Lowe’s Spring Makeover REVEALS!

I am so excited to be participating in the

Lowe’s Spring Makeover Reveal Tour!

You guys are going to be blown away with these makeovers!  Seriously, I think my jaw dropped on each one of them!!!


 Lowe’s rounded up a team of all-star bloggers this past Spring to help bring some much needed cheer to some of the hardest hit areas of the US from the harsh winter weather. 

But these bloggers could have never completed these projects in two days without the help of the amazing Lowe’s Volunteers!


These volunteers were ROCKSTARS!!  It is amazing what you can accomplish as a team!

EEK!  I cannot wait for you to check out all of these makeovers!  You will be soooooo inspired!  Be sure to check on each of the pictures below to view each beautiful makeover!

 I am going to start with my exterior home makeover just in cased you missed it a few weeks ago. :)


Beneath My Heart‘s Exterior Makeover


 Cy and I headed down near Nashville, Tennessee to brighten up the exterior of this basic brick ranch.




Brooklyn Limestone‘s Outdoor Oasis


 I am so in love with pergola’s after seeing this makeover!  And the beverage station is adorable!




The DIY Playbook‘s Patio Refresher

i5yMzGsVWV8pjF5fy54PQtug8vDM5wgRgxjUkpxcYUEIt is amazing what you can do in a small space!  Bridget and Casey hit a home room with this makeover!



The Golden Sycamore‘s Bathroom Makeover


 This bathroom makeover is absolutely beautiful!  Allison took this bathroom from blah to AAAHHHH!




Our Fifth House‘s Spectacular Pool/Outdoor Makeover


I kept scrolling back and forth on Carmel’s post comparing the befores and afters!  It is A-Ma-Zing!! 




City Farmhouse‘s Breathtaking Outdoor 


 Jen has CRAZY good design style!  This makeover looks like something right out of a magazine!!




Pretty Handy Girl‘s Front Yard Transformation


 Brittany killed it on this front yard makeover.  It went from dry and dull, to va-va-voom with color!!




Liz Marie Blog‘s Cozy Sunroom Makeover


Liz turned this little sunroom into a beautiful, relaxing space for these homeowners! 




Home Stories A to Z‘s Inspiring Sunroom and Deck Makeover



Beth spruced up two spaces in her makeover.  I LOVE how she took the sunroom from dark to bright and airy!

All Things G&D <— Reveal coming soon! Dusty headed to Maine last weekend for her big makeover and she’ll be sharing all of the details soon. Can’t wait to see what this talented Midwest gal comes up with for the coastal homeowners!

Just A Girl Blog <– Reveal coming soon! Chris has been forced to delay her makeover because of weather issues. Once she reveals the makeover, we will add it to the line-up. And if this makeover is anything like her previous projects, you will definitely want to check it out.


Thanks for stopping by!  




  1. Why didn’t Lowes pick families that really needed help? To me helping spruce up a pool area is pitiful. Why not find someone whose roof leaks and replace it. To me they could have helped someone who really needed it not just doing make overs.

    1. Lowe’s did not pick the people, the bloggers did. Lowe’s gave everyone in these cities a chance to submit their homes, and the bloggers chose which homes to work with. I can’t speak for other bloggers, but not all reader submissions were about leaky roofs and such. It was just a chance to “spruce” up a home for Spring.

  2. Traci ~ I have followed your blog for years (before your mother’s death) and have loved your style, your faith and your decor. PLEASE return to blogging – not advertising. I know you are using this as a vehicle for money but honestly, I might come to your blog 3x a month now. It’s just too much promotion not enough of you. Please come back!

    1. I am so sorry you feel this way. I looked over the past two months of posts, and I have to disagree with you. I am still here! Only one post out of every four or five where sponsored. My main sponsor that I work with is Lowe’s, and they are helping me get a lot of projects done around my house. However, they are a perfect fit with my blog! :) My whole blog has been mainly about renovations we are doing on our home. I had a Yankee candle post recently, but who doesn’t love candles?! I will talk about essential oils about once a month, but I love the product, and it is one of the main ways that we are paying for the adoption of our sweet girl from Latvia. I have been sharing our journey with her on my blog, and will be doing more this summer. I really wish I could please everyone, but I can’t. I do what I can, when I can. My priority is God and my family. The Lord has provided this blog as a way for me to stay home and make an income. If it weren’t for the money I make blogging, I would be going back to teaching and there would be no blog at all! I am trying my best to stay true to myself when I work with advertisers/sponsors. I have turned down many opportunities to make a lot more money because it wasn’t a good fit for my me or my readers. Some of my favorite bloggers have a lot of sponsored posts as well, but I just don’t read those, or I do in order to support them. I know they are moms just like me trying to pay for braces, and college, and car repairs, etc. It hurts my heart that you want me to “come back” because I don’t feel like I have ever left. My blog has just evolved from a hobby to a career, like most bloggers. But I appreciate your honesty and I thank you for sharing it with me.

  3. When I saw the doors on the brick rancher that you and Cy refreshed, “Reflecting Pool” I rushed out, purchased a quart and painted my two back doors. They are such happy doors now. :-) My husband was skeptical at first but now asks what took me so long. That man! Anyway, I love your blog, even with the occasional ad. If it is an ad I’m not interested in I just move on. I still read your blog every time you post. I’m unaffected by the number of ads. I know when I come here that it’s how you support your family. I would love for my blog to take off so I could make a buck or two as well. Thank you for sharing your heart as well as what is important to you and your family.

  4. Traci

    I love your blog and I’ve been reading it for many years now. I’m one of those silent readers that doesn’t comment much but I love what you do. But I do have a question. I read your blog mostly on my phone. When I read your blog on my phone I see adds in the middle of your posts. It really slows down the page. Even as I type this on my phone it is going really slow. It used to not be this way. Has something changed? Your blog isn’t the only one I’ve noticed this on. It seems the mobile version has changed. Right now I see a Dell add on my phone and I can’t make it go away. My phone isn’t old I’m just wondering what has changed.

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