I’m Having an Identitiy Crisis! Please help! :)

Hello from the West Coast, friends!  It is a balmy 67 degrees here which is quite different from the below freezing weather we left in Kentucky.  

I’m here with Jonathan for something that I will be able to share with you in a few weeks! ACK!

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But in the meantime, I wanted to share with you my current identity crisis.  

Well, it’s really a “blog” identity crisis.  Let me explain…

I have been blogging for almost seven years!  When my mom talked me into starting one, I had NO IDEA where it would lead!  I thought is was going to just be a hobby for my creative side.  But what started out as a hobby has turned into a full time career, and I love it!  It’s the best job in the world, and I am so thankful to God for blessing me with it.

I have met the most amazing people and have had some of the most amazing opportunities come from my blog.  I would have never imagined it!

beneath my heart 1

Soooooo, if you have been following me anytime at all, you know that I focus mostly on the DIY projects that we do in our home, from furniture makeovers to full room and house transformations.   That is my passion.  Nothing makes me happier than using my hands to create and build.  It’s what my husband loves to do too, and we have always dreamed of going into business together to have our own remodeling business.  Cy can do the hard work, and I can decorate!  ;)

beneath my heart 2

But my blog is also about my life and my faith.  I like to right posts about my kiddos, about what is going on in our lives, about what God is teaching me.  And I’ve been known to throw a fashion or recipe post in the mix.

beneath my heart 3

So technically, I think I would classify as a “lifestyle” blogger?  

For the past couple of years, I have wished that I had been more “niche specific” with my blog.  Like… I only post about furniture makeovers, or just about home decorating, or just about furniture building, or just about food, or just about fashion (like my sister,) you know what I mean?

Those type of specific blogs seem to do a little better in blogland.  Sometimes I think I should switch my blog to focusing on just one specific topic, but then how could I share about Jonathan’s singing, our adoption process, or other “life stuff?”  That’s the stuff I like writing about the most, to tell you the truth.

So I go back and forth about what to do.  I guess in the end, I just need to embrace the fact that I am a “lifestyle” blogger so I can post about whatever I want, whenever I want.

What do you think?

I would really like your opinion about what to direction to go with my blog?

Do you wish I would just focus on DIY projects?  Or family stuff?  Or faith stuff?

Or do you like a mixture of all of the above?

I truly value your opinion, and I want you to enjoy coming to my blog.  Is there anything I could do differently or something new that you would like to see me post about?  You won’t hurt my feelings, I promise. :) 

2015 goes down on the record on one of the most crazy of our family’s life, (you will know more about “why” soon!)  And I guess it’s got me evaluating where I want to go with my blog this year, next year, five years from now.  

Sometimes it stresses me out, but in the end, I think it is good for me to go through these stages and to continually be re-focusing my life where it needs to be. 

So, please leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Love you guys!

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  1. Put my check mark in the “EVERYTHING” box.

    My passion is to create and decorate, but that’s only a small part of my life. I also bake, make paper crafts, travel…life is full of different activities. Keep your blog as is!

  2. I also love the variety of topics. You are so good at speaking on a clear, friendly level, and I love your sense of humor. Follow your heart. God will show you what to do.

  3. I love your blog just the way it is. I love hearing what God places on your heart as many times my faith is challenged or strengthened, too. I enjoy hearing about your family. It helps me get to know & relate to you better. I’m a mom and lost my dad to cancer 7 yrs ago, too. I found your blog as we purchased a fixer upper and I just love your style. We have a few of your projects and have several more on the “to do” list ;) And I have been praying for y’all through the adoption process. Thank you for blogging about all you do. I love it!!

  4. Love reading your blog & have followed you for a few years. I find you very inspiring I love hearing about your family and I wouldn’t change a thing! Thank you for giving me the courage to keep my life together!

  5. Traci,
    First and foremost, thank you for entertaining and inspiring your readers.

    We’ve celebrated with you, cried with you and rejoiced at all of your hard work and it’s incredible results in all the arenas you participate in.

    I’m another vote for keeping your content status quo. It’s a very pleasant blend of everything that makes you – you.


  6. Please don’t change a thing! Your blog (and You) are perfect just the way it is. Your ideas are “doable” and I just love your lifestyle stories. Can’t wait to hear the “why”!

  7. I like your blog just as it is! It’s more like chatting with a friend with the natural flow of life and all its parts…I miss that on other blogs where it is strictly one focus! It’s always something new and different and interesting!

  8. my vote is for everything also. AND I am a subscriber of Cyndi’s blog and when she throws in something about the family, prepping for selling her home it adds to her fashion niche.

  9. Traci, the thing I love most about Beneath My Heart, is how authentic YOU are. Whatever you write about, you are real and sincere and sometimes, funny. Don’t change.

  10. Traci I love everything about your blog. I learn from the DIY, the clothes, the kids, etc. If you have something I’m not interested in, I just skip it that day but I ALWAYS go back. Your family is in my prayers.

  11. I have been reading your blog pretty much since the beginning. I think you should embrace being a lifestyle blog and run with it. My favorite posts are the ones that come from your heart. I hate sponsored posts (although I know why bloggers do them). Just keep on being real!

  12. I love it just as it is. I find myself telling other people about “my friend, Tracy’s” blog. Cannot wait to read more about how your “voice” is being heard.;)

  13. Stay true to yourself- that’s what makes your blog worth reading. There are plenty of blogs that are overly polished and promotional. As women and moms, we all juggle faith, family, work and life’s ups and downs. I like that you let it all hang out there and keep it real. I started reading your blog for the decorating and home ideas, but I’ve enjoyed getting to you know you and your story. And we spell our names the same, so I know you’re special:))

  14. I began reading your blog(and several others) a few years ago when I began planning a long distance retirement move, taking very little with me. You, and others whose pics I recognize on your page (and who I still follow daily)gave me inspiration, and your family insights gave, and continue to give me comfort when my own family was/is distanced. Keep up the mix, please. Too many bloggers I’ve read along my journey became too specific, too business oriented, too professional, and they lost me. When all is said, you must do what you love and must follow your own heart. Do not feel the need to fall into a niche. Be YOU, and your readers will always be there with you, no matter what.

  15. First of all… Woo hoo for Jonathan!!! I won’t spill the beans but I can’t wait to see it all unfold!! Praying for Gods will to be done!! Secondly, I like your blog the way it is… That’s just my two cents.. I like hearing about your kids, your mom, your faith, your DIY projects etc. For me, it makes it more interesting than just the ” same old, same old”! Variety is the spice of life… So they say ;-). Anyway, just my opinion . I will still follow you whatever you choose. Gods blessings and continued prayers for your family. Thank you for sharing all that you
    do ;-)

  16. I started following you a few months back, not sure how I ended up here but I am loving it. Don’t change to be specific. To me those blogs don’t do better, they get boring, same old thing. Your blog is awesome! Keep up the great work and sharing your heart. It takes a lot to put yourself out there. Blessings to you and your family from Seattle. God has great plans for you!

    1. Aw, thank you, Betsy! Glad you found my blog and hope you stick around! I’m on the west coast right now, so I am sending you a “high five!” xoxo

  17. I love the mix of topics on your blog, as well! It’s amazing the way God puts things on our hearts to pray about for people we have never met. You and your family are brought to my mind occasionally for prayer. Please keep sharing your heart and your home with your blog followers!

  18. I like the mix. Your blog is like a modern day chat on the front porch. If you think you need to be streamlined to gain more exposure, you could break off into 2 blogs with diy as one blog…just be sure to tell us so we can follow both:) But, 2 blogs would be a lot of work! I will keep following…love your decorating…hopeful on the adoption…admire your support for your kiddos ventures.

  19. I really enjoy your blog just the way it is. I’ve been following you for a very long time. I think just a couple of months after you started blogging. Even though I don’t comment often I really like what you choose to write about, whether it be DIY or life in general. Btw, my husband is from Richmond, KY, his family now lives in Lexington and we live on a farm about 30 miles from Greensboro/Lake Oconee, Ga. Small world isn’t it?? May God continue to bless you and your family in 2016.

    1. Oh my gosh! I grew up in Richmond, live outside of Lexington, and my husband’s family live in Greensboro! That’s crazy!!
      Thank you for your comment! xoxo

  20. Traci, I think you should write from your heart the way you have been. I enjoy hearing about the family stuff and the projects and your faith. You come across as real and someone you could meet and have a nice conversation with.

    Good luck to Jonathan! I have my ideas about what the “thing” is. So exciting

    1. WOO HOO – I am anxiously watching for Jonathan!

      As for the blog – I love everything your lifestyle blog represents. BUT – if you need to shift your perspective and focus on one thing you are interested in for now – I say GO FOR IT!!! You know Marion (Miss Mustard Seed) did a while back. She dropped her Furniture Feature Friday (which I loved) but she needed to do what has her interest right now and that’s okay. I still read her blog :) and I am most definitely sure your readers will stick with you.

      Love that you share your struggles and mostly that you share your faith. Your encouragement reaches many – don’t think that it doesn’t. Hugs and best wishes to Jonathan!

      Marilyn C.

  21. I love it all! (except I am a Cards fan – lol). Seriously, your posts are a glimpse into your life. You are an inspiration! Keep em’coming! Many Blessings!

  22. I LOVE your blog! I love how real you are and how you pour your heart into whatever topic you post on. No one has a single faceted life and I appreciate you hearing your whole real self/life with us. While I have been reading your blog, I have had to relocate x 2 with my job, and I often think about what was going on with you and your family during each phase I have been thru with you. Much love and I am praying for you! <3

  23. PLEASE don’t change it! It is perfect….you and Thifty Decor Chick…..two blogs that have remained current but haven’t CHANGED (for the most part) and the only two I really still follow. PLEASE leave it…it fits you. :)) It is real, and authentic and full of faith!!!

  24. Keep things as they are. Your honesty is what makes me come back to visit your blog. I love that you share stories about your family. Your readers celebrate the joyous times and pray for yoy during the difficult times. Keep up the great work and have fun in California. Xo

  25. Traci, you are the real deal, genuine, loving, fun, talented, a girl after God’s heart… What more could we ask for?! You don’t need to change a thing!

  26. I’m writing from Costa Rica and I love read your blog even it isn’t in spanish. That I try to say… I love the way it is! Because I feel indentify with you as a woman, wife and mother.

  27. Leave things as they. You are sharing what God is doing in your life which in turn helps others. You are sharing your projects which encourages others to try new things. Don’t limit yourself to one avenue when you are so good at many. God has given you that talent. We love hearing about your family, watching them grow up. Keep it up!

  28. I love your blog just the way it is. I love hearing about your kiddos, seeing all you diy projects and hearing how God is working in your family and home. The ONLY THING I would wish for would be for you to post more often! But then I know you have a husband, 4 boys (and a little girl hopefully soon) to take care of so I understand the time crunch too! Many blessings to your family.

    1. Tina, I am wanting to post more often too. I used to post almost every day, but 2015 was a crazy year for me, and I just didn’t put pressure on myself to post. My family always takes precedent. But I love that you would like to see more posts more often. Makes me feel good. :)

      Thanks so much!! xoxo

  29. I originally came to your blog through a diy post shared by someone and as I always do on my first visit to any blog, I read other articles, your about you section, your Mom’s very recent passing at the time and more. I continue to follow you because of your transparency and authenticity regardless of the subject. I fell in love with your family and share your faith. So labeling yourself, in my eyes, is not necessary. I honestly would keep diy as the main focus, but not to the exclusion of writing about your family, faith and other interests. I appreciate getting to know all of you!

    1. Hi Guerrina! Thank you for your comment! I think I will keep doing what I am doing. I’m so glad that most of my readers seem to like it. :)

  30. Love it as it is! I like that variety of topics and look forward to seeing what is new in your life! :)

  31. I am a fairly new reader and really like your blog. I have to say I like it all. Your blog makes me feel like we are friends and you are just updating me on the things going on. My faith, my family, my home, my friends are all just as important to me as they are for you. Please enjoy being a ‘Lifestyle’ blogger and keep doing what you are doing!

  32. As an older reader, I really am not interested in reading about bloggers’ children. I have nothing against kids, I just am over that part of my life, and not all that interested in reading details about kids I don’t know. Recipes are not why I read blogs either; I can Google any recipe I want.I like to see home decor, DIY projects and antiques used in homes. As for fashion, I have my own style and don’t look to blogs for advice.I prefer my religion delivered from the pulpit or Bible not from bloggers. As I read comments on blogs, I have noticed many of them come from other bloggers. Many of the blogs seem to echo each other, rather than stray too far off the subject of the day. I am still adding blogs as I find them, and I need to drop those that are of little interest soon because I am spending a lot of time reading blogs that really don’t relate to me. You asked for input, so that’s my Two cents worth.

    1. I appreciate you input, Carole! Thank you! I think my blog is one you need to drop ’cause I blog a lot about what you don’t like. hee.hee. :) But seriously, I appreciate your honesty!

  33. You obviously don’t really NEED my opinion, as it is like all the others…. YOU DON’T NEED TO CHANGE A THING!!! But here’s my 2-cents worth… If God led other people to be blog-specific, then good for them. I believe He has led you and your blog to be just as you are. If we visited in person we wouldn’t ONLY talk sewing or painting or our kids. It would be the whole mix! Maybe a very specific-blogger is looking at your blog wishing they were comfortable opening up about other aspect of their life? JUST BE YOU!!! Thank you for sharing the “pretty stuff” (DIY projects, decorating)and the “real stuff”, personal challenges and heartaches. I know that I personally have felt strengthened in my challenges because you have been strong enough to share yours. God bless you and your blog and Cy and your family. Can’t wait to hear about Jonathan’s excitement!!!!!

    1. What a sweet comment, Penny! The Lord is speaking to my heart through you! I need to keep on just following my heart and sharing my life, all parts of it.
      I can’t wait to share with you about Jonathan!! xoxo

  34. I love the variety on your blog, Traci, and wouldn’t change a thing… sometimes life’s BIG stuff needs to be written about, and sometimes life’s SMALL stuff needs to be shared as well. I just love your authenticity in sharing multiple aspects of your life and that’s what keeps me coming back!
    xo Heidi

  35. PLEASE do not change your blog!!!
    I love everything about it! God has given you a talented gift to share with the world!

  36. Don’t change a thing! Why try to fix something if it isn’t broken? I, for one, enjoy the variety of subject matter, and the way you share your heart. Wishing you the best of everything in this new year, take care.

  37. I love the mixture. It keeps your blog interesting to me. Oh and psssst, I think I know why you and Jonathan are on the west coast. I’m sure you don’t remember, but a couple of years ago I mentioned it to you. I may be totally wrong, but for now I’m going to keep thinking it. Can’t wait to hear!

  38. I find your blog very true to the name. Everything you post comes from your heart. I do enjoy all of it. It allows us to “know” you and feels like sitting down with a friend. Lifestyle is a great fit, I think. (Praying for Jonathan!)

  39. You know I love your blog just the way it is! I have been battling too. I used to open up more and haven’t for the last year or so. It’s such a hard thing somedays putting ourselves out there no matter what the topic is! Thank you for always being your sweet, authentic self!! xoxo

  40. Keep doing what you are doing! Your blog is a reflection of ALL that God has made you, and it lets your readers identify on lots of levels. There are days when only sharing a project might leave you missing the sharing of your heart, or when the spiritual things God is teaching you need the joy of a good laugh or a recipe for something chocolate! :) Most of all, keep sharing your heart, it’s what we love.

  41. Please don’t change your blog! It reflects you and your multi-faceted lifestyle. So fresh, real, honest, and reflecting His love.

  42. I love your blog just the way it is. It never gets boring. Always something new and we never know what we are going to get. I say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!;)

  43. I love the mix of diy and real life! Only diy posts are fine, but it’s the family posts that keep it real. That’s the stuff that makes me keep on reading. I have prayed for you over the real life stuff, I doubt I would have over a diy project! 😉

  44. Leave it the way it is as long as it makes you happy. I appreciate the mix. It makes your blog real. It makes you real. It allows your readers to grow with you.

  45. I love your blog just like it is. Don’t change a thing. Thank you for sharing your DIY projects and also your life with us.

  46. Do you realize that in just over two hours more than sixty people have told you how much they love your blog as is? The name you have given it says it all. Keep writing from your heart. Yours is hands down my favorite:)

  47. I am a very new blogger (one post)…I am working on getting a consistent schedule of posting going with the new year. With that said, you are such an inspiration to me! I started following you because of our shared love for being creative, creating a home for our families, and a shared love for the Lord. I so look forward to hearing about your family and how God is working in your lives! I even have my kids excited to see/hear what Jonathan is up to. Follow God’s leading of course, but I love your blog as is! Have fun with that talented boy – they grow up so fast! :)

    1. That is awesome! I can’t wait to finally share with you what is going on in Jonathan’s life right now! It is going to be super fun to share.
      God bless you, Dawn!

  48. I love your blog! I really enjoy every part of it! I feel like I know you and your family. I have followed you during the last year. Excited for you and your family and cried when you were hurting. I’m praying for you and your family. Thank you so much for your inspiration and for sharing your faith! I say keep on doing. what you you are doing. I’m looking forward to see what happens. Blessings to you and your family

    1. Great, Sherry! I love that you feel like you “know” me, because you really do! I pray that if we ever bump into each other in real life that you will say, “You are exactly like you are on your blog!”

      Blessing to you, and thank you for your prayers!

  49. I vote to keep it all. Your blog is in the top 5 of blogs I read, and these are the posts I have liked the most over the past 6 years of me reading: redoing furniture, your taco soup recipe (I have shared it many times), the progress on your new home, the habitat trip you did with Cy, and I have loved following your adoption journey.

    1. Oh my gosh, that blesses my heart so much! I truly love sharing my life with my readers! You guys have blessed my socks off!! Thanks for following along. xoxo

  50. Please keep it the same! You are genuine, real, AND a girl of faith! I love it just the way it is. Your blog somehow makes me feel “normal” and in line with what my family experiences and believes. We all have ups and downs and I can so relate to you!
    A Fellow Kentuckian

  51. I say embrace the everything! I am wanting to start my own blog very soon and know that I won’t be able to limit myself to just one niche. I know that I wouldn’t truly be happy if I did. I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t either! You are passionate about your blog and the topics you write about and it shows. I think most readers (me included) appreciate that passion and honesty. You just keep on doing what you love and what makes you happy! We’ll all stick with ya!

  52. I’ve just discovered you thru your sister Cindy so I can’t really comment about the past but I’m very excited to see a mix of everything on your blog. I don’t follow very many bloggers but I vote for keeping it all mixed up!

  53. Traci….keep doing what you are doing because it works! I love hearing about your family and how your faith directs your life!

  54. I started following you for your DIY decorating. I have stayed because I have come to love you and your family. Please DONT stop sharing about everything. I now want it all.

  55. I love it the way it is! I subscribe to several home decor/lifestyle blogs and find myself deleting some of them without reading them each time. Yours is one of the few that I always open and read.

  56. Dear Sweet Girl….please do not change one thing about your wonderful blog. I can see project specific blogs any time. It is rare to find a blogger who is as open, loving, talented, gracious, and engaging as you. You make me feel part of your lovely family. I wept for you when you had to come home without your little girl. I have loved watching your boys grow up. Your home makeover has been a great inspiration. Cy is an amazing husband. Your writings about your sweet mother are heartwarming. Thank you so much for sharing your life’s joys and sorrows with your followers. We love you … and your blog… just the way you are.

  57. I LOVE your blog. I found it after my mom died and saw that you had all these posta dealing with your loss, but also that you were a strong Christian and doing your best to live for the Lord. I am not a homeowner so I skim a lot of your DIY stuff (don’t get me wrong, I love your style and taste but it doesn’t apply to the place I’m at in my life) but I always read your family and faith stuff! That is my favorite stuff that you post about. Thank you for keeping it real and shining a bright light for the Lord here on the Internet! Love your sister’s blog too! :)

  58. As a fellow Christian, you are the best! Please don’t change a thing.
    Continuing to lift you and your family up to the Lord in prayer.

  59. Traci,
    I hope you will continue to write about all of it! I pray with you, and smile with you, and cry with you. I love seeing your projects and hearing about your life. It makes me feel like I have another sweet friend in Kentucky!

  60. I say keep this blog as is!! It’s authentic. However, I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers running with 2 blogs and the 292nd being more niche oriented. Just a thought. I love your lifestly blog:)

  61. I’d keep it the way it is. You show your happy times and then of course, the shocking outcome of your little girl. My heart broke for you.
    Don’t change it, if you can!

  62. Don’t change a thing! I enjoy your blog BECAUSE you do it all. I love to hear about your family, faith journey and decorating skills. You write to all of us in blog world like we’re your best girlfriend. Very few people have that gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  63. Precious girl, just keep doing what you’re doing and sharing it with us – the good, the sad, everything. You’re like a personal friend. If we were having coffee together, we wouldn’t set a parameter about what we could talk about, we’d share whatever was on our hearts.

  64. I followed you for a long time, brought in by the DIY. For a while it became more commercial (sponsored posts, maybe?) and I finally dropped off. I keep coming back to check on Jonathan, your adoption process and your life in general. You’ve moved back into making it more about real life. Do what works best for you but keep it real. I understand about the income needs and don’t need the breakdown of posts justifying the sponsored posts. I just know that for me you are back to being a more personal blogger and that is what is important. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  65. Please don’t change anything about your blog, the mix is why I love your blog so much. You are real, true, and honest about everything. Thank you for blogging and sharing your life with us.

  66. I sincerely hope you don’t change a thing about your blog. Because I have been reading since the very beginning (Eli was only about 2!), I feel like I have gotten to know you and your family through the years. I’ve actually been brought to tears by some of life’s sorrows you’ve shared with us and been excited when great things have happened in your life. I would most certainly miss the variety of topics you post about if you decide to take the blog in a more “niche specific” direction or limit your posts to one topic only.

    I have many, many types of blogs bookmarked and some are “niche specific” but most of the blogs that focus on one topic seem to bore me after awhile. The blogs I seem to connect to the most, the ones I check in on the most often, and always look forward to seeing what’s new are blogs like yours…bloggers who share a variety of things from the heart and feel like real friends to me.

    I also feel like changing the direction of a long established blog can be a bit risky. From my observations from being an avid reader of blogs for almost 9 years, it seems like making content changes has been the beginning of the end for some blogs. Readers become regular readers when they like the content of the posts. But when blogs veer off in a different direction from what the established reader base is accustomed to, I think it’s easy for some long-time readers to lose interest because it’s not the content the blogger was known for, and not what the reader was initially drawn to about the blog.

    With that being said… you have to do what you think is in your best interest and what feels comfortable for you.

  67. Traci, you’re one of my favorite blogger “friends!” Please don’t change a thing! I enjoy everything you write about and I wish we could be friends in real life! 😊
    P.S. I hope you’re enjoying your stay in So. Cal. Although LA is fun, the suburban areas where I live are much quieter than the city!

  68. I like your blog just the way it is.

    My heart is aflutter! I SO sincerely hope that my guess is correct regarding what Jonathan has been up to. And that it’s been a good experience for your family.

  69. Hi Traci, Why do I follow your blog all the way here in sunny Queensland, Australia. It’s because I love to see everything that’s going on in your life. You are very different to me and I find that very interesting. I love it all. Remain true to yourself – You are unique. xx

  70. Please don’t change ANYTHING! Your mix of everything is why I read your blog! I’m Mom to four perfect (in my eyes) children, three of them are adopted. I love following your adoption process and you’re in my prayers and I love the ‘home stuff’ and I NEED the ‘faith stuff’!

  71. Your blog was one of the first I signed up for because you mentioned you were from KY. I’m a Lexingtonian (parents born in Berea and Mt. Vernon, KY. HOWEVER, my hubby’s worked moved us to Tampa, FL about 30 yrs ago. I love everything UK and GO BLUE! Hubs is a UK grad – I went 1 yr. Family still in that area. Your blog is just real life issues and situations and challenges. I love the mix and that’s why I enjoy reading your blogs. You speak your heart; I cry when you are sad and rejoice when things make you happy. Keep doing what you are doing!!!

  72. I love your blog the way it is. I began following you because of a specific project that I liked. But I continue following you not only because of your projects (that I so adore, but because of your sweet spirit. Keep up the good work! Blessings~

  73. I love that you lifestyle blog! I think it’s great and it feels like a relationship when you share the way that you do.

  74. Traci I think your blog title says it all. It’s all the things beneath your sweet heart. You are a combination of all of those things. You family, your faith, your home, your projects, your furry babies, it all is just pieces of who you are. In my opinion that is what people love about you. You are real and approachable. People can relate because they feel you are just like them. I agree, don’t try to change to fit what you think people want because that is going to change. Just keep sharing whatever is beneath your heart. I almost bet that is exactly what your mama would say too. Please know that I am praying for your sweet girl. I don’t understand but I trust like you in His plan. So stinking excited for Jonathan and his future. Big big hugs to you. <3

  75. I have been deleting some blogs that are about the same thing I feel it’s a waste of my time. What’s the since of beating a dead horse if you know what I mean. Your blog is one I look forward to it’s down to earth and so enjoyable. Your blog is about what real life is like. Please continue doing what you do.

  76. Love your blog just the way it is… A really good mix !! Every single DIY project is amazing.. gives me so many ideas!! ( I couldn’t wait to see the finished porch!!) lol… I laugh at your stories about living with all your guys ( They are all precious) !! I cried and cried and prayed with you concerning your girl … Really Traci, the blog is perfect the way it is!!

  77. I love that you mix everything together. I find I read all your blog posts, doesn’t matter the subject. I find that I look forward to reading your blog more than most because I feel I know you better, where you come from, how you already feel on certain topics, etc. It gives you a connection to the reader that most blogs won’t ever have. It makes you unique.

  78. I love your blog just like it is. I read it every day, but never comment (until today). I appreciate how you share your faith, your heart, your family. Keep it just like it is and I will be happy, but I will continue to read it whatever you decide.

  79. I have follwed many blogs for many years, and those that I see “survive and thrive” are those that still keep it real. Too many have tried to venture into the business/ contrived side of blogging only – and ppl become disinterested. I say go forward in faith knowing that whatever God lays on your heart to share with a watching world – then that is the message you share.

  80. Traci, I would not change a thing! I’m not sure if you’re trying to increase your following, but it appears as though that is happening naturally with your current “lifestyle” blog. Follow God’s lead…He is faithful and will give you peace in the journey!

  81. Keep doing what you are doing. I enjoy it all especially your faith and family. Don’t compare your blog to others. Be yourself! Thanks.

  82. I enjoy everything you post! You could always have different sections of your blog for family, recipes, etc. kinda like the Pioneer Woman or Young House Love. I think part of the reason I like reading your blog is I feel like I am getting to know you better. Your blog is more than pretty pictures and I like that!

  83. Please stay with Everything! It is so refreshing to get your posts and you share what is happening in your life. I VOTE EVERYTHING. BE YOU, DO YOU!!!!

  84. I love your mixture – the crazy of your home life (how do you manage 4 boys?), your faith, your travels and of course your decorating and DIY. I don’t miss a post.
    I probably read more DIY/home type blogs than anything, but no one can do enough projects for content week in and week out. There’s not enough money and time. Also, you seem to blog about DIY when it fits your needs – not just when some store offered you something free for writing about them. I appreciate that. BUT – that is not to say I don’t think you should take the free stuff. I understand that blogging is a job and I fully believe you should get paid.
    All in all, I just feel your blog is genuine and don’t really want to see it change.
    I can’t wait to hear about Jonathan! And I’m still praying about your sweet girl.

  85. Life takes us all in so many directions! I like that you write/blog on many different things. God and family is the foundation of many of our lives, why not the foundation of a DIY/food/family/faith/lifstyle blog? Go with what you love,and it will work itself out for you. God bless you!

  86. I love the lifestyle blog, Traci! Maybe because I enjoy diy, but your faith and family are part of who you are. And we all have to eat and get dressed every morning and all that so – its helpful too. I say it’s awesome as it is, and you’re pretty cool too! ;D

  87. I love the mix but the most helpful post for me was he one you did on how you keep track of your prayer life on the folder. That seriously comes to my mind all the time. I also appreciate your posts about real life, how your kids don’t always get along and your house not being picked up. Thank you for your honesty

  88. I love how you are already doing your blog! I enjoy coming to your blog for the variety. Your life inspires me and I hope you continue to share it with us whether it’s decorating, kids or fashion.

  89. I think that your blog is a perfect mix of everything and love it just the way it is. I love hearing about all aspects of your life from the personal to the decorating to the diy. Please keep sharing.

  90. Goodness! There’s nothing that I can say that hasn’t been said in the previous comments. Don’t change a thing sweet Traci. Oh, I will say I think it would be awesome for you and Cy to go into business together! Our own Chip and Joanna :) You know I think the reason why so many people love those two is they are genuine and they show their faith; just like you.

    1. We love Chip and Joanna! My Eli loves watching that show. He told me, “I feel like I’m watching you and Dad when I watch that show!”

      Thanks for your sweet comment! xoxo

  91. I love the blog just like it is – a mixture of all those things you mentioned! :) I some times get a little bored with blogs that are only about one topic. I think you should just keep doing what you are doing! :)

  92. Dear Traci, thank you for a wonderful blog. My very most favorite posts of yours are the ones when you share about your family, they always touch my heart. I also enjoy your house remodeling projects. You are very dear.

  93. Many blogs have come and gone in my life–but not yours. After coming into my life about six years ago, I believe I have read every post–and loved them all! When I talk about you to my family–husband and six adult children (three with families of their own), I call you my “friend in Kentucky!” You and I have never met, but you truly are a friend who has changed my life for the better. You are that light set on a hill for all of the rest of us to benefit from. Keep shining, Traci! And God bless!

  94. I can’t handle surprises so I googled like crazy months ago till I figured it out :) Can’t wait to watch his journey unfold!!

  95. Personally, my favorite blogs are the ones who write about DIY projects but also include other things that are going on in their life. I like the variety and I think you do a great job of combining everything.

  96. I love pizza (hold on I’m going somewhere with this), but if I had to eat only pizza, I would soon crave chocolate and strawberries. So although I enjoy the DIY and room decorating the most, if I didn’t get a little information about your family, I’d soon be craving something different. I think it’s good to balance out your blog with your interests and life. It’s like pizza and chocolate.

  97. Please keep it the same. I enjoy all the different areas that you write about. Life is a variety of different things, and I think blogs should be the same. I love yours for that very reason!

  98. I love your blog just the way it is. You are a wife, mother, daughter, decorator… a real person with many facets. I enjoy getting to know you and what you are up to. Thank you for being real.

  99. I think your blog is great just the way it is. I have enjoyed watching your house transformation, but also love to hear about your family too.

  100. Personally I love the variety you share. I started following you because I loved your decorating posts. As you know, there are quite a few bloggers in the home improvement category but you have become my favorite because you share more. I love following your journey and take inspiration from your unwavering faith and devotion to God. I was adopted as an infant so that story is near and dear to my heart and i’m praying for your little girl and your family and know that story is not over. Regarding the blog, whatever you decide, I will remain a faithful subscriber.

  101. I LOVE your blog just the way it is! I love that whenever I get on I never know what I’m going to find! I really enjoy your DIY projects, home updates, hearing about your precious family, and feel inspired by your faith. Keep doing what you love!

  102. Hi Traci,
    I love everything you blog about! My passion is home decor. So I really enjoy that. I think our decorating style is very similar. I checked at Lowe’s online and they were sold out of the Christmas wreaths you bought for your new front doors. I just loved them and they were so reasonably priced for wreaths. I am not married and have no children even though I love children. I have a golden retriever named Lexi so she is my “child”. I love hearing about your family and children and what is going on in your life. Sharing your personal life in your blog I feel pulls me in to really getting to know you and feeling a certain kind of closeness and caring. Your adoption story has been so exciting to follow. And I just know there is going to be more to come in a good way. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and really appreciate and thank you for sharing your life with all of us, your readers/followers. But, in the end, you need to do what it is that your little heart desires, do what is the best thing for you! No matter what, I will continue to follow you. Take care!

  103. I really like the mixture of things you blog about. I love the fact that you keep it real. Keep up the good work! And just so you know, if you change and focus on one thing I’ll still read and follow 😊

  104. I love it just the way it is. Every day is an inspiration and I feel lucky that I ever came across your blog in the first place. You make me laugh and cry right along with you. So thank you for doing what you do. And honestly, I’d still follow you regardless of what you posted.

  105. Love your blog just the way it is. I originally started following because of your decorating/renovating (I adore your kitchen) and love your style. But I love when you write about your family also, so I don’t think you should change a thing. I love that you have posted a pic of your and Marion Parsons, because your and her blogs and my two favourites! I love both of your decorating styles. They give me a lot of inspiration. But I want to know why you are on the west coast and hope that the adoption goes through, so I’ll be looking forward to reading about those subjects too!

  106. Please don’t change a thing. I have grown to love your stories even though I found your blog looking at a “how to” feature a while back. ( Plus I also have 4 sons so I have walked in your shoes for a little bit….)

  107. Please don’t change a thing. I love the variety of diy projects, family life and the importance of your faith! You are an inspiration to the rest of us. We can find topic specific blogs all over blogland, but Beneath My Heart is much more special!

  108. I love your blog, Traci, just the way it is. I easily tire of the same ole, same ole, so keep up the good work.

    One comment and please don’t take this that I am negative towards your blog or Layla’s but because of all the ads, sometimes, like this morning, the ads cover your content. When that happens, I just go on to other blogs. That grieves me. I never go to Layla, and I like her sooooo much, but it is too hard to pull up.

  109. LOVE your blog as is!! I check your blog every day to see what’s new and look forward to seeing if it’s about your faith or beautiful home or lovely family or just your cute self! You express yourself so well and take/show wonderful pictures, too! I hope you don’t change a thing except more pictures. ;) Looking forward to hearing more about Jonathan and I pray about your sweet girl. She in God’s hands and your heart. I hope one day she’s in your home, too. Keep up the great work on the blog…you and your family are loved by many!! xxoo

  110. You know that I will continue reading no matter what you choose (we’ve been together since the beginning after all :)
    but I like your blog just the way it is. Apparently I am not the only one!

  111. Traci,
    I know plenty of people have already weighed in and overwhelmingly love your blog the way it is, but I just want to add my ‘keep it the way it is’ to most everyone else’s. I do love the DIY but as someone who loves to DIY but can’t always get to it because ‘life interferes’, I love to see that it happens to you, too. You may have projects on the back burner but you certainly know where your priorities lie. Keep sharing the kids and your faith! Looking forward to Jonathan’s adventure and continuing to pray for your girl.

  112. I love your blog just they way it is! You touch so many people daily, whether it’s with DIY or family or your faith. Thank you!

  113. I love the DIY stuff- that’s how I found you. The other topics about faith and family make you happy so you should definitely continue doing it. I would suggest tabs denoting diy, faith, family, food, etc with the most recent entry from either category be on the landing page.

  114. I’ve been reading your blog for about 5 years or so now. I adore the variety you have, from personal to project based posts. It’s why I keep reading your blog…it’s always different! Keep up the great work that you are doing. God has you doing this for a reason!!!

  115. I have been following for a few years and I like the blog the way it is. I enjoy hearing about your family, cried out to the Lord when you came home without your girl, and always love seeing the beautiful projects you are working on. Your willingness to share the different aspects of your life make your blog like a visit with a friend.

  116. I say do what makes YOU happy Traci – but what makes ME happy is the family and faith stuff. LOL….love you all and can’t wait to hear from you on your West Coast adventures!!

  117. I’ve been following you since the very start of your blog. As a fellow mother of all boys, I felt instant comradery☺️I enjoy reading all of your different posts, it honestly keeps me coming back. Keep up the good work!

  118. I enjoy the mixture and your honesty! I loved the Christmas part of others homes too. I hope you keep things like they’ve been.

  119. I love your blog and have been enjoying all of your posts for years…wouldn’t change any of the wonderful topics you blog about.

  120. Traci….I have 4 blogs that I check in on everyday or 2…Yours in one of them. You know how many blogs are out there!!!! Yours is very special. I love it and all the goings on in your life. It’s fun, exciting,real,sad sometimes, a learning experience for me in many ways. Keep it the same….Can’t wait till you can share about Jonathan. Enjoy your day…

  121. Traci – I love your blog because your passions are my passions – my family and my home. I vote for keeping it as it is. As a mom of four boys, I think you could give tips on raising boys. I also love it when you share about the relationship with your mom. I never knew her, but have learned to love her through your writing. You have a strong bond with your sister. I’d love to learn how you developed and maintain that bond (like how did your parents help that to happen). I am so excited about Jonathan and can’t wait to learn what’s going on.
    Blessings to you and yours,

  122. Traci,
    I think you have a lovely blog, and I really like the variety. I think specific blogs are nice, but I think they can get boring after
    awhile. You need to stay True to who you are and what you enjoy, and if writing about all
    those topics bring you JOY, then that is the way you should go, and just embrace like you said, that you are a lifestyle blogger, and there is nothing wrong with that……and the neatest thing to is you
    are recording wonderful and maybe not so
    wonderful events within your family that
    you family can read about in the future.

    So you go girl………..
    blessings, Nellie

  123. Traci- You are your blog… your blog is you…. I have followed you from the beginning (one of the few I have) and I appreciate your ability to be real! Sending up a prayer for Jonathan!
    Dee Dee

  124. Hi Traci! I absolutely love your blog just the way it is!!! I love the fact that you aren’t stuck on just one subject and I especially love that you share your faith with us!!! You are a beautiful person inside and out!!! No matter what you decide to do I am sure you will continue to be successful! I look forward to each and every post. I will continue to keep you and your precious family in my prayers!

  125. Hi Traci, your blog is just perfect. Don’t change a thing. The only problem I have is that we aren’t neighbors and I can’t run over for advice! :-) If you are in Southern California with Jonathan that only means one thing = Hollywood! I live by LAX wish I can have your over for tea!! God bless!!

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