Her Pink Door!

Hey friends!

I wanted to share the story behind our girl’s pink door in her room!

First off, her room and her closet has not had a door on it, like ever.  We took them off years ago because we used it as a playroom, and I didn’t like the boys closing the door to the playroom.

And we didn’t have doors in her room when she was here this past summer.  (The boys have never had doors on their rooms either until last week!)  We are the door-less family. ;)

I had wanted to find doors for her room before she was with us this summer, but I couldn’t find the right ones.  I wanted old, solid wood doors, specifically 5 panel doors.  I would visit the Habitat ReStore every week but couldn’t find them.  I would find one, but not two.  Or they were a few inches too narrow, or too tall, etc. 

However, I reeeeeally wanted her room to have doors before she was here for Christmas, so I kept on looking.  The weekend before last, I hit the jackpot!

I found two old, solid wood doors at the Habitat Restore for $55 a piece!  That was actually a little more than I wanted to pay, but I snatched them up because I didn’t know when I would find two matching doors again.  


They weren’t five paneled doors, but they were old, heavy, and had the original, cute little brass doorknobs.  SOLD!


I was by myself, so I loaded these heavy doors into the back of my suburban, breaking the reading glasses on top of my head while I was doing it!  It wasn’t a pretty site, but I got them in there!

When I got home, Cy unloaded them and placed them in her room.  He leaned one up against the door to her room, and placed the other one by her closet.  When I walked in the room, I looked at the door by the closet and said, “Is that pink?!!”

I couldn’t believe my eyes!  It was the perfect shade of pink for my little girl’s room!



In all of the time that I looked at these doors at the store, loaded them in the car, and unloaded them at home, I never noticed that one side of one door was PINK!  What are the chances?!




Cy had to change the direction of the lock for the pink side of the door to show.   All I did was clean both doors real good with Thieves cleaner and a magic eraser.  You can see that there are some holes at the middle top of the door that I will eventually try to find something to place over them.  I would fill them in with wood filler, but since I don’t have the original color of paint to paint over them, I think I will leave them alone.  

These doors are probably 70-80 years old, so I will seal the paint with a satin poly in case it has lead in it. 

 The door to her room is an off white color, and I was going to paint it a fresh coat of white, but Cy likes the look of the original paint, so I am going to leave it alone for now.  You can see a little bit of that door in the bottom right of the picture below.


I think it is super cool that the pink door is almost the exact same color as the rug that I have on the right side of her bed.  It kind of balances it all out. 

So there you have it!  The story behind the pink door!  

It was just “meant to be” in my little girl’s room.  Now I am glad that I had the patience to wait so long to find exactly the right doors for her room.  “Good things come to those who wait!”

If you missed my other posts about her room, you can find them HERE and HERE.


Have a blessed day!


  1. I LOVE the pink door! When I first saw the image I thought “That is the PERFECT pink!” And I’m not even much of a pink girl. Then I read the post and my heart beat a bit when you talked about stalking the Restore– I am a pro at stalking my local Restore and of course, appreciate that there are others out there too :D Awesome job on this room and the doors are perfect. God is good. So excited for you to have your girl home at last.

  2. Amazing how things work out when they are supposed to. I have had a series of those lately. It takes my breath away, when I look back and can see how each thing was lain at my feet. Your girl was meant to be….

  3. LOVE the pink door, it was meant to be! Maybe either a little boxwood green wreath or a sign to cover the holes. It’s perfect and precious for your girl. :)

  4. A perfect story for a perfect door! I love it, although I’m not surprised. I had quite a few pink doors in one of my rooms when I moved in… the exact same shade, but latex. I’d check it before top coating. the holes were probably for a coat/robe hanger. Perhaps you could find another cute one.

  5. Be still my heart! Oh, I LOVE, love, love the pink door and the off-white one as well… very dreamy! Definitely a God-thing. :) I would love to replace all our builder-grade hallow-core doors and it’s encouraging to know that you actually found a couple that fit. You have created the perfect young ladies nest. ♥

  6. That “Pink Door” was the first thing I noticed when I read your post showing the entire room. Gave me inspiration at first sight!!! Please know this is just the beginning of inspiration she will be to your family and to your followers. Let it serve as a reminder to God’s Fatithful to you and your family. Just as the pink door completed her room, she will complete and bring a colorful design to your family.

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