BMH Blog Readers’ Christmas Home Tours!

Hey friends!

I am so excited to share this announcement with you!

I am hosting my first every Beneath My Heart Blog Readers’ Christmas Home Tours!


Reader's Christmas Home Tours



There are a lot of very talented bloggers in blogland that will be participating in Christmas home tours this year and sharing them with all of you.  However, there are MANY BLOG READERS who have equally beautiful homes all decked out for Christmas, and we never get to see them here online.

I want to change that!

I want to show off YOUR homes this Christmas season!

Would you help me out?


Here’s what I need you to do!

Take some pictures of your holiday home decor and send them between now and December 11th.

Just a few of your favorite pictures will do!  Be sure to send me your first name and the state in which you live for me to include in the tour.  :)

Tips for taking good pictures:

1.  Don’t use your flash.  I know, it seems weird, but if you take your pictures during the day, you should be able to get enough light for your pictures to turn out good.  (I also can lighten them on my computer if they seem dark.) 

2.  Take some close up pictures of small vignettes as well as whole room shots.  We usually want to take only whole room shots of our Christmas decor, but it is nice to zoom in and focus on smaller areas of your decor as well.

3.  Try not to send me pictures that are too small to see.  :)  Usually pictures at least 700 pixels wide or more will work fine.   I would rather them be too big than too small because I can always resize them smaller on my blog if I need to.

thank you




  1. Sounds like fun! I’ve always wanted to do that. I’m gonna try!! I’m working like crazy to get mine done before Sat. The church ladies are coming for a Christmas brunch! Hopefully next week I’ll have time to take some pictures. Thanks for making available!

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