I have a NEW office! {Like the not-in-my-house kind}

Y’all, I am getting a new office!

A real-life, bonafied office that is not connected to my house!  I feel so grown up and all!  :)

It is the perfect space, in the perfect location, for the perfect price.   {Well, it’s perfect for me.}

It needs a little fixin’ up, but that is what we do best!  Cy and I are thrilled to turn this space into an office for Beneath My Heart and my Young Living oils.

I wanted to share a few pictures with you of how it looks now, and then some “dream plans” I have for it.  

So that is the front door that will be replaced real soon…


When you walk in the front door, you will see the kitchenette to your right…


The door way you see in the kitchen area leads to a closet and bathroom…


The bathroom is pretty gross and needs to be cleaned up!


If you stand in the kitchen area, you can see the rest of my office space…


 The “sitting area” will have a couch and chair with a tv on the wall.  It will be a cozy place to hang out, host get togethers, or a place for the boys to chill while I work.  :)

The room beside the sitting area will be the office area.  It will have a desk for my assistant and me to work, and it will also have a huge meeting table to work on.  

Of course, the whole space will get new flooring and new paint.  That will make a HUGE difference right off the bat!

Then we are going to have some fun redoing the little kitchen area too. 

Here are some pictures from my OFFICE board on Pinterest that made me smile.  I am hoping to incorporate some of these ideas into my own office space. 





























I’ll share an update on our new office space next week!

Have a blessed day!!


  1. that will be great! Is this the guest house on your property?…I thought it had panelling so maybe not. What will you do with the old office? Don’t keep us in suspense! :)

  2. Good for you, girl! This is so exciting; I’m really glad for you. Has your YL business taken off? It makes me so happy to think of you being successful doing things you love! :)

  3. I am SO THRILLED for you! Congratulations!! I look forward to watching the makeover progress and I am certain you’ll find a way to include some of your inspiration.

  4. OMG that pink chair. I’ve been searching for something like this. I know you are using it as a desk chair. It doesn’t seem high enough. Is the picture deceiving me? How are you liking it? I’ll run and order it right now if you tell me it’s a good computer desk chair! thanks for the post – your office is beautiful!

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