The Glades Road Gang!

So I know that you all know that I am the mom of four boys, but did you know that on my husband’s side of the family there are boys and only boys?!  Yep, nothing but grandsons!

Let me tell you what!  When these cousins get together, they have a blast, especially on Pop and Gammaw’s farm.  They love to ride the “gator,” fish in the pond, wade in the creek, and go hunting for whatever they can find.  They also have soccer tournaments, basketball games, and frisbee challenges. 

It is a sight to see!  

Every year, Gammaw likes to get a photo of all of her grandsons for Christmas cards.  She tries to come up with some type of “theme,” and last year it was a gangster type theme.  The boys LOVED it!   They were so absolutely adorable.

I brought my camera and snapped some pictures of the boys.  Are they cute or what?


(Disclaimer:  All guns were checked and unloaded by Pop, and no cigarettes were smoked.  hee.hee.)   :)

Our whole family, including the boys, have loved this picture!  It will be so fun to look back on this when they are all older, married, and with kiddos of their own.  

Because I love this picture so much, I had it put on a Yankee Candle. 



Yep!  Coolest thing EVER!  I just went to the Yankee Candle sight and uploaded the photo, picked my favorite scent, and voila!


There are many different fragrances to choose from, but I chose Balsam & Cedar because it is my absolute favorite this time of year.  It makes the whole house smell like fresh cut pine tress.  AAAHHHHH…..


Pop and Grammaw’s farm is on Glades Road, so I added the caption underneath, “The Glades Road Gang.”   If you personalize a candle of your own with a picture, you can also add your own caption like, “Best Dad in the World!,” or “Friends Forever,” etc.

Personalized gifts are the best, and I am sure that you will have many opportunities in 2016 to give something special to those you love!

personalized yankee candle

I think these personalized candles would be great wedding gifts, graduation gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, and birthday gifts.  Really, they are great for ANY occasion!!

Do you have a special occasion or special person that you know would love one of these candles?  This would be a great time to use those gift cards or Christmas cash that you got this holiday season.  (Maybe you should treat yourself with one of these?  “wink”)

Just click on the button below to get started!

Personalized Yankee Candle


If you want, watch this short video to show you how quick and easy it is to customize your candle!…


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*This post was sponsored by Yankee Candle.  All opinions are 100% mine.


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