Our Front Porch from Beginning to End

Hey sweet friends! 

It’s Funday Monday!  {not really.  i’m just trying to convince myself!}


I was wanting to show you the pictures of how we built our front porch, but there were a LOT, and it was going to be a long {and maybe confusing} post.

So I got the idea to put all of the pictures into an animated gif so you could see the progression over time. 

I really like seeing pictures like this, so I hope you do too.  It shows our house from the first day we bought it, to what it looks like today.

Here ya go!….





Please tell me what you think!  

Can you believe it is even the same house?!  We have more plans to put a wrap around porch on the addition, and a two car garage on the left of the house, but that is later down the road.  I wish we had the money to do it all at once, but we don’t.  And good things come to those who wait, right?  ;)  It definitely teaches us patience, and I hope it shows our boys the value of hard work and perseverance. 


*This post was sponsored by my favorite home improvement store, Lowe’s.  All opinions and ideas are my own.  We have loved working with our local Lowe’s on this project!  #lowesgirlforlife


  1. I loved seeing the progress this way! Although I had to go through a couple of times to see everything. You have made so much progress – it looks fabulous!

  2. I agree with Michele! Wow, wow, wow! Unbelievable transformation. The whole house is absolutely gorgeous now. And that porch is wonderful. Now you need a couple of rocking chairs on it to sit and enjoy it! It goes to show how much you can benefit from hard work (and of course a very talented husband!) I love how you have painted the whole house white and added those beautiful wood front doors and the peaked roof over the entire front porch really adds to the look of the house. You and Cy have such great taste and yours is one of my favourite blogs for inspiration.

  3. It truly is beautiful. Thank you for answering my question about snow on a gravel sidewalk. I don’t know why but it went into my Spam folder but I did find it. I will be interested in finding out after the winter. Thanks again.

  4. Rather have pix at my own speed. That adi, love the transformation. You all must really be excited and in love with your beautiful porch!

  5. Your vision for this porch and the amazing hard work that went into it are really incredible. Your home looks fantastic!

  6. Amazing!! As with all of your projects, it is such a dramatic change. I think I’m most in love with your new doors. I just keep looking at them.

    1. I know! They are my favorite part too! Can you believe someone returned them because they didn’t like them?!! That’s how we got such a great deal on them!

  7. Gosh Tracy It looks fabulous, as always. The slideshow is a little fast for my taste but I get the picture. I’m telling’ ya, Chip and Joanna got nothin’ on you all! I swear I’m gonna write those sponsors a letter and see if we can’t get some Tennessee fixer uppin’ goin on around there! Lol! ( I wonder where Cy would find the time…

    1. Please do! We’ve always dreamed of having our own show. :) Although I don’t think we could match Chip and Joanna! They are amazing!!! We would like to be best friends with them, though! ;)

  8. Wow! I can’t believe it’s the same house! The roofline on the porch really pulls it all together! It looks amazing! Just wow!

  9. Oh, Traci, I love it! It makes the two-story addition look even better. And to my eyes, the front of the house now has sort of a “country church” vibe, which I absolutely love! I also love seeing the pictures of your boys working alongside you and Cy to bring this dream to fruition. Way to go, girl!!

  10. Traci- I know you told where you got your front door, but I can’t remember. I went back and still can’t find it. If I remember correctly you said it came from Nicholasville, KY. Would you please give me the name of the business? I love your door and would like to do something similar with mine. I love your style, the warmth of your home and every single project you have done. Thanks for blessing us with your talent!

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