5 Ways to Decorate with Pumpkins!

We’re talking all things pumpkins here today!
I’ve been dreaming of fall since last winter came… I love all the DIY projects you can do for fall with just a pumpkin. As soon as I saw that the first batch of pumpkins were out at my local grocery store, I was thrilled. For months I’ve been pinning up on Pinterest a few must try DIY projects for this fall.



1. Chalkboard Paint

decorating with pumpkinssource

Does it get any cuter than this? Grab some chalkboard paint and cover a thick coat across the front of the pumpkin or the entire surface!

Take a chalkboard marker or that good ole fashion chalk and write out any text you want.


decorating with pumpkins



2. Flower Vase

Cut open the top and remove all the “guts”…. place an old aluminum can inside and fill with water and your favorite fall flowers.



You can also place a candle inside of your pumpkin to add a warm glow to the space.

I’m in love with this white pumpkin centerpiece.  Perfection!

decorating with pumpkinssource


3. Geo Print Design Painted

Whether you love chevron, polka dots, stripes or color blocking…. pick your print and paint it on.

Place them on top your fireplace mantle or on your front porch for a welcoming fall touch to your home.

I love this contracting color combo from the blog, My Blessed Life.

decorating with pumpkinssource



4. A New Kind of Candle

If you’re like me, you’ve got a collection of candle sticks that could just a fresh look. Store away the candles until next season and place a small pumpkin on top each stick for a new and fun fall look.



I love this beautiful fall table vignette from Kelly at The Lily Pad Cottage... 

decorating with pumpkins



5. Add texture

Pull out the panty hose and stockings you never wear and repurpose them with by dropping a small pumpkin into the foot of the hose – cut and tie off at the top with the twine.panty hose pumpkins


If you’re purchasing the stockings new, get socks rather than full length.




So what do you think?!  

Aren’t those some fun ideas?!  

I can’t wait to get home to Kentucky to decorate my home with some pumpkins!  

I may be using some of these ideas. :)




  1. Ooooo, 2 and 5 are my favourite! <3 I am totally in love with these ideas. I will definitely try this at home. I love pumpkins for decoration. Also, pumpkin soup and desserts are so yummy :D

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