Clean Up The Kitchen – An Organization Idea Guide

So you want a clean kitchen for the New Year but every single square inch of cabinet space is filled and there really seems to just be no end to the mess? I hear you. Come the New Year, I’m all for organizing every room in our house… there’s something so fresh and freeing about reorganizing. 

Here’s my unofficial-official Beneath My Heart Clean Up the Kitchen Idea Guide

Join in and purge out all the tools and dishes not used, and tackle some creative ways to organize.

1.  Maximize the drawer space | Source 


2.  Add shelving | Source


3.  Sneak in more storage with hanging baskets | Source


4.  Create a magnet board | Source


5.  Go vertical by hanging all your kitchen essentials on an old shutter | Source 


6.  Label baby! | Source



I have done several of these things in my kitchen, but I need to do better at labeling items and maximizing drawer space.  

Is there anything on this list that you need to do in your own kitchen?


Any more great organizing tips you want to share with the rest of us?



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  1. The magnet board!!! It’s perfect! I always have trouble with labeling the spices, finding the right one for my meal, keeping them nicely organized in one place…. Magnet board – that’s the solution :)

  2. I know in theory, the drawer with kitchen utensils standing up looks like a good idea, but it looks like a lot of wasted space to me. It takes up two whole drawers, which is fine if storage is at abundant, but not so great if it is at a premium.

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