Decorating with Natural Accents

Y’all, the weather has been getting super chilly in these parts, and I LOVE IT!!  Oh my goodness, the morning requires a light jacket, and the afternoons are filled with sunshine and a cool breeze.  We’ve been riding around town every day with our windows down breathing in all the goodness.  Last night, Adam, Eli, and I went to our local park, and the boys played on the playground while I took a walk around the park.  #heavenly

On the way home, we rolled the windows down again and breathed in the smell of burning wood.  Someone was roasting something over the fire, and it was A-ma-ZING!  This time of year just makes my soul sing. 

I have so many fond memories of this time of year…hayrides, campfires, nature walks, football games….so many wonderful things to do outside.  And I think that is why I like to bring the outdoors inside this time of year.  I just can’t get enough of it!


Decorating my home with natural accents is one of my favorite things to do!  That’s why I am excited to share a book that my sweet blog friend, Stacy (from Not Just a Housewife) wrote about the subject. 

I have know Stacy for over five years now, and she is one of the sweetest souls I have met in blogland.  She is the mom of four boys like me, and she loves the Lord dearly.  She has been blessed with the talent of creatively adding natural accents to her home, and she shares her passion with everyone in her new book.


Stacy’s book is full of so many great, inspiring projects with easy do-it-yourself instructions.  It got me all excited about sprucing up our home with natural accents! 

Here are a few of my favorite inspiration pics from Pinterest that incorporate natural accents in their decor…





Check out how cute this little vignette with a wood slice, jars, and rocks.  The cool thing about decorating with natural accents is that you can get the kids involved!  My boys love to collect rocks and things from outdoors, and it makes them feel great when I add them to our home’s decor.  :)





Ahhh…..bittersweet!  One of my favorite things to decorate with in the fall.  Just through them in a bowl with some acorns, and voila!  You have a beautiful centerpiece!






My buddy, Michael, from Inspired by Charm, made these adorable acorns for his fall decor.  I LOVE THEM!!

Natural-Accents-738x1024If you want your jaw to drop and see how natural elements can be used to perfection in your decor, check out Michael’s Fall Home Tour!  #yourewelcome

Now, even though it is fun to decorate with natural accents during the fall season, it can certainly be done year round, and Stacy’s book gives you tips on how to do exactly that!


You can enjoy this book for yourself or give it as a gift!

And if you want more inspiration from Stacy and her blog, click HERE.


Have a blessed day!!

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  1. I love decorating with natural accents. It’s always better than something “made in China”. I am also using wood pieces, flowers, of course, river pebbles, believe or not – corn and seashells! <3 Anyway, thanks for sharing! Amazing :)

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