how I have dressed the boys over the years, and y’all, I got big ole tears running down my face!  Where does the time go?!!  

Here are my oldest three before Eli showed up on the scene.  As you can tell, I liked to dress the boys in matching outfits for special occasions.  

my pictures 1282

The best thing about boys is it doesn’t take much to make them look absolutely adorable!!!  A shirt and khakis pretty much does it!!  

Look at these pictures of Eli for a post I did with Carters a couple of  years back…


You can dress up or dress down khaki pants.  LOVE THEM!  And we are a big fan of sweater vests and button downs in these parts too.  I love a classic look on my boys. 

I also love to coordinate as a family for special occasions, like Easter, when I can.  I think this picture was taken about 7 years ago because we are standing on mom and dad’s back patio, so it would have been before she passed away in 2009.

I usually start with a dress that I found for me, and then try to coordinate the rest of the family with it without being too matchy-matchy.

april 2009 142_thumb[8]

Here is another example of coordinating outfits….


I found that turquoise dress and loved it, and then I dressed my boys in browns, whites, and khakis because I love brown and aquas together.   Eli had a touch of aqua in his shirt to match his mama!  :)

But other times, I like to totally be matchy-matchy!   I found this great tan dress one year for Easter, and I put all of my boys in inexpensive red golf shirts to match.  This is one of my favorite family pictures.


Ahhhh….my boys!!


Here we are just a few years ago for Dad and Janet’s wedding.  Again, just throw some matching shirts on the boys, and khaki shorts, and voila!  


As the boys have gotten older, I don’t dress them alike as much, but a shirt and khakis will forever be our go-to outfit of choice.  

shower 043

I’m saving my two favorite pictures of my boys for last.  The one below was on the day of mom’s funeral.  I remember wondering if I should take a picture of them on the day of her funeral?  It didn’t seem quite right because the event we were dressing up for was a difficult one.  But the reason that I took a picture was because I knew my mom would want me to.  I knew that she would be so proud of how her grandsons were all dressed up to celebrate her life that day.  She was always so proud of my boys and loved them so much.  I wanted them to look their absolute BEST for her that day.  I treasure this photo.


Jonathan sang Amazing Grace (the Chris Tomlin version) at her funeral that day.  She had requested for him to do so before she passed.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the place.  He was only 10  years old, but he sang is her out for her.  I was so proud of him.

This last picture was taken on the street right in front of our former house.  I was trying to get some pictures of my boys that day to use for a canvas print giveaway that I won.  

You can see that the bottoms of their feet are dirty because I had them walk back and forth, to and from me, a million times trying to get the “right” picture.

IMG_1816 (2)


Thank you, God, for giving me these amazing boys!



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  1. Such a beautiful family and I absolutely love that last photo, especially. BTW – you looked pretty in all, however, that turquoise color looks absolutely fabulous on you!

    1. I was referring to the last photo of your boys walking away with the scripture on the bottom but the very last photo with boots and no pants is so cute, too.

  2. Hi Traci,
    You sure have some handsome young men, and
    a handsome hubby to go with his pretty wife,
    that being you!! lol
    Loved seeing all your photos with your family and of the boys. Lovely.
    Hope you all have a Wonderful Easter,
    Blessings, Nellie
    and bet your Mom would be so proud of that picture of all her grandsons looking so
    svelte and handsome. Bet you are very glad you took it now.

  3. What a “Good Looking” family!!! Them boys are something else Traci !!!! thru the years…. don’t Blink!!! Have a blessed Easter

  4. It’s been wonderful watching your boys grow up and this post really brought a big smile to my face.

  5. I love this post. I have a young son (16 months) and my go to look for dressy is khakis and a polo. Love it. If I had more boys, I’d definitely copy you. My daughter’s dress started our Easter outfits. It’s super colorful so I matched the colors for my hubby and son’s shirts and my jewelry. I hope it turns out. Now off to read more of your posts!!!

  6. Traci, these photos are so beautiful!! I was fine until I read about Jonathan singing at your mommas life celebration…now I’m crying…that must have been so hard and special all together. Boys are such a gift! I am very close to mine as well. They always bring a smile to my face. So blessed to be their momma! Have a beautiful Easter with your precious family. Thanks for sharing al your adorable photos. P.S. That turquoise dress is my favorite…gorgeous!

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